Dropstone Village

Dropstone Plaza.png

Dropstone Village is a location in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It is the home to many of the townspeople who fled from Folsense when the hallucinogenic gas was released from the Folsense Gold Mine fifty years ago. Among these townspeople was Sophia, who was carrying her unborn child. The Molentary Express has a station here as well, where it often refuels on its route to Folsense.

During the events of the game, Professor Layton, Luke and Flora arrive here while the village is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is here that they meet Mr. Anderson, who tells them about his deceased wife and his increasingly distant daughter, Katia. As the trio leaves in order to board the Express again, Flora is knocked out by Don Paolo, who then takes her place disguised as her.

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