Ascot House

Ascot House
Ascot House.png
Located In Stansbury
Appearances Miracle Mask
Chapter Accessible Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Residents Randall Ascot
Henry Ledore
Mrs. Ascot
No. of Hint Coins 7
East Exit Memory Knoll

The Ascot House is the residence of Randall Ascot, Mrs. Ascot, and Henry Ledore in Stansbury, in the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is connected to Memory Knoll on the map.


[edit] Appearance

The Ascot House is a three storey mansion lined with many windows around the house. The house has a moss-covered entrance and much greenery, while the roofs are of a green color.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Randall's Room

Randall's room is on the top floor of the mansion, and is the only room of the house that can be explored. The room is messy with one of the walls decorated with Randall's research. There are books and papers lying everywhere, and his window is lined with green curtains.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
After winning his fencing bout with Hershel Layton, Randall Ascot invites him and Angela Ledore to visit his house in order to show them he had found the Mask Of Chaos, as well as all his research he had conducted concerning it. When Hershel and Angela arrive, they remember they must climb through Randall's window to go unnoticed by his father.

Epilogue: The City of Miracles
When Henry Ledore is reminiscing to Randall Ascot about their childhood, Henry is being scolded by one of the Ascot's maids for playing with Randall's toy. Randall comes to Henry's defense and says he gave the toy to Henry, and proceeds to push the maid out the door. When Henry tries to return the toy, Randall tells him that it is his to keep. Both decide to go on another of Randall's adventures afterwards.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Gallery

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