Role Suspect
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Occupation Jeweler

Donkey is a gemstone merchant in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He is the portrayal of a suspect in the original case File No. 008: Ham and Cheese, where a wealthy man was murdered while expecting a business meeting.

[edit] Appearance

Donkey wears a purple and black blazer and cream colored pants. He also wears red shoes, and wears a donkey mask.

[edit] Plot

008: Ham and Cheese:
On the day Pig was murdered, Donkey was scheduled to have a business meeting with him. Upon arriving at his office, he finds that Pig is nowhere to be seen, and begins searching the mansion for him shortly after Dog arrives. Donkey then leaves with Dog after failing to find Pig.

[edit] Profile

Donkey Profile.png

Shady gemstone merchant
"On the day in question, Donkey had scheduled a meeting with Pig to talk business. Being well aware of Donkey's fraudulent activities, Pig had the upper hand."

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