Dolly Hollerday

Dolly Hollerday
Dolly Hollerday.png
Role Suspect
Gender Female
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Melody Smith (Manager)
Occupation Singer

Dolly Hollerday is a singer appearing in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She appeared as a guest on Dwight Dread's radio show to promote her new album in the case File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong. Not long after the show had gotten underway, Dread had died after eating Hollerday's macaroons she gave as a gift.

[edit] Appearance

Dolly Hollerday wears a lilac top and a purple skirt, with a red belt at the waist. She also wears a bracelet, and has black hair and purple eye shadow.

[edit] Profile

Dolly Profile.png

A sultry singer and guest on the show
"Making an appearance on Dread's show to promote her latest album, her fine figure and suggestive dancing distract from her appalling singing voice."

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