AL120 - Snoozysnore's Plan!

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Snoozysnore's Plan!
Puzzle Number 120
Puzzle Name Snoozysnore's Plan!
Picarats Given 40 Picarats
Type Select
Location Lower Obsidian Tower
Previous Puzzle AL119 - Jumbled Junctions
Next Puzzle AL121 - Touch Ten Buttons

This is the one hundred and twentieth puzzle you'll encounter in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. To access this puzzle, you must interact with the guard to the right. In order to solve this puzzle, you must make sure one of the sleep bombs lands next to the vent at the top-right corner.


[edit] Hints

Hint One
    You have two sleep bombs to fire, but only one of them needs to reach the vent in the top right.

    The first bomb you fire should be used to turn some of the boards marked with ○.

Hint Two
    You won't get a bomb anywhere near the top-right vent without turning that board in the centre of the top row first.

Hint Three
    You should fire your first bomb from the central vent.

Super Hint
    You don't fire your second bomb from the top, bottom or middle vent.

[edit] Messsages

[edit] When Failed

You cannot fail this puzzle.

[edit] When Completed

Sweet dreams!

Good work! That guard won't be bothering you for a while now!

[edit] Solution

Fire a bomb from the third vent, then the second vent.

[edit] Progress

4280 Picarats and 263 Hint Coins.

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