Doug Scowers

Doug Scowers
Doug Scowers.png
Role Suspect
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Dustin Scowers (Brother)
Archie O'Logie (Mentor)
Occupation Archaeology Student

Doug Scowers is a archaeology student of Archie O'Logie in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, and the brother of Dustin Scowers. He appeared as a suspect in the case File No. 004: The Walking Corpse, after his mentor was murdered during an expedition to a South American ancient dig site.

[edit] Appearance

Doug Scowers wears a red and blue gingham flannelette shirt with cream colored shirt underneath, and dark pants. He also wears glasses, and has curly orange hair and a beard.

[edit] Plot

004: The Walking Corpse:
Scowers had accompanied his mentor Archie O'Logie to an expedition in the South American jungle, where they excavated a mysterious Stone Idol at an ancient dig site. To celebrate the find, Chico Careta, their guide, gifted them with homemade liquor which O'Logie and Scowers consumed in the hut close to their hotel. Scowers became drunk as a result and fell asleep outside the hut, forgetting the events that happened that night. Consequently, he became the prime suspect in O'Logie's murder.

[edit] Profile

Doug Profile.png

One of O'Logie's research students
"A research student studying to become an archaeologist. Though ambitious, he dislikes those who chase fame too eagerly. Dustin's brother."

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