Dimitri Allen

Dimitri Allen
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown London
Other Names Dr. Stahngun*
Future Layton*
Voice Actors English:
Liam O'Brien
Takaya Kamikawa
Relations Bill Hawks*
Occupation Scientist

Dimitri Allen is one of the main antagonists in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Ten years prior to the start of the game, he was one of the scientists that worked on the Time Machine that was later going to be the subject matter leading to Claire's death.


[edit] Appearance

Dimitri Allen wears a white lab coat with a dark brown shirt underneath, and gray pants. He also wears brown shoes, a dark blue scarf and a white brimmed hat. He wears a red rose on his lab coat, and has gray hair, covering his right eye.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Dimitri was a scientist who worked with Bill Hawks on a time machine ten years prior to the start of the game. He was secretly in love with Claire, the lab assistant, but she was already in a relationship with another man. When the machine was finished Bill wanted Claire to be the first human test subject, but Dimitri objected out of his feelings for her and also due to concerns over an error in the calculations made for the machine. However, his words went unheeded and Bill tested the machine anyway, which exploded and killed Claire, along with several other people living next door. Including Clive's parents.

Hearing the explosion, Dimitri rushed to the lab only to see Claire's lifeless body in the rubble, as well as the sheer destruction the failed experiment had caused. Furious at Bill for killing his love, he swore to get revenge. Sometime before the events of Unwound Future he met and formed an alliance with Clive, a young man whose parents had been killed in the explosion and who was also looking for revenge. The two devised a plan to kidnap scientists (including Bill) and force them to work on the time machine in Future London. However, Clive had a different plan for the scientists that he didn't tell Dimitri - to force them to build his Mobile Fortress that would allow him to destroy London.

Dimitri is mistaken as "Future Layton" for much of the time Layton and Luke are in Future London and controls The Family's actions against the pair. After his cover was blown by Layton and co. he retreated to the Thames Arms, where he assumed the disguise of a bartender working there. It is here that he reveals his true intentions for his deeds, and Clive is unmasked as the true villain.

Realizing that he had betrayed by his supposed co-conspirator, Dimitri apologizes for his actions, claiming that he had done them only out of love for Claire. He also explains that Claire did not die in the blast ten years ago, and is instead the woman with them who calls herself Celeste. He goes on to describe how he attempted to stabilize Claire in the future until she told him to leave things as they were. Claire then went back to the past to die. It is unknown what happened to Dimitri, though it is possible he went to jail alongside Clive.


[edit] Biography

"A researcher in the field of time travel, Dimitri loved Clare so much that, to try and save her from her fate, he abducted scientists to build a time machine. His genius is undisputed, but blinded by a desire of revenge, he became a pawn in Clive's plans."


"Dr. Stahngun is the identity assumed by Dimitri while building the fake time machine. He was believed to have disappeared in the accident at the exhibition site, but he had in fact departed to Future London, along with the Prime Minister."

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