Destiny Knox

Destiny Knox
Destiny Knox.png
Role Suspect
Gender Female
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Gloria Blaise (Co-star)
Roscoe Strapping (Co-star)
Occupation Actress

Destiny Knox is an up-and-coming actress that appears in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She appears as a suspect in File No. 003: A Murder Staged, in where one of her co-stars was murdered during the final scene of a performance.

[edit] Appearance

Destiny Knox wears a cream colored long sleeve top, and a long red skirt. She also wears a dark green bow tie, white gloves, and has short, dark green hair.

[edit] Plot

003: A Murder Staged:
On the night Gloria Blaise was murdered, Knox was to appear as part of a show being held at a famous West End Theater. After the final scene was performed, Roscoe Strapping had bumped into Knox during his exit, telling her she had to scream while he put the lights out. This was in an attempt to pretend someone had shot Blaise while the lights were out, when in fact he had shot her on stage without realizing he wielded a real gun.

[edit] Profile

Destiny Profile.png

A new actress in the victim's show
"Though generally regarded as a good-looking at competent up-and-coming talent, there are rumors that she'll stop at nothing to get a part."

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