Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Deputy Commissioner Chan*
Occupation Commissioner of Scotland Yard

The Commissioner is the commissioner for Scotland Yard in the game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It is revealed in File No. 009: Good Cop, Bad Cop that he is in fact Constable Barton from the main series games, who had worked his way up the ranks in passing years.

[edit] Appearance

The Commissioner wears a purple collared shirt, underneath a black vest and purple jacket. He also wears a yellow tie and a large police badge on his jacket, and has white hair, a mustache and beard.

[edit] Plot

(To be added.)

[edit] Profile

Commissioner Profile.png

Head of Scotland Yard
"The unassuming and kind-looking head of the entire Metropolitan Police Service. He was at Forbodium Castle four years ago when Makepeace was shot."

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