Amelia Ruth

Amelia Ruth
Amelia Ruth.png
Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Eternal Diva
Voice Actors English: Claire Morgan
Japanese: Megumi Toyoguchi
Relations Unnamed grandfather
Occupation Student

Amelia Ruth is a character in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. She is a skilled chess player who wants the Eternal Life for her dying grandfather, who only has a month left to live. She becomes involved in the "game" when Oswald Whistler lures her in, and soon becomes the next candidate to have Melina's memories implanted in her mind. However, before this can happen she is rescued by Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy.

Amelia's grandfather eventually passes away, and she can be seen laying flowers on his grave while Layton and Luke look on during the credits.

[edit] Appearance

Amelia wears a white shirt with a red tie, and an orange skirt. She also wears dark blue boots and a large red bow in her blonde hair.

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