Dwight Dread

Dwight Dread
Dwight Dread.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Mike de Bonair (Director)
Melody Smith (Old friend)
Occupation Radio Show Presenter

Dwight Dread is the host of a popular radio show that appears in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He appears as a victim in the case File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong, where he was murdered while on air during his show.

[edit] Appearance

Dwight Dread wears a white polo t-shirt with red stripes at the edges, and blue shorts. He also wears red and white shoes, blue socks, and red colored sunglasses with white frames. He wore armbands and had a wig of dreads, and has a beard.

[edit] Plot

005: The DJ's Swansong:
Before his radio show had gone to air, Mike de Bonair had come to Dread about a prank he could play while on air. Involving Dread's fan Anice Brewer, they devised that Brewer would fax a bogus song request to the radio show, looking like a death threat. Dread would then proceed to pretend to die by choking on his tea. The plan had changed however when his guest Dolly Hollerday gifted Dread with some macaroons. After pretending to choke on one, de Bonair then evacuated everyone from the building, proceeding to give Dread his tea which was laced with poison. After drinking the tea, Dread immediately dies for real.

[edit] Profile

Dwight Profile.png

A DJ who died while on air
"A popular radio host with a deep, rich voice and a lively personality, who was equally well-liked among his colleagues. But his spending habit often landed him in trouble."

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