Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Monte d'Or
Relations Henry Ledore*
Occupation Casino Owner

Drake is the owner of the Scorpion Casino in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He was inspired by Henry Ledore's business skills, and was given the casino by Henry to run.


[edit] Appearance

Drake wears a red suit over a red collared shirt, and dark brown trousers. He also wears white shoes, and dark shades, and has dark brown hair.

[edit] Puzzles

Drake gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Drake is dealing with Frankie in the Scorpion Casino, who complains he hadn't won fair and square. He tells him to calm down and leave, and Professor Layton sees the commotion and tries to settle the situation.

After the matter was resolved, Drake comments on Conner's settlement to be skillful, and felt the need to reward Layton and Conner for their help. Layton didn't feel the need to accept a reward, however Conner gladly wanted to take it, and Drake tells him to drop in some time.

Drake again apologizes to Layton for the chaos, and was glad the situation didn't escalate to involve Henry Ledore. Layton asks if Henry owned the casino, to which he says that he was devoted to it, and asks of Layton not to tell him of the situation, and Layton agrees. Drake then gives him a puzzle as a reward. After solving it, he asks of Layton to drop by the casino again, and offers to give them a show.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Drake passes by Professor Layton and the group, and he was reflecting on how the city had grown with hotels and casinos over the years. He spills to Layton that since Henry Ledore wasn't of legal age at the time, he needed a guarantor to sign his paperwork, and she is rumored to have passed away. Layton is surprised he wasn't told about this by Henry. Drake then says that Layton should drop in to the Scorpion Casino, as he had a new puzzle for him.

Layton finally meets up with Drake at the casino, and he gives him the puzzle. He was trying to find a way to entertain guests besides the usual casino games, all according to Henry's guidelines. He knew how great of a man Henry was when he was given the establishment, and Layton could tell he held it very dear. Drake felt like the luckiest man in the casino to own such an establishment.

In a special episode, Drake had been discussing to Pascal and Gustav about how Murphy had been telling others of their confidential financial matters. Pascal tells them that he caught Murphy detailing the hotel's profits of the last five years, and Gustav says that Mordy had quoted his figures back to him. Drake suggested that they report him to Henry, but Pascal says that he had helped Henry in building the Reunion Inn, and that without his advice, Monte d'Or wouldn't be the city it is. However, Drake says that was in the past, and now that the city was well established, Murphy had nothing going for him. At this point, Murphy enters to do their accounts, also spilling that Dalston had been doing well in the past month after investing in the One-Ring Circus.

[edit] Biography

"Inspired by Henry's keen business skills, Drake manages the Scorpion Casino and cherishes it as if it were his child. Few can withstand his intense glare when he lowers his shades, so the casino rarely has any rowdy customers."

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