Craggy Dale

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Craggy Dale is a location seen in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is a small desert village that is located somewhere near Monte d'Or and the Akbadain Ruins. Many of the villagers here work as farmers, including Firth, and their skin turn to an olive color due to being in the sun often. Randall Ascot lived in the village for 18 years under Firth's care being a farmer.

[edit] Appearance

Craggy Dale is a village located in the desert, near a large mountainous range. Many of the houses in the village have farms, and as such are surrounded by a large amount of greenery. The house in which Randall lived is a small brick house with a large red roof, and a chimney.

[edit] Plot

After Randall had fallen down the large chasm in the Akbadain Ruins, an underground river carried him to Craggy Dale. The villagers helped him recover, however the fall had given him amnesia and so he couldn't remember his old life. Firth took care of Randall as he worked with him on his farm for the next 18 years, making no progress on remembering his old life.

Approximately two months before the events of Miracle Mask, Jean Descole had sent Randall a letter recounting his life, and lying to him that Henry Ledore had sabotaged him by sending him to the ruins, in an attempt to take his research and Angela. Enraged, Randall then agreed to play the role of the Masked Gentleman, and escaped Craggy Dale to terrorize Monte d'Or in order to exact revenge on Henry.

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