Barde Manor

The Barde's Manor

The Barde Manor is inhabited by Tony Barde (aka Seamus) and Arianna Barde. Upon entrance on the Barde Manor, the team are told to go away by Seamus and so the team have suspicions about Arianna's welfare. Professor Layton and the team find another entrance located in the tower next to the manor by solving a puzzle. When you enter the manor, they find Arianna's room with Arianna in it.

One your second visit, you are told the secret about Loosha's involvement in the specter and Arianna Barde explains that she made up the witch rumour to keep people away from her.

[edit] Residents

Arianna Barde
Tony Barde

[edit] Other Images

Arianna's Room
Entrance Hall
Barde Manor Landing
The Lake Loosha Inhabits
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