Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown London
Other Names Celeste*
Voice Actors Japanese:
Yoshino Kimura
Relations Professor Layton*
Dimitri Allen*
Bill Hawks*
Occupation Science Assistant
Claire, giving Professor Layton his hat.

Claire is Professor Layton's deceased girlfriend, and is introduced in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. She is the one who gives Layton his signature top hat in order to celebrate his becoming a professor. Don Paolo had a secret crush on Claire.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Ten years before the events of Unwound Future, Claire was dating Layton and working as a assistant to the scientists Dimitri Allen and Bill Hawks. The scientists were working on a time machine and, when it was completed, Claire volunteered to be the first human subject to use the machine. However, Bill had made some miscalculations with the machine and, due to his over-confidence, ignored Dimitri's warning and activated it. The machine exploded, injuring Bill and killing Claire. However, the machine had succeeded in sending her ten years into the future before the explosion.

Layton demanding Claire stays with him

Claire was later seen by Layton and Luke in what they believed to be Future London, and she introduced herself to them as Claire's sister, Celeste, explaining that she was investigating the truth behind Claire's death. She later saves Clive from the Mobile Fortress when it is about to collapse.

Claire before she disappears forever

At the end of the game, she admits to Layton that she is, in fact, his long-lost love Claire, though the time machine's malfunctioning means that she can no longer stay in the present and must now go back to die in the past. She kisses Layton one last time and departs, a glow surrounding her body. Though Layton shouts that he can't leave her behind again, she tells him that he must stay strong without her and turns the corner, disappearing forever.


[edit] Biography

"Claire is Layton's sweetheart. Though she worked as Dimitri's assistant, she was an excellent scientist in her own right. She was also the woman who gave Layton his beloved hat. She lost her life in a failed time-travel experiment."

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