The Camera Puzzle with 1 Piece in Place

The Camera is a mini-game in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Mr. Beluga is the original owner of the camera, and also owns the Molentary Express. Sammy accidentally drops the item, breaking it into many pieces. Once Layton and Luke ask what has happened, they are asked to fix the camera.

[edit] Part Locations

Squarish Part: Found on the Molentary Express.

Button Part: Received from Mitzi and Capone after completing puzzle 021 - Pass It On!.

Glass Part: Received from Grousley after completing puzzle 012 - Clouds and Sky.

Round Part: Received from Hank after completing puzzle 026 - Train Swap.

Two-Sided Part: Received after completing puzzle 027 - A Dramatic Farewell.

Spring Part: Received from Angus after completing puzzle 029 - The Winning Arrow.

Tiny Part: Received after completing puzzle 038 - Moving Day.

Screw Part: Received from Balsa after completing puzzle 042 - Board Splitter 1.

Battery: Received from Balsa after completing puzzle 043 - Board Splitter 2.

Gear-Filled Part: Received from Joseph after completing puzzle 072 - Scrambled Photos.

[edit] Solution

The Camera Fixed

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