Role Minor Character
Gender Female
Appearances Azran Legacy
Hometown Mosinnia
Relations Mehri*

Dana is the village elder in Mosinnia in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Along with the other adults in town, she fell victim to a poisonous mushroom, making them all fall asleep.


[edit] Appearance

Dana wears a cream colored top, and a red skirt. She also wears cream colored shoes, a yellow head scarf, and large round glasses.

[edit] Puzzles

Dana gives the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy:

[edit] Plot


[edit] Biography

"Dana is the elder of Mosinnia and the guardian of the legend of the phoenix. The depth of her knowledge is unrivalled, but her poor eyesight makes it hard to identify mushrooms as well as she used to. Rumour has it that she was a celebrated beauty in her youth."

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