Located In Various
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Prologue: Setting Off
Owner Desmond Sycamore
North Exit Lake Kodh Pier*
Village Square*
East Exit Coconut Beach*
Watering Trough*
Waste Disposal Plant*
Ice Cave*
West Exit Froenborg South Gate*
London Aerodrome*
Torrido Outskirts*
Mosinnia City Gate*

The Bostonius is an airship that appears in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is operated by Raymond, who flies Desmond Sycamore, Emmy, Luke, Aurora and Professor Layton to the multiple locations that can be traveled to in the game.


[edit] Appearance

The Bostonius is a small airship, being orange in color. It has a large propeller at the back, and can detach itself from the large blimp on top of the it. The interior of the Bostonius contains purple sofas surrounding a small table. A small flight of stairs leads to the pilot's control panel, with a screen placed in front of it. The Bostonius can be gradually filled with souvenirs from the different locations visited after redeeming them through the Treasure Hunt rewards system.

[edit] Plot

Prologue: Setting Off
Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy board the Bostonius from London, setting off to meet Professor Sycamore to discuss his findings of a living mummy. They are greeted by the airship's pilot, Raymond, who immediately performs an identity check to verify Layton's identity, in the form of a puzzle. Once Layton determines their destination, the group set off to Froenborg.

Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
The group arrive in Froenborg, admiring the scenery. Professor Layton reviews the usual methods of investigation with Luke and Emmy. Raymond then intervenes, informing the group that Professor Sycamore was waiting for them on the other side of the town. The group then set out immediately to meet with him.

Along with Professor Sycamore, the group rush back to the Bostonius in pursuit of Targent, who had kidnapped the girl encased in ice. In order to catch up to their airship faster, Sycamore separates the airship from the large blimp attached to it. They soon become under attack by Targent's drones, however they are easily able to shoot them down. Once they get close enough, Layton and Luke board Targent's airship. Later after the girl is recovered, the Bostonius makes a crash landing in a nearby town, along with the Zeppelin.

Chapter 3: A Day Out in London
Professor Layton and the group return to the Bostonius to let Professor Sycamore know of Scotland Yard's involvement with Targent. They are greeted by Raymond, who informs them that the flight instruments still needing checking. Professor Sycamore arrives soon after, and is informed of the situation with Targent. Sycamore tells Layton that Targent had been turning up at Azran sites around the world, and Scotland Yard could do the same. He decides to look into the matter further, and asks the group to accompany him to Scotland Yard. Before they head out, Emmy then introduces Keats, who would be looking after their unsolved puzzles.

Returning to the Bostonius to begin their adventure, Professor Sycamore reveals to Layton that he had called on his parents to notify them of their trip, as he knew them from before he became an archaeologist. He then shows Layton an illustration of an Aura Stone, explaining this was how they were depicted in Donald Rutledge's Ancient Histories. Sycamore further explains that no one had supposed that the eggs had any sort of purpose, with Layton deducing that the Azran hid their powers well. Raymond then announces they were ready for take-off, leaving on their adventure.

Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
After visiting various locations around the world, the group finally obtain all five Aura Stones. With each egg obtained, Aurora was able to recall past memories of her duty and of the Azran people. With all eggs in hand, Aurora's next task was to use her power to unleash the power of the eggs. She soon begins to use her power, with all but one of the eggs reacting to it. The group discover one of the eggs to be a fake, with Targent to blame. Professor Layton deduces that Targent had swapped one of the real eggs for a fake, presumably to guide them somehow. Aurora then suggests the group go back to Kodh, as the Azran Dome would show the new location of the fifth egg.

Chapter 5: Into the Nest
The group arrive in The Nest, taking note of how quiet the area was. Professor Layton and Professor Sycamore realize that Targent had allowed them to land, speculating that their agents were lying in ambush in the streets. They deduce that Bronev wished to see them, and so decide to go to the Obsidian Tower, where he was waiting for them.

The group bring an injured Mackintosh back to the Bostonius, to leave him in Raymond's care as he patched up his wound. Thinking back on what he said about Targent going "back to what it should be", they speculate that Bronev's goals had driven Targent to become a criminal organization. Emmy saw it as their goal to straighten them out, and continue down the way they saw Mackintosh come from.

Layton chases Jean Descole back to the Bostonius, engaging in a sword duel with him and attempting to find out his true motives. Raymond quickly comes to Descole's rescue however, escaping from the Nest with the key. The group take off in the Bostonius in pursuit of Descole, knowing that he was heading to Froenborg to the Ice Cave, being the "place of awakening" that Aurora had referred to.

Epilogue: The Azran Legacy
Descole and Raymond are seen flying off in the Bostonius after the Azran Sanctuary collapses. Descole ponders what he would do from there, and decides that a new adventure awaited the both of them.

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