Alfendi Layton

Alfendi Layton
Alfendy Layton.png
Role Protagonist
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Other Names Prof*
Potty Prof*
Placid Prof*
Relations Hershel Layton*
Katrielle Layton*
Leon Bronev*
Rachel Bronev*
Roland Layton*
Lucille Layton*
Jean Descole*
Other Lucy Baker*
Justin Lawson*
Florence Sich*
Dustin Scowers*
Occupation Inspector at Scotland Yard

Alfendi Layton is the son of Hershel Layton and is the protagonist of the game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, a spin-off game of the Professor Layton series. He is a world-renowned detective at Scotland Yard, and together with Lucy Baker, they investigate the mystery room.


[edit] Appearance

Alfendi wears a red and blue sweater with a long, white coat, black trousers and red and white trainers. He has two newspapers stuffed in his pockets.

[edit] Personality

Alfendi is shown to have a split personality disorder, which was developed after the events at Forbodium Castle four years prior to the game's events. With his split personalities also comes a slight appearance in him. His personality seen for the majority of the game, "Placid Prof", has lighter hair which falls away from his face, and is more friendly and laid-back. His other personality, "Potty Prof", is seen to have darker hair that falls over his face. He has more violent tendencies and has a short temper, and doesn't hold back with his words. Lucy is told by Florence Sich that, if "Potty Prof" ever appeared, she would be safe around him as long as a criminal is around. "Potty Prof" is first seen in the case File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary.

Throughout most of the game, "Potty Prof" is believed to have been developed from the events at Forbodium Castle, but it is revealed that it is his true personality, and that "Placid Prof" emerged after he awoke from his coma after being shot by Keelan Makepeace. While in his coma, Justin Lawson had read a book to him about brainwashing, to make him believe that he had killed Makepeace in order to cover up his own crime. This is why "Potty Prof" believed he was innocent, and "Placid Prof" admitted to being a killer. His true personality only started to emerge when Lucy had been stationed to the Mystery Room.

[edit] Plot

(To be added.)

[edit] Profile

Alfendi Profile.png

A detective with a split personality
"Genius investigator from the Mystery Room and Lucy Baker's boss and mentor. Suspected to have shot Keelan Makepeace dead four years ago."

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