Evan Barde

Evan Barde
Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Last Specter
Hometown Misthallery
Relations Arianna Barde*
Tony Barde*
Clark Triton*
Occupation Former Mayor of Misthallery

Evan Barde was the father of Tony Barde and Arianna Barde. He was also the ex-mayor of Misthallery before Clark Triton took over his job soon after he died.

[edit] Appearance

Evan Barde had ginger hair completed with a mustache. He also wore a brown suit jacket, mustard tank top, red trousers and a white shirt.

[edit] Plot

Evan Barde was disliked by most of the town, Doland Noble told Emmy, Luke and Professor Layton this when they were inquiring about his mysterious death. When inquiring further into the archives of Misthallery's newspapers, they discover that there was only one witness to Evan Barde's cliff fall. This is Clark Triton, who saw a man fall off a cliff whilst he was fishing.

Evan tragically died by falling off a cliff accidentally, although this was suicide in Levin Jakes' eyes. Chief Jakes also changed Evan's will to ensure Clark Triton inherited Evan's estate, and not Arianna.

Evan also bought the ocarina used to charm Loosha out of the lake from Crow, head of the Black Ravens over a year before the game was set.

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