Archie O'Logie

Archie O'Logie
Archie O'Logie.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Relations Doug Scowers (Student)
Occupation Archaeology Professor

Archie O'Logie is a professor of archaeology that appears in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He appears as the victim in the case File No. 004: The Walking Corpse, where he was murdered while investigating an ancient dig site in a South American jungle.

[edit] Appearances

Archie O'Logie wears a dark colored suit with a yellow shirt underneath, and black shoes. White buttons run down his suit, and he has chestnut brown hair and a beard.

[edit] Plot

004: The Walking Corpse:
O'Logie and his dig team were on an expedition in a South American Jungle, using Chico Careta as their guide. Upon discovering a Stone Idol in one of the ancient dig sites, O'Logie takes the find back to the hotel where they stayed. Micah Sasucasa, the proprietor, offered to keep the artifact in a hut close by.

Later that night, Careta delivered a homemade liquor to O'Logie as a gift, which he and Doug Scowers consumed together, becoming get drunk as a result. Later in the night, O'Logie was murdered in the hut due to Careta putting an Axe through his skull, in an attempt to steal the stone idol. His corpse was then hooked to a fishing line, using it to hoist the corpse up in front of Sasucasa and Mariana Etista, as if it were moving.

[edit] Profile

Archie Profile.png

Murdered professor of archaeology
"A major world archaeologist credited with many important finds. However, rumors abound of him taking others' glory and fabricating discoveries."

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