Azran Sanctuary

Azran Sanctuary
Azran Sanctuary.png
Located In Froenborg
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 6: The Azran Sanctuary
No. of Hint Coins 21
South Exit Ice Cave

The Azran Sanctuary is a location based in Froenborg, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is where the Azran people's final legacy is kept, unbeknownst to some that unlocking their power would cause destruction to the world. The sanctuary was sealed millions of years before the game's events after the Azran civilization had fallen, sealing Aurora along with it to serve as its guardian.


[edit] Appearance

The sanctuary is located deep inside solid ice, situated past the Ice Cave. When the final sacrifice has been made in the heart of the sanctuary, it can become airborne, becoming a large structure with oars either side. The sanctuary contains many chambers, each holding their own puzzles in order to test those who wish to obtain the Azran's power.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Sanctuary Outer Gate

The sanctuary's outer gate is the first gate that leads into the sanctuary. Using the key stone created by the Aura Stones unlocks the door.

The area consists of a large door leading into the next area, with a flight of stairs leading up to it. Many rock formations surround the area, and an Azran device is placed on the wall, confiscating any weapons from entering the sanctuary.

[edit] Ravine

The ravine bridges the sanctuary's outer and inner gates. Professor Layton reunites with Luke here after he is abandoned by Emmy.

A narrow bridge stretches across the ravine, with Azran text inscribed in it. A structure containing medals is placed at the entrance to the ravine, serving as the puzzle to activate the bridge.

[edit] Sanctuary Inner Gate

The sanctuary's inner gate serves as the main entrance into the sanctuary. A riddle inscribed on the door must be solved in order to gain entry to the first chamber.

The area was formerly covered in ice, but was since cleared when Bronev had passed by the area. A door containing a riddle stands at the back wall, while a variety of fossils are scattered around the area, including one on the ceiling.

[edit] Chamber of Water

The Chamber of Water is the sanctuary's first chamber. The water level in the chamber's canal is initially too low to cross into the next room, however can be heightened by solving the room's puzzle, using the bridges above.

Many bridges and stairways are structured above a large canal. Once the water level is heightened, it brings a wooden boat, serving as the transport to cross the canal. Small pits of fire stand either side of the entrance.

[edit] Chamber of Fire

The Chamber of Fire is the sanctuary's second chamber. The chamber is littered with statues that shoot beams at any intruders, showing how closely guarded the sanctuary truly is.

The entry to the chamber is guarded by two large statues, each holding a sword and lantern. Many smaller statues are scattered around the rest of the chamber.

[edit] Round Chamber

The Round Chamber is the sanctuary's third chamber. Only a lift lies in this room, which Professor Layton and Luke enter to after leaving Jean Descole behind due to his sustained injuries.

Initially the room is empty, with nothing but a lever in the chamber. Once the lever is pulled a large, circular lift rises from the ground, taking those who enter it to a higher floor.

[edit] Hall of Columns

The Hall of Columns is the room that precedes the sanctuary's final chamber. A dangerous puzzles lies in this room, where once solved, a path reveals itself to lead to the final room.

The room is lined with many columns, as the name implies. A path leads to the final chamber, and a structure hangs above the room. Many windows line the back wall of the room.

[edit] Chamber of Light

The Chamber of Light is the heart of the sanctuary. Once the Azran emissary is sacrificed in this chamber, the Azran's power would be unlocked, ultimately leading to the destruction of the human race.

Five stones structures are scattered around the room, which attract beams of light once Aurora's heart is pierced, subsequently releasing a flood of golems. A pillar is placed in the center of the room, where the beam of light shoots out from, and where the emissary is sacrificed.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 6: The Azran Sanctuary
Professor Layton and the group catch up to Jean Descole outside the sanctuary, trying to prevent him from going any further. As soon as Leon Bronev and Targent arrive however, Descole is forced to hand them the key stone. Aurora and Layton attempt to persuade Bronev of the dangers of unlocking the Azran legacy, however he ignores their pleas. An Azran structure then activates, taking the gun out of Gannet's hands. In the confusion, Luke snatches the key from Bronev, throwing it to Layton. Soon after, Emmy takes hold of Luke, threatening Layton to hand over the key, and revealing she had been working for Targent. Layton then reluctantly hands back the key, as Bronev uses it to unlock the door and go further into the sanctuary, taking Aurora with him. Leaving Layton and Descole the only ones left, Descole proposes they work together to stop Bronev, and so Layton accepts with little choice.

Entering the ravine, Layton and Descole find Luke on the other side of the gap, who had been left behind. They make across by overcoming a test set by the Azran, and rescue him. Luke reveals that Emmy had not completely betrayed Layton, as she wanted him to be able to stop Bronev from unleashing the Azran's power. Knowing that Layton would be able to save Luke, she leaves him behind, creating the excuse that he would be a hindrance to their progress.

The group press on to the sanctuary's inner gate, realizing that Bronev had already passed it. Descole reads out the riddle on the door:

"When the need is great
there is always a way.
Now, prove your worth."

Descole soon unlocks the door, reaching the Chamber of Water. A canal stands in front of the group, with the water level being too low to pass. Layton notices the bridges above them act as the control mechanism to raise the water level, and so Luke solves the puzzle. The water level rises, revealing a small wooden boat used to get across the canal.

The trio arrive to the Chamber of Fire, guarded by many statues that can shoot fire at intruders. Descole fights past the room's defenses, reaching the other side. He then witnesses one of the broken statues about to shoot a beam of light at Luke, and in an attempt to save him, he jumps in front of Luke and is hit by the beam. As Layton attempts to help him, Descole reveals to him that he was Layton's older brother, who were separated at a young age due to Targent abducting their parents, with their father happening to be Bronev. Descole was to be adopted by Roland and Lucille Layton, however he switched his name with Layton and sent him in his stead. Since that point, Descole began researching about the Azran, as he wanted revenge on them and Targent for ruining their lives. He then urges Layton to continue on without him, as he believed he would be able to stop Bronev, to which Layton responds he would come back for him.

Layton and Luke enter the Round Chamber, being met with a seemingly dead end. Noticing a lever on the ground, Layton deduces that it must be used to activate something. Once pressed down, a lift elevates from the ground, taking them to a higher floor.

Finale: The Azran Legacy
Professor Layton and Luke enter the Hall of Columns, finally catching up with Bronev, Emmy and Aurora. Bronev orders Emmy to complete the puzzle ahead of them, despite Aurora wishing for her to not go further. As to save Emmy from danger however, Layton offers to solve the puzzle in her stead. He once again warns Bronev from going any further, as unleashing the Azran legacy would be dangerous, but Bronev doesn't allow himself to be convinced, continuing to the final chamber.

Arriving to the Chamber of Light, Bronev orders Aurora to read out the passage engraved in the stone:

"The final key, the blood of the guardian.
Offer up that one life in our sanctuary
and the gates to our legacy will open."

Knowing that this meant Aurora's life must be sacrificed, he leads her into the chamber where her heart would be pierced. Once Aurora is sacrificed, the sanctuary becomes airborne, flying over Froenborg. A large number of golems then begin flying out of the sanctuary, causing destruction to the land. Following the others outside the sanctuary, Aurora reveals that the human race would suffer the same fate as the Azran. She begins to reflect on the history of the Azrans, explaining they were masters of science and technology, viewing themselves as gods as their arrogance grew. They then created artificial beings to carry out their tasks, having the ability to think, reason, and show emotion. The golems wished to be freed, but the Azrans refused, causing them to rebel and make the entire civilization fall. In a bid to stop them, the few survivors sealed the Azran Sanctuary in solid ice, along with the golems, leaving Aurora to watch over them. After hearing this, Bronev begins to come to his senses, realizing the grave mistake he had made; he had only wished to gain the knowledge of the Azran to change the world, sacrificing his family in the process.

Desperate to save humanity, Layton requests Aurora's help to stop the golems. She explains that the beams of light in the chamber must be stopped. Descole, Luke and Emmy offer to help, however Aurora warns them that in stopping the beams, they would die. Knowing that humanity must be saved, Luke continues on, spurring the others to help. As Bronev looks on with all hope lost in him, Layton encourages him to help them, as humanity would be able to learn from their mistakes. Finally stepping into the final beam of light, the golems are deactivated, while the others perish. Seeing how selfless the five were, Aurora begs the Azran to bring them back to life, and so her wish is granted. Coming to, Layton realizes that Aurora had saved them, and she offers him all the knowledge they could want in the sanctuary, but Layton declines. At the point, the sanctuary begins to crumble as it had fulfilled its purpose, and so too does Aurora's body begin to fade. The group make their escape from the sanctuary, where Descole splits from the others, bidding a final farewell to Layton.

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