Elysian Box

Luke and Layton opening the Elysian Box

The Elysian Box is thought to have been a deadly artifact from the illusionary town of Folsense. It was sculpted from the gold found in the Folsense Gold Mine and has been rumoured to kill anyone who dared open the box. The grim tale that follows this chest soon morphed it's name into Pandora's Box. Atop of the small box is the emblem of a goat, this is later revealed to be the crest of the Herzen family. More specifically, Anton Herzen. It debuts in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

The Elysian Box

Hershel Layton and Luke Triton visit Layton's old mentor Andrew Schrader who has said in a letter sent to Layton that he is close to unraveling the secrets of the Elysian box. As they arrive they find Schrader lying on the floor, lifeless. The Box is also missing and the only clue to it's whereabouts is a ticket to gain access to the Molentary Express. Sometime later in the story, it is revealed that it was Don Paolo who had stolen the box. When Layton obtains and opens the lid of the deadly chest, he finds nothing within it and does not die, leading to more mysteries about the box and to its value toward it's grim tale. After the events of Anton Herzen entail it is revealed that the box was actually a gift to his departed love, Sophia. The reasoning behind the 'deaths' of all the people who were involved was because of the hallucinogenic gas sealed in the box that was present in the gold mine from which the box was sculpted. This meant no one actually died from opening the chest, it was only the gases making the victims think they were dead. Sooner or later all the people who open the chest wake up.

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