File No. 000: Freshly Baker

Freshly Baker
File 000.png
File No. 000
Requester Commissioner
Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Purchase? No
Previous Case N/A
Next Case File No. 001: The Hand Sandwich

File No. 000: Freshly Baker is the first case in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, and serves as the prologue of the game, introducing important characters such as Lucy Baker.

[edit] Plot

The game opens on a stormy night with Alfendi Layton sitting in a dark room.

It then cuts to Deputy Commissioner Chan snapping Lucy Baker out of her thoughts and advising her of her move to a new "back-office", the Mystery Room. The Commissioner gives Lucy faith in that she will do well there, and tells her she is to work with one of the top inspectors on the force, Alfendi Layton.

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