Angela Ledore

Angela Ledore
Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Stansbury
Other Names Angie*
Voice Actors English:
Lani Minella
Michiko Kichise
Relations Randall Ascot*
Henry Ledore*
Alphonse Dalston*
Hershel Layton*
Mrs. Ascot*

Angela Ledore is a young woman from the town of Stansbury and is a major character throughout the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. She is an old friend of Professor Layton and from an early age, has loved Randall Ascot. When the Masked Gentleman appeared in Monte d'Or, she wrote a letter to the professor asking for his assistance.


[edit] Personality

Angela is a very caring, kind young woman. She has always been the same, even in her teens. Many people comment on her 'full of life' attitude when she was a teenager.

[edit] Appearance

Angela wears a red dress, black tights and blue shoes. She wears a pearl beaded necklace and has brown eyes and blonde hair.

As a teenager, she wore a white vest over a red long sleeved shirt, and a dark brown skirt. She also wears light brown stockings, blue shoes, and has short blonde hair.

As a young child, Angela wore a pink shirt over a purple long sleeved shirt, and a teal skirt. She also wore pink shoes, and has short blonde hair, similar to her teenage look.

[edit] Plot

One month before the events of Miracle Mask, the Masked Gentleman began showing up around Monte d'Or, performing his miracles and threatening to destroy the city. This caused Angela great worry, as she suspected who the Masked Gentleman was. She sent a letter to Professor Layton to help her catch the Masked Gentleman, and to solve the mysteries behind his miracles.

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
As Professor Layton and the group travel through Monte d'Or, they finally find their destination of the Ledore Mansion. Angela was standing out on the balcony, waiting for the group. She welcomes them and settles them into her home. Layton tells her how he couldn't believe she was married to Henry Ledore, but is quickly eager to discuss the happenings of the Masked Gentleman. Angela tells him he had appeared a month prior, and has started performing miracles around town, such as bringing paintings to life and turning people into horses.

Layton asks how the Masked Gentleman had obtained the Mask Of Chaos, and Angela says he had stolen it from their home. This surprises Layton, as he had seen the mask fall, along with Randall Ascot. According to Angela, Henry had sent several search parties into the ruins where he was lost, only to find the treasure he had been searching for, as well as the mask. They had brought it back to keep in memory of Randall, to go along with the pendant Randall had given Angela. Layton asked to see where they had kept the mask, which was in Henry's study, however since he wasn't around, they weren't able to investigate. Layton decided he would visit them the next day, and Angela informs them she had booked two rooms for the group at the Dromedary Hotel.

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Randall Ascot and Hershel Layton notice Angela on the balcony of a classroom, and she comes down to join the two of them. Randall tells the two of them he had the Mask Of Chaos to show the two of them, and he invites Angela along to take a look at it.

Angela meets up with Hershel on the way to Randall's house, and they talk about how she keeps him well balanced. She asks him to always look out for Randall, and he promises to. They climb up an ivy on the wall through to Randall's room, and let themselves through the window. He tells them he had been waiting ages, but goes ahead and shows them he had found the real Mask of Chaos. He states the mask has the power to grant the wishes of the wearer, but is only a myth. Angela seems to think it is a fake though, but Randall assures her it's the real article. Hershel asks where he had gotten the mask, and he reveals to them a part of his wall with a very complicated puzzle on it in order to find it, leaving the pair surprised.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Upon arriving at the Ledore Mansion, Professor Layton talks to Angela in the hopes of talking to Henry, however she shows him to his study herself, as he had to leave suddenly to deal with more matters concerning the Masked Gentleman. Layton asks if Angela was okay, and she tells him she tells him they had been through a lot since the Masked Gentleman showed up. She shows them to the study, and Emmy remarks on how clean the study was. Angela notes that cleaning up was his way of being productive when he felt anxious. They also discuss how he had built Monte d'Or from nothing.

Luke notices how untouched Henry's desk is, and Angela notes he would sit there for hours, either working or just looking at the mask. She wishes Randall had never found the mask, as it had torn them all apart, however ironically it brought both her and Layton back together. She remembers how Monte d'Or started from the small Reunion Inn, and how it seemed to grow larger with all the business owners and entrepreneurs flocking in. From there, Monte d'Or grew to what it was presently. Luke asks if she thinks the Mask Of Chaos really does have magical powers; she says the perpetrator seems to think so, and Layton was interested in knowing the motives of the Masked Gentleman. Layton investigates a chest near Henry's desk, and asks Angela if the mask was kept there, however she tells him they displayed it on the wall, as Henry believed it brought good luck to Monte d'Or. They were home at the time of the incident, but they hadn't seen nor heard anything.

Layton asks if anyone uses Henry's study besides them, but Angela tells him only important guests have been in the study, but only when Henry was with them. She asks Layton if he had a theory on who the Masked Gentleman could be, and he guesses it could be a resident in town, possibly someone who bears a grudge against Henry. The only person that came to mind for Angela was Alphonse Dalston, as between him and Henry, they owned most of the businesses in town and had been business rivals for years. She notes he had been receiving advance warnings from the Masked Gentleman, and apart from Henry, he was the only one, putting him in suspicion. Even though Layton didn't want to jump to conclusions, he decided he would pay him a visit, and Angela tells him his house is west of his hotel.

Layton and the others find Angela at the Gallery Plaza, awaiting the appearance of the Masked Gentleman. Layton told her it was too dangerous to be there, but herself and Henry had received a letter that demanded they be there that night, and wondered why there were so many tourists. At this point, the Masked Gentleman makes his appearance, and everyone sees he is walking on air; Angela wonders if it really was magic he was using. He notices Angela, and tells her to join him for his next miracle at Pumpkin Park the following night. He also mentions the town is cursed, and can only be lifted by bringing forward the Mask of Order, and this makes Angela think of how to get her hands on it. After Dalston is arrested, she makes her return home with Henry.

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
Continuing from last time, Angela asks Randall what all the scrawl was, and he reveals that he had cracked the puzzle of the Wall of Norwell. Angela asks what it says, but he wants to tell them once they get to the site.

Once climbing out of Randall's room, Angela notices how dark it was, and suggests they take torches, however Randall assures her they would be fine, as they had the stars.

They finally approach the gate to the forest, but they find it locked. She suggests it was to keep shady people out, but soon enough, Randall unlocks it, and so they move through. Angela notes how dark it is, but Randall says they can stick to the tourist's path. They finally make it to the Wall of Norwell, and Angela asks what the wall all meant; Randall tells her he was certain it was one big map. He revealed he followed this map, and found the Mask Of Chaos at this destination. Angela questions whether he had gone there on his own, but he asks her not to get cross. He then reveals the mask was also a map, and lead to the Akbadain Ruins; he asks Herhsel to go with him, but by this time, Angela couldn't take it anymore. She snatches the mask from Randall and runs off, with Hershel and Randall running after her.

They finally find her on Memory Knoll, where she was crying with the mask in her hands. Randall assures her everything would be fine, but she reveals to him that her brother went on an expedition, and never returned. She refused to let him endanger himself and leave her hanging if he never returned, but he continued to plead with her, as he didn't want to live in his father's shadow. Henry then appears, reassuring Angela that Randall would indeed return, and would be his last expedition. She asks if this was true, and he agrees hesitantly. She then agrees to let him go, and becomes tired and wanting to go home, so Randall gets Henry to escort her home.

In a special episode, Angela meets Randall at Memory Knoll, where he tells her that him and Henry were discussing his research. He wondered whether the Azran Civilization had connections with the Wall of Norwell, and she giggles as he was rambling on, because he looked so passionate. He tells her he would work hard to become a respected archaeologist, so they could get married, but he stops himself from blurting this to her. He then leads Angela to his house so they could have tea, as it was getting cold.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Professor Layton and the group visit the Ledore Mansion in order to speak with Henry Ledore, and so Layton asks Angela if they could speak with him. She tells him he had arrived just a moment before, and tells them to wait in the parlor while she called for him.

Asking discussing things with Henry, he loses his temper and asks Angela to escort the group out. Layton apologizes for upsetting him, but Angela tells him he can get emotional, especially concerning Randall. Layton had the feeling he was hiding something, but Angela doubted this as he was "an open book". Layton however, seems to think she doesn't know Henry as well as she pretends to, and that everything would become clear in time.

Later that night, Angela and Henry arrive at Pumpkin Park, and they offer their help in catching the Masked Gentleman. Angela asks if Layton had found any clues pertaining to the Masked Gentleman's next move, and he explains that they had found four cards that formed a map leading towards Topsy Tower, so the group head there.

After coming out of the dark tower, the group find that the fairground is empty. The Masked Gentleman then kidnaps Angela, and takes her back to the tower, and the other chase after them. They find that Angela is fine, and the Masked Gentleman goes on to say that he would perform his final miracle the following night, and could viewed from anywhere in the city, before disappearing. Angela asks Henry what he would do, however he was unsure, but wanted to do anything he could to protect the city. She suggests that he finds the Mask of Order among his treasure as a way to stop him, but he wasn't able to find it; she seems to think that he was hiding it, however. Layton interjects and suggests they find the missing fair goers, and so they exit the tower.

They find that everyone had reappeared, and that there was no sign of panic, baffling everyone. Henry was unsure of who would be capable of such tricks and bear such a grudge against him; he decided to return home to think about what to do for the Masked Gentleman's return the following night, and Angela leaves with him.

Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain
Before Randall Ascot and Hershel Layton set off for Akbadain, Angela visits them to properly say goodbye to Randall. He was to have Henry deliver his special pendant to Angela, but gave it to her himself while she was there. He wanted her to look after it for him until he got back, and so she accepted it. She told him to be careful, and he promised, and the two set out. She worried for him, but Henry assured that he would be find, and she hoped he was right.

After Hershel returns, Angela is relieved to see him. She notices Randall isn't with him, and is anxious to know where he is. Hershel tells him he's gone, and, devastated, she breaks down and cries.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Professor Layton and the group visit the Ledore Mansion to speak to Henry, and Angela asks them how the investigation was going. She seemed to believe they needed to get the Mask of Order in order to catch the Masked Gentleman, however Layton wasn't so convinced. She knew the police wouldn't catch him any time soon, so she thought about finding the Mask of Order through Henry's treasure, however he claimed not to have it. Layton notices her pendant from Randall was missing, and asks where it was. Angela claims to have lost it, as the string possibly snapped. She knew it was getting old, and thought to replace it sometime. Layton asks if they could speak to Henry, and she directs them to his study.

Angela enters into Henry's Study to find Layton and the others talking to Mrs. Ascot, apologizing for interrupting. Mrs. Ascot asks if it want time for lunch already, and Angela confirms, as she wanted to call her before the food got cold, but didn't want to interrupt on their conversation. Layton tells her they were leaving, and Angela tells him they can wait as Henry would return soon. However, Layton was done with talking to Henry, and so they take their leave. She wishes them luck on finding the Mask of Order, as she still believes it's the only way to save the city.

With Mordy and Henry Ledore, Angela rushes to the Grand Hall of the Reunion Inn to find that the Masked Gentleman reveals himself to be the long-lost lover, Randall Ascot, which she is shocked by. Randall had returned to take back everything Henry had taken from him, including Angela. She exclaims that it wasn't how it seemed, and Henry wanted to explain himself, however he wasn't interested in listening.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Randall runs outside the Reunion Inn, still leaving Henry and Angela shocked to see him. She pondered what his final miracle would be, and Mordy offers to accompany them out in his pursuit. Randall detonates bombs in the cliff faces, in an attempt to bury Monte d'Or in sand. Professor Layton tells her both and Henry to follow him quickly to the City Monument, and they follow suit.

Upon reaching their destination, they notice the sand was getting higher. Angela grew impatient, and demanded that Henry handed over the Mask of Order, so that they could counteract the powers of the Mask Of Chaos, however Henry denies having it. She tells him to stop playing dumb, as this was no time for it, but Henry tells her she should know he didn't have it. Layton tells her to calm down, as the mask was in a safe place.

Layton and the other find a manhole cover that leads down to the ruins, and Angela asks what he would do without the Mask of Chaos. However, he had the real one with him, just as she had left it in the archives room, and she becomes confused by this. He would explain later, and Luke tells him that he didn't have the Mask of Order, however he knew where it was. Angela asks what he was planning, and he tells her he needed her help, and so they descend into the ruins.

Layton reveals to Angela that they were in the final chamber of the ruins, the chamber that he and Randall failed to find 18 years ago. The two pedestals that sat in the middle of the room required both the Mask of Chaos and the Mask of Order, which he knew the location of. With the two masks, they were able to unlock the secret of Akbadain and save Monte d'Or. Layton turned the dial on the mask, to reveal that the two masks were united as one the whole time. He then asks Angela to help him solve the final puzzle, and once they do, Akbadain begins to elevate to its original position.

Epilogue: The City of Miracles
After Angela was revealed to be Descole all along, the real Angela reveals herself in a Mordy disguise. She had been trapped in a room at the Reunion Inn, while Descole pretended to be her.

Angela tells Randall that she had been waiting for him for so long, however he doesn't believe her since she was married to Henry. As Professor Layton is explaining everything to him, she tells him that Henry had never stopped searching for him, as he believed he could return someday. He built the Reunion Inn near the ruins as a base of operations, and was the first building in Monte d'Or. Angela then reveals that her marriage to Henry was unofficial, showing him the pendent he had given to her 18 years ago. After his disappearance, she was pressed by her parents to marry Alphonse Dalston, but then Henry asked her to "wait for Master Randall with him". Thus, they agreed to pretend to be married until he returned.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "I wonder if this is it?"
  • "This ought to work!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "An answer will always appear!"
  • "I have my fair share of talents!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

The only puzzle Angela (or Descole in disguise) solves in this game is 135 - Wind-Up Chamber. Because it cannot be incorrect, Angela does not respond to an incorrect puzzle.

[edit] Biography

"Angela is Henry's wife in writing only - the truth is that she, like Henry, had also been waiting for Randall's return, treasuring the pendant he gave her all the while. She had a hunch who the man behind the mask really was and sought help from Layton to confirm her suspicions."

"Angela in her teenage years is an intelligent girl who manages to be bubbly, graceful and charming all at once. She lost her brother in a freak excavation accident, which is why she's so opposed to Randall's spontaneous decisions to go in search of adventure." ~ Young Angela

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