Angelo Fassi

Angelo Fassi
Angelo Fassi.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Severino Agonni (Boss)
Barbarossa Sassina (Gang Member)
Pearce Boyle (Gang Member)
Occupation Member of the Agonnis

Angelo Fassi is a member of an infamous gang in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. Along with his gang members, he appears as a victim in the case File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye, where they were all murdered in their own hideout.

[edit] Appearance

Angelo Fassi wears a blue collared shirt underneath a black tuxedo jacket, and a white tie. He also wears black pants and black shoes, and has blonde hair.

[edit] Plot

006 - Kiss Goodbye:
On the day of his murder, Fassi, along with the other members in his gang, were in the gang's hideout in a warehouse. They had ordered food from where Uttar Mistry works, and so Mistry delivered their food and left immediately. During their feast, Barbarossa Sassina injected a soporific into the wine, which resulted in Fassi and Pearce Boyle falling asleep. Once they were asleep, Sassina proceeded to strangle Fassi and move his body into the hideout's refrigerator, placing a puzzle piece on top of his head. He also proceeded to murder the remaining gang members, Boyle and the gang's head, Severino Agonni.

[edit] Profile

Angelo Profile.png

New recruit and gang pretty boy
"Agonni had a soft spot for this young lad on account of his shrewd mind. A serial fraudster and larcenist."

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