Alphonse Dalston

Alphonse Dalston
Alford Dalston.png
Role Major Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Stansbury
Voice Actors English:
Christopher Robin Miller
Binbin Takaoka
Relations Angela Ledore*
Hershel Layton*
Randall Ascot*
Henry Ledore*
Occupation Business Owner

Alphonse Dalston is one of the main characters in the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He went to a school in Stansbury with Angela, Henry, Hershel and Randall.


[edit] Appearance

Alphonse Dalston wears a light blue sweater over a white shirt, a purple tie, purple shoes, blue trousers and teal bracers. He has a mustache with green hair.

As a teenager, he wore a dark green vest over a white long sleeved shirt, and orange trousers. He also wore blue-green shoes, and has scruffy green hair.

As a young child, he wore a light blue shirt with a dog, similar to his own dog, shown on the front. He also wore dark blue pants and shoes of a matching color, and had scruffy green hair.

[edit] Personality

Although Alphonse is rough and stubborn, he has a kind soul. He is loyal to those in which he loves.

[edit] Puzzles

Dalston gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Hershel Layton and Randall Ascot encounter Dalston in the hallway of Kingsbrook Academy upon leaving, and he asks Randall why he was so interested in archaeology if it wasn't going to earn him money, speculating it might be because he wanted to get out of Stansbury. Randall tells him he likes the village, and would only be leaving to get his degree at Gressenheller University. Dalston tells him he would be building his hotel empire in the meantime.

On his way to Randall's house, Hershel encounters Dalston on Pebble Lane, and they ask each other why they were out so late. Dalston says he does what he wants, and would prefer not to be bossed around like Henry Ledore does. He tells Hershel he saw Angela go by earlier, wondering if they were going on another of Randall's archaeology expeditions, or in his words, "kiddie adventures". Hershel enjoyed listening to Randall's rants, but Dalston couldn't afford to play around with them when he had hotel empires to build.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Upon entering Dalston's property, his dog threatened Professor Layton and the group, however Dalston tells the dog to retreat. Dalston wonders if Layton had moved to Monte d'Or as well, but he tells him he was there to investigate the Masked Gentleman. He suspected Layton saw him as a suspect, due to the power struggles between him and Henry Ledore. Dalston shifted the blame onto Angela, as she had changed since Randall Ascot disappeared. She had married Henry merely to "keep her enemies closer", as he had convinced Angela to let Randall go on his expedition. Dalston seems to think that Henry had let Randall go on the expedition, as he knew how dangerous it was, and could therefore claim the treasure that should have been Randall's as his own. Angela has been using the whole Masked Gentleman fiasco as a way to exact her revenge against Henry. At this point, Luke found it appropriate that they should leave, and Dalston points them in the direction of the mayor, who was organizing a special task force.

Before they're able to leave, Gonzales, Dalston's butler, brings both Dalston and Layton a letter that the Masked Gentleman had sent them. He was to make an appearance at the Gallery Plaza that evening, and so Layton decides to take this information to the mayor. Dalston tells them the mayor's office was past the Ledore Mansion, and joked that the special task force would be analyzing the evidence against him at that moment.

In a special episode, Dalston visits the One-Ring Circus specifically to talk to Maurice, and he brings him treats. He rambles to him how Henry had the same assets as him, yet higher profits. Seeing as he felt Maurice understood him, they both agreed that Dalston would name his next hotel after him.

Dalston appears at the Gallery Plaza, waiting for the Masked Gentleman to show up. He soon makes his appearance, and this leaves everyone baffled as to how he was able to walk on air. After he makes his escape, the police team surround the area, and Sheffield arrests Dalston for crimes against Monte d'Or. When Henry shows up, Dalston claims it was him that set him up with the letter. Before he is taken away by the police, he takes the time to talk to Henry, claiming he had stolen Randall's life. He had sent him down to the ruins in order to claim his treasure, and force Angela to marry him. Once he had proven his innocence, he vowed to seek revenge on Henry for framing him.

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
As Hershel Layton, Randall Ascot and Angela are sneaking off to the Wall of Norwell, they encounter Dalston on Pebble Lane, and he asks where they were heading off to. Randall simply tells him it was an expedition, and invites him along, however he declines, brushing it off as a waste of time.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Professor Layton and the group drop in on Dalston's interrogation, and Sheffield asks him why he had done the crime. Dalston continues to deny he was the perpetrator, but Sheffield tells him that tracks from a chariot were found at the scene of the petrification incident, and was the only person in town to have a private chariot. He tells them it could have been a chariot from the race course, however the race course owner hadn't noticed any chariots gone missing that day. Sheffield also brings up his motive; that Angela Ledore had rejected his proposal, and so he wanted to get his revenge on Henry Ledore, which again he denies is true.

After the interrogation, Layton approaches Dalston, to which he thinks he was "going to play the bad cop" at that point. Layton told him he was sure he was innocent, and intended to show the police the mistake they had made. Dalston knows that the police weren't going to let him go any time soon, however Layton tells him they were to gather more evidence to help his innocence.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Dalston had heard of Professor Layton intervening with the police in order to prove his innocence, but still remembered he had considered him a suspect. He then thanks Layton for helping him out, and insists he was in debt to him. Layton tells him he would be sure to ask him if he needed anything. He then tells Dalston that the Masked Gentleman had made an appearance at Pumpkin Park the previous night, but wasn't sure as to how his miracle was performed. Dalston asks that he was kept informed on the progress, as he didn't want to be "left in the dark". This gives Layton the idea as to how the Masked Gentleman pulled off his miracle, and thanks him, even though Dalston was unsure of what he was talking about.

Later that night, Layton drops by to the Dalston Mansion, and he tells him that the Masked Gentleman was sighted at the Reunion Inn, which Dalston knew was Henry's first hotel. He wondered why the Masked Gentleman's base of operations would be there, and tells Layton to call on him whenever he needed to.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Dalston comes out to the City Monument, asking Professor Layton where the sand was coming from. He didn't have time to explain, but warned him that Monte d'Or was in grave danger. Henry proceeds to tell him that Randall Ascot was the Masked Gentleman, and the he was heading for the Gallery Plaza. Dalston didn't believe him at first, however decided to go with Henry to chase after him, all in a bid to save the city.

[edit] Biography

"A Monte d'Or tycoon, Dalston is a tender animal lover at heart, but his difficulty in expressing himself openly often has him unfairly judged as an unfeeling money grabber. His dream of having a hotel of his own fulfilled, he will be proud of the life he has lived when he's old and grey."

"As a rebel of the pack, Dalston often speaks his mind and tends to give a bad first impression, but he would never hurt a fly. Rather than inherit his father's household, he aspires to become an astute businessman with his own hotel. His stern and rugged face reflects his no-nonsense manner." ~ Young Dalston

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