English Turnabout

English Turnabout
PLAA Prologue 2.png
Chapter Prologue [II]
Defendant Espella Cantabella
Prosecutor Flynch
Location English Courthouse
Picarats Given 200-400 Picarats

English Turnabout is the second prologue chapter that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is the first trial set in the game where Phoenix Wright must defend for Espella Cantabella in court, despite just having met her and not knowing the details of the trial. Upon completion of the trial, the player is awarded 150 Picarats, in addition to an extra 50 for the amount of credibility remaining, meaning a total of 400 Picarats can be received.


[edit] Key Characters

Espella Cantabella - allegedly caught in a case of theft and assaulting a cargo ship's crew member.

Johnny Smiles - witnessed Espella assaulting the crew member while patrolling the cargo ship.
Olivia Aldente - the cargo ship's cook and the crew member who was assaulted.

Phoenix Wright - Espella's defense attorney attempting to prove her innocence.
Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright's assistant in the trial.
Flynch - the Prosecutor in the trial, attempting to prove Espella's guilt.
The Judge - the judge in the trial.
Ms Darklaw - Espella's teacher at the Owl Cote School for Young Women.

[edit] Evidence

  • Police Records - Suspect: Espella Cantabella, Charges: Theft and assault, Note: Inflicted light injuries
  • Medical Report - "Light injury: laceration to the back of the head. Hit with a long, blunt object."
  • Crime Scene Photo - A photo of the cargo hold.
  • Torch - Security guard Smiles always uses it on patrols. Covered in chocolate fingerprints.
  • Torn Tag - Tag torn from PC Badger. Espella was clasping it in her hand when seized by Smiles.
  • Newspaper - Maya's newspaper. The front page article is about jewel thieves in London.
  • Fingerprint Photo - Photo of Espella's fingerprints on the steel pipe.
  • Stolen Toy - The toy Espella tried to steal. One leg was ripped off during her fight with Olivia.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Select the option "Espella".
  • Select the option "Theft and assault".
  • First testimony: Press any of Smiles' testimonies.
  • Present "Crime Scene Photo" at Smiles' fifth testimony.
  • Second testimony: Present "Medical Report" at Smiles' fourth testimony.
  • Select the option "Plead not guilty".
  • Select the option "Continue trial".
  • Third testimony: Present "Fingerprint Photo" at Aldente's fourth testimony.
  • Select the option "Position of the fingerprints".
  • Select the option "Prove there's a contradiction".
  • Present "Medical Report" as evidence.
  • Select the option "Tried to defend herself".
  • Select the option "It's impossible".
  • Present "Torch" as evidence.
  • Fourth testimony: Present "Torn Tag" at Aldente's first testimony.
  • Select the option "The toy was swapped".
  • Select the option "It's impossible."
  • Select the option "Request search".
  • Present "Newspaper" as evidence.
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