CV066 - Five Borrowers (UK)

Five Borrowers (UK)


Puzzle Number 066
Puzzle Name Five Borrowers (UK)
Picarats Given 60 Picarats
Type Circle Answer
Location Clock Tower, St. Mystere
Previous Puzzle CV065 - What's E?
Next Puzzle CV067 - The Chocolate Code (US)
CV067 - How Many Sweets? (UK)

This is the sixty-sixth puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. You must talk to Lucy at the Clock Tower to get this puzzle.


[edit] Messages

[edit] When Completed

UK066ST.gif UK066SB.gif

[edit] Hints

Hint One
    Borrowing and lending can get quite complicated. To make things easier, you should think of each transaction only in terms of one person lending money to another. Doing this means you need to find five transactions. You already know two...

Hint Two
    Know know who A and C lent money to, but not who B, D and E did. However, since B borrowed money from A, and D borrowed money from C, you know that B, D and E must have lent money to one of A, C and E.

Hint Three
    From Hint 2, you know that E lent money to either A, C or E. Of course, you can't lend money to yourself, so that leaves A or C, and you can eliminate A based on the information in the puzzle. So E lent money to C. That leaves two more transactions to find...

[edit] Progress


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