Chief's House

Chief's House
Chief's House.png
Located In Phong Gi
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Residents Morel
No. of Hint Coins 4
South Exit Village Path

The Chief's House is a location based in Phong Gi, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is the residence of Chief Morel, Lepidella and Button, and is located along the Village Path.


[edit] Appearance

The area consists of table decorated with mushrooms in the center of the room, surrounded by stools. A shelf sits above the table, and a variety of fruits hang from branches. A variety of exotic birds sit close to the ceiling of the hut, with bird houses placed along the walls. A stove is seen to the right, and a flight of stairs leads higher up the hut.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Professor Layton and the group visit the hut in order gain some information from Lepidella about Chief Morel. She reveals that it had been hard for him to come to terms with old age, and had lost his bow while going hunting recently. This information helps Layton determine what the chief's problem was, and informs the others that they would need to gather materials for a special accessory.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

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