Role Minor Character
Gender Female
Appearances Miracle Mask
Other Names Bonnie*
Relations Tanya*

Cookie is a character from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. She is often seen sobbing about her and her mother Tanya being separated in various locations around Monte d'Or, where Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy often offer their assistance in helping to reunite the pair.


[edit] Appearance

Cookie wears a pink coat over a dark purple dress. She wears a green hat over her brown pigtails and face, and wears shoes of a matching color.

[edit] Puzzles

Cookie gives the following puzzles throughout the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
When Professor Layton and the group are conducting their investigations around the petrification incident, they come across Cookie, who is crying after losing her mom. They help her out in reuniting the pair.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Upon leaving the Dromedary Hotel, Professor Layton and the group find Cookie crying outside, after losing her mom yet again. Layton once again help the pair to reunite, and decide to go to Carnival Square, where Cookie had seen her mom last. After walking past the Montsarton Gallery, the group notices it's still closed, however Cookie suggests it may be open the next day, even though her mom was looking forward to visiting it. The group encounters Mordy, who had been out assessing the damage caused by the Masked Gentleman the previous night. She asks if he had seen her mother, and he tells them he had seen a woman at Carnival Square looking for a child. Cookie thanks him, calling him a proper detective. Tanya is eventually located at Carnival Square, and the pair once again thank Layton for reuniting them.

In a special episode, Cookie has been separated from her mom again, and finds her way to Guy's stall in Knickknack Alley. He offers to help find her mom, but she tells him it's dangerous to go off with strangers, and so stays at the stall with him and help to advertise the teddies for sale. Guy tries to persuade her to show off the other toys as well, but she prefers the teddies. Cookie's mom eventually finds her at the stall, and thanks Guy for looking after her. He gifts them with a free teddy for the help he had received.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Luke finds Cookie in Pumpkin Park without her mother again. She states she wasn't lost, rather her mother was, as she tends to go off on her own. Luke asks her to stop crying and offered to help look for her, however Cookie says she was frustrated, rather than crying, since her mother has the tendency to roam off. She remembers that her mother told her to wait by the Pumpkin Spinners should they ever get separated.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Cookie appears to be lost again, as her mother had told her where to wait if she did get lost, which she thought meant she could wander off. She makes up the excuse she was distracted by a puzzle. She tells Luke and Emmy that her mother had told her to wait at the Reunion Inn, and so they offer to take her there, however she wanted to stay and watch the carnival more. Her mother had told her she had a good sense of direction, and could just take the tram to the hotel.

[edit] Biography

"A little girl whose eager curiosity never dwindles, Cookie keeps losing herself in the throngs of tourists, which frays her poor mother's nerves. It's not that her sense of direction is bad - rather, she just isn't bothered either way. They're going to meet up in the end anyway, right?"

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