Alchemist's House

Alchemist's House
Alchemist's House.png
Located In Labyrinthia
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 3: The Great Witch
Residents Jean Greyerl
No. of Hint Coins 12
East Exit Town Square

The Alchemist's House is a location seen in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It was the home of Newton Belduke while he was still alive, but currently Jean Greyerl is the only person taking residence in the house.


[edit] Appearance

The Alchemist's House is a brick house with ivy growing around it, with a large variety of plants on display in the entrance being tidily kept.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Butler's Room

The Butler's Room is the room belonging to Jean Greyerl. Newton Belduke allowed her to stay here when she began working for him.

The room contains a desk with a window behind it, as well as a filled bookshelf to the left of it. Another bookshelf is placed next to it, with many bottles placed in it. A wooden box sits in the corner of the room, with many large pieces of parchment inside. One of the walls is painted green, which allows Greyerl to use the spell Godoor.

[edit] Alchemist's Study

The Alchemist's Study is the study belonging to Newton Belduke. This room is the location of his death, and has been carefully preserved to keep all evidence intact.

The room contains a large desk, with books and pieces of parchment spread all over. A bookshelf is placed next to the desk, while a painting appears behind it. A vast amount of white powder is splayed across the floor, as well as a variety of bottles and pots. An alchemist's circle can be seen on the floor, encircled by candles. The wall behind the painting is painted green, allowing Jean Greyerl to use the spell Godoor.

[edit] Basement Study

The Basement Study is room located below the Alchemist's Study. It is assumed to have been used by Newton Belduke, however it is evident it has not been used for quite some time.

The room contains a small well in the corner, as well as a small desk on the other side of the room. A small box of toys lies next to the desk, and a variety of plants are spread out across the room. A golden goat is seen next to the well.

[edit] Plot

Three months prior to the game's events, the infamous Bell Tower appeared in the Town Square before Newton Belduke and Jean Greyerl, irritating Belduke in turn. This prompted him to compose a letter to the Storyteller days later, asking that he revealed the secrets of Labyrinthia. Later that night, he locked himself in his study and had committed suicide by ingesting a dangerous poison. Since his death, the room had been kept in the condition it originally was, as the details around his death were still being investigated.

Chapter 3: The Great Witch
After hearing of the unsolved case surrounding Sir Belduke's death, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey make their way towards his house for investigation purposes, with Greyerl assisting them. They investigate his study, however find no clues leading to the circumstances around Belduke's death. While Wright decides to investigate the basement, Professor Layton and Luke rush to the house to warn Wright and Maya that they were in danger. Layton reaches Maya first, when the Great Witch appears through the alchemist's circle in the floor, casting the Goldor spell on Layton and turning him to gold. By the time she disappears, Wright emerges from the basement, and Luke, Ms Primstone, Birdly and Emeer Punchenbaug reach the room, to find Layton's golden statue. Since Maya is found to be the only person in the room, she is put up for trial suspected of being a witch, and turning Layton to gold.

[edit] Characters in the Area

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