Daily Puzzle Delivery

Completed Daily Puzzle House in Miracle Mask

The Daily Puzzle Delivery is an extra feature of the Bonuses section in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Similar to Weekly Puzzles, a player is able to download a Daily Puzzle every day for a year commencing on the release of the game over Nintendo Wi-Fi, meaning there are 365 puzzles in total. In Azran Legacy, twenty puzzles come already on the game, being one of each puzzle type, as well as additional puzzles which can be unlocked through the Hidden Door, with 405 puzzles in total. Daily Puzzles are rated on a scale of one to five, indicating its difficulty, with one being the easiest while five is the most difficult.

To download a puzzle, simply tap the "Daily Puzzles" button in the Bonuses section, and then proceed to tap the "Download" button while connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi. After a few moments, the puzzle(s) will be downloaded onto the game. Once downloaded, they will appear in all save files, so there is no need to download the same puzzles onto a different save slot.


[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

[edit] Furniture

For every ten puzzles solved, Granny Riddleton will offer to give the player a piece of furniture for their house that appears on the main screen of the Daily Puzzle Delivery. The player is given a choice of two different designs for each piece of furniture, but can be changed once all furniture is obtained, however ten puzzles solved per piece is still required.

Once the player completes an entire set of puzzles of one type, Professor Layton will give the player a special piece of furniture, which are usually ornamental items. The items' designs all pertain to its type of puzzle. Once all 365 puzzles are completed, Granny Riddleton and Aldus will gift the player with a special golden statue of Professor Layton.

[edit] Puzzle Types

All 365 puzzles are split into twenty different types, each with their own degree of difficulty. Each category contains seventeen to twenty different puzzles.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

[edit] Trophies

If certain requirements are fulfilled, the player is rewarded with different trophies. They are able to be displayed in six different dioramas - each one containing a setting from every game in the series - and there are twenty trophies in total. Each diorama holds four different trophies, meaning all twenty are able to be displayed.

Name Trophy How to Receive
Puzzle Solver - 10th Class Laytonmobile Solve the first batch of Daily Puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 9th Class Don Paolo Solve 30 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 8th Class The Parrot Solve 60 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 7th Class Anton Solve 90 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 6th Class The Molentary Express Solve 120 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 5th Class Clive Solve 150 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 4th Class A Double-Decker Bus Solve 180 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 3rd Class The Masked Gentleman Solve 210 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 2nd Class The Monte d'Or Parade Solve 240 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - 1st Class Emmy Solve 270 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - Bronze Emmy's Scooter Solve 300 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - Silver Descole Solve 330 puzzles
Puzzle Solver - Gold The Bostonius Solve 360 puzzles
Puzzle Master Layton Riding Forth Solve all Daily Puzzles
Puzzle Addict Flora Solve all Daily Puzzle + puzzles
Patient Puzzler - Bronze The Tower of St Mystere Solve puzzles on 5 consecutive days
Patient Puzzler - Silver The Elysian Box Solve puzzles on 10 consecutive days
Patient Puzzler - Gold The Time Machine Solve puzzles on 20 consecutive days
Persistent Puzzler The Specter's Flute Solve puzzles on 50 consecutive days
Puzzle Prodigy Layton and Luke Acquire all other trophies

[edit] Puzzle Types

All of the 405 puzzles on the game are split up into twenty different puzzle types, each with their own degree of difficulty.

Each set of puzzles also contains a hidden "+" puzzle, which can be accessed through the Hidden Door. To unlock these puzzles, one must attempt to download the latest Daily Puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, even if all puzzles have been downloaded. After inserting Azran Legacy into the same 3DS and accessing the Hidden Door, all hidden puzzles can be accessed.

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