Demonic Pursuit!

This is a Green Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life. To complete this quest, you must speak to Hazel who has lost his Shopping List. Hazel is near Royal Rooms and his shopping list can be found to the left of The Queens Bar.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Demonic Pursuit!1.png
Speak to Hazel
London Life Demonic Pursuit!2.png
Retrieve the Shopping List
London Life Demonic Pursuit!3.png
Speak to Hazel again

[edit] Rewards

480 happiness = Child at Heart
440 happiness = Winning Smile
400 happiness = Everyone other than above

2,970 Wealth = Smooth Talking Females
1,980 Wealth = Non Smooth Talking Females

Item = Antique Dresser

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