Crummy Dinner

This is a Green Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life. To complete this quest, you must speak to Crumm who needs three Swinefish for his bar, the Queens Bar. Any fish caught that are not Swinefish can be used for other quests or sold onto Bruno for a decent return.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Crummy Dinner1.png
Speak to Crumm
London Life Crummy Dinner2.png
Catch three Swinefish on Gildon Bridge
London Life Crummy Dinner3.png
Speak to Crumm again

[edit] Rewards

144 happiness = Child at Heart
132 happiness = Winning Smile
120 happiness = Everyone other than above

3,600 Wealth = Smooth Talking Females
2,400 Wealth = Non Smooth Talking Females

Item = Neon Sign

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