Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown London
Other Names Future Luke
Big Luke
Voice Actors English:
Yuri Lowenthal
Lani Minella*
Shun Oguri
Relations Constance Dove*
Dimitri Allen*
Bill Hawks*
Occupation Creator of Future London

Clive is the antagonist in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Though a caring person at heart, his soul has been twisted with anger at an explosion that killed his parents ten years ago.


[edit] Appearance

Clive wears red shorts, a blue blazer, a white shirt, a blue tie, blue socks, a dark, olive green waistcoat and a blue hat.

[edit] Personality

Although it may seem during the plot of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future that Clive is an evil human being, this was only because he was drove by rage. He shows a caring side when he says at the end of the game that he will pay time in prison for his hideous crimes.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Ten years before the events of Unwound Future, Clive was a happy child living with his parents in London near the lab where Dimitri Allen and Bill Hawks were working on the Time Machine. On the day the Time Machine exploded, Clive's parents were still inside the apartment building and died, most likely instantly. Professor Layton, hearing of the explosion, came to find his lover Claire and found the young boy crying and attempting to enter the burning building. After stopping the boy, the two watched the scene in horror. Layton would later find out that Claire too had been killed in the explosion, while Bill had been injured.

With no other living family, Clive was taken in by an elderly yet rich woman named Constance Dove. He soon befriended the servants there: Cogg, Spring and Shipley. After Constance's death five years later, Clive inherited her entire fortune and began working as a reporter to find out who was responsible for his parents' death. He discovered Dimitri and Bill's involvement and vowed to destroy all of London in revenge. With the money he had been left, he created Future London.

Clive began luring residents of London into "the future", taking them to the Clock Shop that held the "time machine" (which was really an elevator). After bringing Dimitri to Future London, he began kidnapping scientists in order to get them to work on his Mobile Fortress. He then wrote to Layton and assumed the guise of "Future Luke", claiming that "Future Layton" had become a feared crime boss and the head of the mafia called The Family. Of course, Layton, Flora and Luke came at once.

Clive maintained his false identity for much of the game, even ordering his own mafia to attack him, Layton and Luke. However, when they came across "Future Layton", he was trapped along with Layton, Luke, and Flora in a giant cage. However, the "Layton" in the cage was actually Don Paolo in disguise, who had worked out a deal with Layton, and "Future Layton" was actually Dimitri. Layton helped the others escape from the cage and they retreated to safety. They were joined by a new ally: Celeste, who claimed to be Claire's younger sister.

However, Layton had realized that Clive was not who he claimed to be, and at the Thames Arms he confronted the impostor. Clive revealed that Future London was not actually the future at all, and Dimitri (who had been pretending to be the bartender) claimed that they were attempting to rebuild the time machine so that he could go back and save Claire, whom he loved. However, when Layton confronted Clive about his past, Clive revealed that he was actually planning on destroying London as a final act of revenge. With that, he kidnapped Flora and ran off to the Mobile Fortress.

Layton and Luke pursued Clive in the Laytonmobile, which had been modified by Don Paolo enabling it to fly, and managed to land on the Fortress. However, Clive has wired the giant machine to Bill's heartbeat, so they had to replace him with a pocket watch before rescuing him. Meanwhile, the Fortress had broken through to the London on the surface and was beginning to destroy the city, though it was slowly destroying itself as well. Clive was knocked unconscious by falling debris but was saved by Celeste and Layton.

On the ground once again, Clive was arrested by Inspector Chelmey, but not before thanking Layton for saving his life - both from the fortress and from the burning apartment building his parents had died in. Layton had not known the child from that day was Clive. The young man promised to make amends for what he had done and was led off to jail.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "I do believe I've got the answer!"
  • "Allow me to present my solution."
  • "This puzzle has met its match."

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Success!"
  • "It seems I was right on the money!"
  • "Puzzling? I think not."

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Well this is a vexing development..."
  • "How can this be?"
  • "Now where did I go wrong?"
FutureLuke Bio.png

[edit] Biography

"An older version of Luke from 10 years in the future who requests Layton's help in eradicating the evil rampant in his London. Though more grown up than Luke, he retains a genuine love of puzzles. He is later revealed to be Clive in disguise."


"Posing as an older Luke, Clive is the instigator of the terrible attack upon London. For years, he cultivated a bitter resentment toward the scientists and politicians involved in his parents' premature deaths. He has expressed a desire for atonement."

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