Broken Radio

This is a Green Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life. To complete this quest, you must speak to Gordon who is outside the Balsam Grill. You also need to speak to Hank to fix Gordon's radio.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Broken Radio1.png
Speak to Gordon
London Life Broken Radio2.png
Walk though the Central Station
London Life Broken Radio3.png
Walk up to the rear of the station
London Life Broken Radio4.png
Speak to Hank
London Life Broken Radio5.png
Speak to Gordon again

[edit] Rewards

90 happiness = Child at Heart
82 happiness = Winning Smile
70 happiness = Everyone other than above

1,800 Wealth = Smooth Talking Females
1,200 Wealth = Non Smooth Talking Females

Item = Soccer Cleats

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