Dromedary Hotel

Dromedary Hotel
Located In Monte d'Or
Appearances Miracle Mask
Chapter Accessible Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
Owner Pascal
No. of Hint Coins 11
East Exit City Monument
West Exit One-Ring Circus

The Dromedary Hotel is the location at which Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy stayed at in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask during their search for the Masked Gentleman. It is located in Monte d'Or. It is connected to the City Monument and the One-Ring Circus on the map. In the UK version of the game, the hotel is also known as the "Camel's Hump Hotel".


[edit] Appearance

The Dromedary Hotel is a six storey building with a white exterior, and domed roofs. A sign stands tall out the front of the hotel's plaza with a camel standing at the top, and there are palm trees surrounding the area.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Dromedary Lobby

The Dromedary Lobby is where you will often find Pascal, and is also the place where Granny Riddleton is situated.

The room contains a green and yellow striped couch, and a wooden coffee table with a vase of flowers. There are three white pillars that run along the room, and the entrance is laid with a yellow carpet. There is also a framed painting hanging along the back wall, and a chandelier hanging from the roof.

[edit] Layton's Room

Layton's Room is the main hub area for Professor Layton and the group. This is where you can change the day and night settings as well as the past and present settings once you've completed the game. To change the day and night settings, you must interact with the bed, and to play in the past, you must interact with the desk.

In the room lies two large red and white beds, with lamps laying either side of them. There is a large window across the back wall which is decorated with blue curtains. There are two green couches along with a wooden coffee table. A chandelier hangs from the wall as well as framed paintings hanging from the walls, and a desk lays opposite of the beds.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Chapter 1: The Mask Of Chaos

Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy show up at this hotel after Angela Ledore tells them she had booked two rooms for them. Upon entering the hotel, Yuming and Pascal can be seen. Upon talking to Pascal, he goes off to get their rooms keys, and Luke asks Professor Layton about Henry Ledore. Layton begins to tell Luke some of his history with Henry, and before he's able to finish his story, Pascal comes back with the keys to their rooms. When they reach their rooms, Layton tells Luke and Emmy about his teenage years in Stansbury.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Gallery

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