File No. 001: The Hand Sandwich

The Hand Sandwich
File 001.png
File No. 001
Requester Alfendi Layton
Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Purchase? No
Previous Case File No. 000: Freshly Baker
Next Case File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary

File No. 001: The Hand Sandwich is the first case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room after the prologue. This case is requested by Alfendi Layton and investigates the murder of a young woman at a popular seaside resort.


[edit] Characters Involved

Sandy Aldwich (23 / F), a young woman who was murdered while on holiday with her lover.

Zach Carrière (19 / M), a bellboy at the hotel who delivered the victim's order, a sandwich.
Bosco Felps (37 / M), a man claiming to be Ms. Aldwich's lover and was present on the day of the murder.
Vera Wipovsky (51 / F), a cleaner at the hotel who had cleaned Ms. Aldwich's room that day.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Bosco Felps

Statement 1: Yes, I went into the room, but I had no idea Sandy was out on the terrace. How could I? The curtains were drawn shut.

Statement 2: Actually, when I entered the room, there was a strong smell of scent. It wasn't Sandy's perfume. It was the aftershave that bellboy I passed in the corridor wears.

Statement 3: I left the room and hung the 'Please make up my room' sign on the handle as I went. It was an absolute pigsty in there.

[edit] Zach Carrière

Statement 1: Mademoiselle Aldwich had called room service. She wanted to eat on the terrace, so I took her food out to the table there and then immediately left the room.

Statement 2: While I was delivering her order, Mademoiselle Aldwich and I spoke. She shared my passion for crime fiction. We had a lively conversation on the topic.

[edit] Vera Wipovsky

Statement 1: I only cleaned the room, that's all! The sign was on the door. All the doors lock automatically when they close, but I have a master key, you see.

Statement 2: I opened the curtains while I was cleaning the room, and there was the young girl out on the terrace. I was surprised, so I called out to her, but...she was dead!

[edit] Evidence

Curtains: Black-out curtains that block out all daylight. When they are closed, it's impossible to see onto the terrace from within the room.
French window: A large, full-height window that offers an uninterrupted view of the coastline. It was unlocked at the time and has Aldwich's, Carrière's, and Wipovsky's prints on it.
Potted plant: A potted plant that gives the area something of a Mediterranean feel. A few of the leaves are wilting.
Tie: A high-quality tie made of silk. It's crumpled and creased, showing signs of having been pulled very tightly.
Deckchair: A deckchair designed for lounging in the sunshine. It reclines, and is fully adjustable.
Corpse: The dead body of Sandy Aldwich. The cause of death is posterior strangulation with a long, thin, strap-like object.
Sandwich: An extremely full 'double fish' sandwich, one of the hotel's popular specialties. Not a single bite has been taken from it, however.
Pickles: A number of thinly sliced pickles. They have a unique smell and flavor that is an acquired taste.
Aldwich's hand: The victim's left hand, placed inside the sandwich with the other fillings. It reeks of pickles.
Egg: A number of slices of hard-boiled egg. The yolk is firm from the egg having been boiled for a sufficiently long time.
Lettuce: So much shredded lettuce that it's spilling out of the sandwich. Exposure to the air is starting to turn the leaves brown.
Pineapple: Extremely sweet tinned pineapple.
Smoked salmon: Salted and smoked slices of salmon, cut very thinly. There are a fair few slices in this sandwich, adding to the overall volume.
Fried fish: A breaded and fried fillet of white fish that's covered in pickle juice. Originally part of the sandwich, but removed for some unknown reason.
Tropical fruit juice: A glass of juice made from a bountiful assortment of tropical fruits. There's no indication that Aldwich drank any of it. Carrière's fingerprints are on the glass.
Receipt: A copy of the receipt for the sandwich and juice. It's signed, 'Bosco Felps' but the handwriting is Aldwich's.
Table: A round table made of wood. Though simple in construction, it is well made and sturdy.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

Lucy Baker enters the Mystery Room in search for Alfendi Layton, to find he is not around. Inspector Layton walks in on her while she is practicing her deductions, and the two introduce each other, with Inspector Layton informing Lucy not to stick to formalities. She decides to call him "Prof.", however he does not find it appropriate seeing as his father is an actual university professor. He then informs Lucy it isn't certain that her position as assistant isn't permanent, surprising her. She is then told of a case that has come up, giving her a chance to prove herself.

[edit] Case Summary

The Suspects

The victim of this case is a young female by the name of Sandy Aldwich, who was on holiday at a five-star seaside holiday resort with her lover at the time of the murder. She is a regular guest of the hotel and often stays there on her own. There are three suspects involved in this murder, all of which Lucy Baker finds very suspicious. Despite this, Alfendi Layton seems to know who the real culprit is.

On the afternoon of the murder, Ms. Aldwich ordered a sandwich from room service. Zach Carrière, the first suspect, was the bellboy that brought the sandwich to her room, and took it out to her on the terrace as per request.

After leaving the room, a man claiming to be Ms. Aldwich's lover turns up, refusing to identify himself. He let himself into the room with a key card the victim had sent him. After leaving the room, the suspect placed a "Please make my room" sign on the door handle.

This leads to the next suspect, Vera Wipovsky, a cleaner for the hotel who had seen the sign and started cleaning the room as normal. During some time, she drew back the curtains of the room to see Ms. Aldwich outside on the terrace, seeing she was slumped over the table and assuming she was asleep, however, she had been strangled to death. Her left hand lay in the sandwich that she had ordered.

Alfendi then summarizes the profiles of the victims to Lucy, with the first being the self-claimed lover, who had admitted to being in the room around the time of Ms. Aldwich's death, but had not seen or spoken to the victim at the time. Because this suspect wouldn't give up his identity, Lucy deducts that he is the culprit. Inspector Layton moves onto the next suspects, telling her to not make any rash judgments. Zach Carrière, the bellboy who brought the sandwich to the victim, claims to be the last person to see Ms. Aldwich alive. The last suspect, Vera Wipovsky, had seen the service request sign on the door and entered to clean the room, discovering the body.

[edit] Investigation

The key to the murder is the victim's hand in the sandwich, which couldn't have happened by chance. After over-viewing the case, Alfendi Layton asks Lucy Baker who she thinks the culprit is. She says that it would be better to look over the crime scene before making any deductions, which Inspector Layton points her way to. Instead of the real crime scene, however, he shows her an exact replica of it, created by the Reconstruction Device, which reproduces crimes scenes down to every detail, and also eliminating the need to leave the office to the scene of the crime. The machine is also one of a kind. Inspector Layton limits Lucy to five minutes to solve the crime, due to him expecting a visitor. Once again, Inspector Layton asks Lucy who she thinks the real culprit of the crime is, explaining that listening to your hunches is vital to the process.

After investigating the crime scene, Alfendi once again asks Lucy who she thinks the guilty party is. After Lucy gives her reasoning on one of the suspects, Inspector Layton gives his deductions that he is 97.6% sure of who the criminal is, stating the case was unusually simple. The 2.4% of uncertainty lay within the fact that the victim's supposed lover refused to reveal his identity. At the point Lucy claimed that the man was Sandy Aldwich's killer, stating it was a crime of passion. The aforementioned man bursts into the room, in an angry manner, where Lucy claims to him that he is the criminal. The man dismisses it as false, and Alfendi apologizes to Lucy for neglecting to tell her he had interviewed the man.

After the man calms down a bit, he claims he had done nothing illegal, but Lucy insists on pushing the fact that he won't reveal his identity. Alfendi ceases the argument and asks the man why he won't reveal himself. He states that while he refuses to reveal who he is, he wouldn't do anything wrong as he has a business to take care of. This in turn helps Alfendi deduct that since the man owned a business, he wouldn't want bad publicity for the business, thus this is why he refused to reveal himself. The man agrees to his deductions, but still insists he had told everything he knows. It is until his lawyer shows up that he was able to not speak another word. With that, Alfendi lets the man go. Lucy questions his decision to let the man go, and Alfendi responds by saying there is another appointment anyway. On the way out, the man complains of the smell of aftershave he had smelled at the hotel. Lucy tells the man to stick around until the crime has been solved, and he agrees.

Zach Carrière then enters into the room to assist with the investigation, and he agrees to help where he can. He voices his interest in crime fiction, and so has many things to say about the case. He tells Lucy and Alfendi that he had been told something strange by the cleaner, Vera Wipovsky, in regards to the sandwich. Lucy then recalls seeing a piece of fried fish next to the sandwich, which she deducts as suspicious, in which Zach calls her an excellent detective. Alfendi then interrupts, expressing his interest in investigating the corpse. In establishing how Ms. Aldwich died, they are also able to learn about the mystery of the sandwich. From there, Alfendi and Lucy begin their deductions.

The Crime Scene

After investigating the corpse, it is discovered that Ms. Aldwich's cause of death was posterior strangulation, used with a long and thing strap-like object, meaning she was wrung by the neck from behind. Alfendi states that was an easy one, but not all the problems tackled here have simple answers. Alfendi then lets Lucy know she is able to use hints given for each piece of evidence. Mr. Carrière then brings up the point of the murder weapon, asking if it was located. Inspector Layton then states that the murder weapon was indeed found at the scene, and attempts to uncover it.

Alfendi reminds everyone that the murder weapon should be on the scene, and that they're looking for a thing, strap-like object. After investigating the area, a tie is found in a potted plant, leaving it consistent with the marks on Ms. Aldwich's neck. Zach seems to recognize the cravat, in which Lucy asks if he does. He states that it belongs to Ms. Aldwich's lover and reveals his name is Bosco Phelps. He then reveals that he was somewhat of a confidant to Ms. Aldwich, hence why he knew her lover's name. He was told that Bosco's violence had become too much for Ms. Aldwich, and hence took refuge at the hotel. He apologizes for not bringing it up earlier, as he had felt uncomfortable with bringing up private matters of his guests. Lucy decides it is best to call Phelps back in with the new information they had received, however Alfendi decides to mull it over first, and instead tackle the mystery of the hand sandwich.

The three investigators remind themselves of the importance of the victim's hand being thrust into the sandwich, and so begin to investigate it. Zach suggests that the hand inside the sandwich is some sort of dying message, and reminded the Inspectors that Ms. Aldwich shared his passion for crime fiction, and that the idea of the murder victim leaving a dying message would not have been strange. This brings Lucy to the realization that this could be a clue to the killer's identity. Alfendi adjusts the sandwich so that it can be properly investigated. After investigating the sandwich properly, Zach continues to wonder why her hand was placed in the sandwich, which leads Lucy to wonder where her hand was placed. Zach starts to name the ingredients in the sandwich, to which Alfendi interrupts, trying to let everyone think of what the dying message was trying to convey. After a few questions, Lucy deducts that the victim was trying to spell out the killer's name using the order of the fillings. This spells out "Phelps". Alfendi reminds Lucy a lot of extremely relevant information can be found in updated files, after they are all updated with the new information. Zach is quick to say that Phelps must be arrested, and Alfendi thanks him for his assistance, and leaves.

Alfendi asks Lucy once again who she thinks the culprit is, and she raises her suspicions on it being Zach, as all evidence points to the heavily contrived dying message. Lucy says that she of course realized this, being a detective par excellence. The two Inspectors investigate the dying message. It is assumed to be a fake, being concocted by someone who didn't know Phelps too well. Evidence also appears on the scene that points to Mr. Carrière's guilt. A receipt found on the scene points to evidence that Ms. Aldwich couldn't have left the dying message, as it is signed "Bosco Felps", which doesn't match up to the sandwich's spelling of "Phelps". Inspector Layton then asks Lucy to verify the spelling of the man's name, to find his name is indeed spelled with an "F". With that settled, Alfendi is interested in focusing on finding the evidence that Zach Carrière was indeed the killer.

Alfendi states the sandwich is the most obvious piece of evidence to investigate as to prove of Carrière's guilt, as it was created to look like a dying message. Evidence must also be found as to why Carrière placed Ms. Aldwich's hand in the sandwich. Looking over the statements, Felps talks of Carrière's aftershave, which is strong evidence of his guilt. Alfendi asks Lucy to call back Carrière, so that they can crack down on him.

[edit] Conclusion

Zach Carrière is surprised to be called back, and asks if Bosco Felps has been arrested. Lucy Baker then tells him that Felps isn't guilty, taking Carrière by surprise, and instead names him as the killer. He tries to hide this and asks that they had already established Felps as the killer, as all the evidence had pointed to it. However, this was how Carrière had set it up, and Alfendi Layton states Felps would have gone to greater lengths to hide the murder weapon, as well as the evidence that Ms. Aldwich didn't create the dying message. Carrière asks to see this evidence, and is shown the receipt. He states he had given the paper to the woman in the first place, wondering what it can possibly prove. Alfendi shows the spelling of Felps's name, surprising Carrière.

He refuses to give in, and insists the sandwich be a dying message, and the the spelling of her lover's name was an error. Alfendi tells him that, if she were in a panic, that something else she did wouldn't have made sense. Showing the fried fish topped with pickle juice as evidence, Lucy points out that it begins with "F", and that it was taken out in place for the hand and the pickles.

The Murder Scene

Alfendi deducts that it would be hard to believe that someone would remove the fish and place their own hand in the sandwich. The killer would have had plenty of time to concoct this plan, and that was Carrière, and this makes him more frustrated. He agrees it wasn't Ms. Aldwich who left the dying message, but says there is no evidence proving he was the killer. Alfendi turns and says there is proof, saying they had to ask themselves why the culprit placed the victim's hand in the sandwich, where Carrière thinks it's to misspell the dying message. However, there was another motive for the killer to place the victim's hand in the sandwich, and that was to mask the smell of the killer's aftershave on Ms. Aldwich's hand, which Felps stated Carrière wears a strong amount of. When the victim grabbed at Carrière while being strangled she had gotten the smell on her hand, and so needed pickle juice to disguise the smell. However, he knew this would raise too many questions, and so created a diversion in the form of a dying message.

Carrière claims they are imagining everything, however Alfendi retaliates by saying the victim had left a mark on him, in which he pretends there is not one present. It is being hidden on his neck, as this is where aftershave is normally applied. Alfendi also noticed the unusual way Carrière wore his neckerchief, in order to cover up the wound. He blurts out he indeed had a wound, and that Alfendi asks him to admit the truth. He admits to killing Ms. Aldwich but turns the blame on the victim herself. He reveals to have been a former boyfriend of Ms. Aldwich, and started paying her money. In one month, his savings were squandered, and was in turn dumped for Felps.

Back at the Mystery Room, Alfendi and Lucy celebrate their success over solving the case. He regards the office to be and exciting place to work at and that the mystery couldn't have been solved without Lucy's help. Alfendi offers a permanent position to Lucy as his assistant, in which she is surprised to have passed his test. He has one condition for her, however, in that she must be willing to learn, to which she agrees, and she is once again welcomed to Scotland Yard. Lucy comments on how the name is a mouthful, which Inspector Layton says he prefers to call it the Mystery Room, which Lucy likes the sound of for its simplicity. She felt raring to go from that point, and Alfendi remarks that she keep that eager attitude with her, saying that it reminds him of his brother. He tells her he has high hopes for her, and that one day she would be introduced to his brother.

Back in the Commissioner's office, he tells a person over the phone that he had assigned the completely inexperienced Lucy Baker to the Mystery Room, and that he would keep a close eye on her.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Alfendi and Lucy will have a few exchanges and summarize the case. Wait until you are shown to the crime scene.
2. On the investigation screen, hit "Name Culprit" and select one of the three suspects. A series of questions will be conducted with two of the suspects.
3. When the Deductions screen appears, hit the "Corpse" Memo to investigate.
4. Hit the middle circle to zoom in and touch the "Corpse".
5. A question will pop up. Of the selections listed, hit "Throttling from behind".
6. Tap the "Murder weapon" Memo to start investigating the murder weapon.
7. Tap the circle on the right, then zoom right in to find a tie in the potted plant and tap it.
8. Tap the "This is the weapon!" button.
9. Hit the "Hand sandwich" Memo to start investigating.
10. Hit the middle circle and tap the "Sandwich".
11. Select the circle titled "New!". Zoom in and select all the evidence.
12. Another question will appear. Select the option "The killer's name".
13. For the next question, select the option "The sandwich filling order".
14. Select "Bosco Phelps" as the name the sandwich is spelling out.
15. Select "Zach Carrière" when asked who the culprit is.
16. Tap the "Dying message" Memo to investigate it.
17. Select the second circle to the left. Zoom in and tap on the "Receipt".
18. Tap the "Here's the proof!" button.
19. Once a question appears, select the option "The spelling of the name".
20. Tap the "Carrière's mistake" Memo to begin investigating.
21. Select the second statement belonging to Bosco Felps.
22. Select the "Prime Suspect" Memo to call Zach Carrière in.
23. Hit Zach Carrière's file to name him as the killer.
24. Select the "Receipt" to provide as proof.
25. Select the "Fried Fish" to provide as evidence.
26. When the next question appears, select the option "To disguise a smell".
27. For the next question, select the option "On his neck". This will make Zach break down and tell the truth.

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