Barbarossa Sassina

Barbarossa Sassina
Barbarossa Sassina.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Severino Agonni (Boss)
Pearce Boyle (Gang Member)
Angelo Fassi (Gang Member)
Occupation Right-Hand Man of the Agonnis

Barbarossa Sassina is a member of an infamous gang in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. Along with his gang members, he appeared as a victim in the case File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye, where they were all killed in their own hideout.

[edit] Appearance

Barbarossa Sassina wears a red shirt with a black tuxedo jacket. He has a red handkerchief in his jacket pocket, and wears a black hat with a red stripe through it, with a white rose on the brim. He has brown hair and a beard.

[edit] Plot

006: Kiss Goodbye:
On the day of their murder, Sassina and his other gang members ordered food from a restaurant at which Uttar Mistry works. After delivering the order to them, Sassina drugged the wine with a soporific which was then ingested by Pearce Boyle and Angelo Fassi. While they were unconscious, Sassina killed his fellow gang members in a copycat of three different Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. He first strangled Boyle, dropping a television on his head, then strangled Fassi and moved his corpse into a refrigerator. Since Severino Agonni had not taken the soporific, Sassina was forced to break his neck before dousing him in petrol and setting him alight.

After murdering his fellow members, he made a call to a nearby telephone box to meet with a young woman. After meeting in the hallway of their hideout, the young woman engaged in a passionate kiss with Sassina, unbeknownst to him that she was giving him a soporific. She then stabbed him with a knife laced with poison, causing him to retreat back into the hideout. After discovering a puzzle piece in his pocket, he realized she had always intended to kill him.

[edit] Profile

Barbarossa Profile.png

Agonni's staunch right-hand man
"An old-timer and number two to the Agonni clan's boss, Severino. A lethal assailant, responsible for the deaths of countless rival clan members."

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