Abandoned Mine

Abandoned Mine
Abandoned Mine.png
Located In Torrido
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Residents Old Red
No. of Hint Coins 3
South Exit Parched Creek

The Abandoned Mine is a location based in Torrido, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is the residence of Old Red, who is often seen retreating here when it becomes dark.


[edit] Appearance

The area is surrounded by rock, with crystal formations developing on the walls. A mine cart is placed on an old set of tracks. Past the rock walls lies more rock formations, with a small waterfall leading down to a pool of fresh water. Bones are scattered on the ground left by Old Red.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Professor Layton and the group travel up the mine, keeping in mind that Old Red may not listen to Luke. Approaching the large wolf, Luke tells him they were there to help him. Old Red reveals that he had been coming to Torrido in order to find the girl that once saved his life, as he felt he had not much longer to live. He had wished to give the Aura Stone around his neck back to her as a sign of his gratitude. Old Red describes the girl to Luke, saying that she was short, had plaited black hair and wore a red scarf. With this information in hand, the group go back to the town to seek out the girl.

Upon returning to the mine with Scarlett, the group sight the Targent crooks Macaw and Robin, threatening Old Red to hand over his egg. They soon make their escape however, upon realizing their gun wasn't loaded. After their escape, Luke brings Scarlett to Old Red, but sadly responds by telling him that she wasn't the girl. With disappointment, the group go back to the town to think over who he could be seeking.

They soon return to the mine once again, with Ruby accompanying them. Old Red recognizes her as the girl that saved him, and the pair share a reunion. Luke reveals to her that Old Red had planned to give the egg back to her, before he passed away. Hesitantly, Ruby removes the pendant around his neck, and the pain he had been feeling suddenly disappears. The group realize that his pain was being caused by the tightness of the pendant, and was never ill.

[edit] Characters in the Area

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