File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary

The Bungled Burglary
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File No. 002
Requester Florence Sich
Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Purchase? No
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File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary is the second case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by Florence Sich and investigates the murder of a man who was killed in his own flat.


[edit] Characters Involved

Jack Potsby (28 / M), an unemployed man who was murdered in his flat.

Goldie Potsby-Mahn (32 / F), Potsby's wife, who was showering at the time of the murder.
Chase M. Downes (45 / M), the concierge of the flats who was on duty.
Buster Nicks (61 / M), a petty criminal who claims to have attempted a break-and-enter on another flat.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Goldie Potsby-Mahn

Statement 1: I was taking a shower when I heard my husband scream. I knew something was wrong, so I hurried out of the bathroom.
Updated Statement: I was taking a shower when I heard a window shattering. Then I heard my husband scream, so I hurried out of the bathroom to see what was wrong.

Statement 2: When I came out of the bathroom I saw an outlaw running away across the balcony. He was a very muscular man, dressed all in black.

Statement 3: Jack often used to doze off while he was watching the television.

[edit] Chase M. Downes

Statement 1: I headed up to the flat as soon as I heard the window breaking. The door was locked, so I knew the crook would use the balcony. There's no other way out.

Statement 2: As soon as I heard the crook had done a runner, I scooted round the outside of the block. I caught a dodgy-looking man dressed all in black by the rear entrance.

[edit] Buster Nicks

Statement 1: I was planning on breaking into a gaff on the ground floor. I was just about to do the window in, when I heard glass breaking on the floor above. I nearly died!

Statement 2: I looked up a storey, and saw there was a window broken. I thought it must be one of my lot, but I didn't see no one come out. Then the incredible bulk got me.

[edit] Evidence

Door: A door leading out of the flat. Fingerprints belonging to the victim, his wife and the warden were identified on the handle. The key was kept inside the flat.
Fridge: A medium-sized, domestic refrigerator. Very little in the way of food is inside. It is stocked largely with cans of beer.
Kitcen: A simple, narrow, gallery kitchen that looks highly impractical. It doesn't appear to have had much use.
Kitchen knives: A set of three knives stowed in a cupboard under the kitchen sink.
Memo pad: A pad of paper with several phone numbers scrawled upon it, all of which have proved to belong to various takeaway food establishments.
Telephone: A touch-tone telephone. The phone records show that on the day in question, it was used only to call the police after the incident occurred.
Balcony: An uninviting, concrete balcony. The flat in question is on the first floor above ground level, but a determined intruder could gain entry to the premises this way.
Window: A French window that opens out onto the balcony. Broken glass from it is scattered on the floor inside. It was unlocked, and all the fingerprints have been wiped off.
Broken glass: Shards of glass that exploded all over the flat when the window was smashed. Considerable force must have been used, throwing pieces on top of the body, even.
Corpse: The victim's dead body. He was fatally stabbed in the back. No other signs of external injury are in evidence.
Table: A wooden table with several empty beer cans on it. They appear to have been drunk by Potsby.
Chairs: Small, cheap chairs made of laminated wood. Despite the low-cost materials, they are very well constructed.
Television: An analogue television set placed on a small wooden cupboard. At the time of the incident, a drama starring popular actor Roscoe Strapping was airing.
Bed: A large bed on which a pair of pillows are in place. It appears the couple slept together here.
Wardrobe: A closet containing the victim's clothes and those of his wife. Its contents appear to be in a complete jumble.
Washbasin: A snug little sink next to which is a cup with a pair of toothbrushes inside.
Toilet: A regular toilet, apparently not regularly cleaned. It is extremely dirty.
Bath tub: A bath with attached shower. There are indications of recent use, but forensic investigation has revealed no traces of the victim's blood inside.
Clock: An antique-style grandfather clock with a large pendulum.
Clock hands: The metal hands of the clock. The long minute hand is slightly bent at the tip.
Pendulum: A highly polished and heavy-looking pendulum.
Glass cover: A thick glass cover that protects the clock face and pendulum. It appears to open and close.
Blood-stained towel: A towel stained with the victim's blood. It belonged to Potsby and his wife, and is normally kept inside the flat.
Cooking pot: A very large kitchen pot in which it appears pasta was boiling at the time of the incident.
Swing bins: A rubbish and a recycling bin standing side by side, with lids to prevent unpleasant odours. They are mainly empty and contain nothing of relevance.
Scrap of card: A thick, creased scrap of card. It looks like it was intended for the bin, but fell out. It is slightly damp.
Bin: A rubbish bin containing discarded toilet rolls and wrappers and the like. It doesn't appear to contain anything related to the case.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

The scene starts with Florence Sich calling after Alfendi Layton, however since he is not around Lucy Baker offers her assistance. Florence introduces herself as one of the lab workers, as Alfendi walks in joking about how she was on time for once. She finds the joke to be unfunny, and learns that Lucy is Inspector Layton's new assistant.

Florence mentions to them that she had a case she wanted them to look at, and had already sent over the lab report. Alfendi asks if the case was puzzling, as it was unusual for her to ask for help, but she explains a burglar had broken into a flat and killed one of the residents. Lucy questions why Florence wants their involvement for such a simple case, and Florence responds by saying the case doesn't add up, saying how the suspect, who had already made a statement, is as suspicious as they come. She couldn't bare the thought of closing the case without solving all the mysteries to the case, so she had sent it to the Mystery Room. Florence decides that if Alfendi weren't to solve the case, she would continue to refer to him as "Prof."

[edit] Case Summary

The Suspects

The victim of this case is a young tenant by the name of Jack Potsby, who is somewhat of a loose cannon. He was murdered a few days before the investigation just after midnight. The first suspect, Goldie Potsby-Mahn, is Potsby's wife, and she had heard him scream while he was taking a shower. Running out of the bathroom, she saw her husband lying on the floor, while the culprit was running away. According to her statement, he was a muscular man dressed entirely in black.

Chase M. Downes, the second suspect, is the block's caretaker and was on duty at the time, hearing the sound of glass breaking. He came to Potsby's door, and his wife had told him about the intruder. The caretaker then conducted a search of the ground and apprehended a suspicious looking man, by the name of Buster Nicks, who is a known petty criminal.

Nicks claims that at the time, he had attempted to break and enter a ground-floor flat, and ran off when he heard the shattering of glass. In a statement, he also claims he never saw a person coming down from the above floor. Lucy deducts that he was the culprit, which Alfendi dismisses by saying he would've stated he did see someone had he wanted to deceive them, to which Lucy agrees. However, Inspector Layton admits that Nicks telling the truth makes the case more complicated.

With all the facts in mind, Alfendi asks Lucy who she thinks the killer may be, as he usually does. He decides to fill her in on the three suspects first, however, starting off with Buster Nicks. Suspiciously, he was caught in the gardens around the block at the time of the incident, and Lucy reminds him of his statement, which couldn't make sense if he was the culprit. Mr. Downes is then introduced, with Alfendi commenting that his actions from when the incident occurred are nothing but laudable, and Lucy suggests he could have orchestrated the whole incident. Finally, Goldie, the victim's wife, is introduced, who claims to have been showering at the time of the incident and had discovered the body of the victim.

[edit] Investigation

After summarizing the case, Alfendi Layton then asks Lucy as to what her gut feeling was telling her about who the culprit may be. After giving Alfendi her reasonings, he explains to her that he suspects the culprit may be the victim's wife, Goldie Potsby-Mahn, with 96.4% of certainty. The remaining 3.6% of uncertainty that must be eliminated by talking to the suspect in question, in order to tie up one of two loose ends. Alfendi explains to Lucy that she has an extremely worrying history, having being in three previous marriages with all of them ending with the husband dying. The police and insurance companies had investigated these incidents, finding no indication of foul play, to which Lucy remarks that she was dead unlucky. The suspect was to come in any minute to help with the investigation, although Alfendi suspects she knows they're onto her.

After this exchange, Goldie enters the room with a man attached to a leash. After being asked who the man is, Ms. Potsby-Mahn introduces him as her new man, Bingo, giving him the pet name "Bing". He growls at the two inspectors, acting like a dog. Lucy questions why she would date shortly after the death of her husband, seemingly not caring about his death. Lucy notices the collar around Bingo's neck, which Goldie had purchased for him. Lucy voices her concern for Bingo's treatment, to which Goldie replies that the police have no right to interfere with her love life. Alfendi fully respects their privacy, however requests that Bingo is sent home seeing as he is an unnecessary third party to the case. Initially she refuses as the two of them don't keep secrets between them, but eventually gives in, and orders Bingo to wait for her under the porch at home. He is confused by these orders, but with another stern order, he leaves.

The two inspectors take the time to introduce themselves to Potsby-Mahn, and she inquires what she is needed for, and points the finger at Buster Nicks for committing the crime. Alfendi notes that there are a few issues that needed to be cleared up; the circumstances of the victim's death, and and the intruder's point of entry. Goldie tells them she had seen the intruder with her own eyes entering through a window, and questions whether her statements were read. Naturally, Inspector Layton had already, but needed to iron out the details one by one, so Goldie gives in, if only to help apprehend Nicks.

The Crime Scene

After examining the corpse, it is discovered that Jack Potsby was fatally stabbed in the back with an unknown weapon, however when searching his body there was no sign of a murder weapon to be found belonging to Potsby. This makes Lucy come to the realization that the weapon was disposed of somewhere in the room. Potsby-Mahn mocks Lucy in that she doesn't know what the murder weapon is, and Alfendi asks her to be patient. Alfendi suggests to Lucy to look for the murder weapon, and Goldie assists them by suggesting to look around the balcony. After investigating the broken glass and kitchen knives, no traces of blood were found, nor did they match the shape of the wound, so therefore couldn't be the murder weapons. Goldie insists there is no murder weapon in the house, as the police had already investigated and failed to find one, and suggested to look in the grounds where Nicks was found, however Alfendi notes they had already investigated the area. The two inspectors take the time to note that there were no signs of other wounds on Potsby's body, meaning there was no struggle and was caught off-guard, and thus meaning it couldn't have been Nicks. Goldie, however, notes that Potsby could've drifted off to sleep, which he had done often, and thus would not have noticed Nicks entering the building.

The Insptectors begin to investigate the method of entry that the criminal could've possibly taken, which Goldie is reluctant to think anything other than through the window. They find the door could've been another possible way to enter the room, however Potsby-Mahn rules out, as she can't possibly see how another method of entry could've been used besides the window. Lucy deducts that the door could've been unlocked before the criminal entered, then locked afterwards, but Goldie dismisses that by saying the doors automatically lock. Lucy suggests that the criminal was let in, although Nicks was a complete stranger to both Jack and Goldie, which Alfendi agrees that Nicks couldn't have gained entry through the door this way. He suggests to examine the window in more detail, which was broken from the outside, considering the broken glass scattered inside. Goldie indicates there is a vital piece of evidence out on the balcony, and a blood-stained towel is found, which appears to have been used to wipe the blood off the murder weapon. Goldie suggests Nicks used placed it there while trying to leave the balcony. However Alfendi disagrees, as breaking in through a window would seem a rather clumsy approach for an experienced housebreaker, although Goldie retaliates by saying the window was locked. Potsby-Mahn reassures she had heard the sound of smashing glass while she was in the shower, followed by the scream of her husband.

With the two issues resolved, Potsby-Mahn suggests that Nicks be arrested. Although she insists her husband was killed via a surprise attack, Lucy reminds her that it wouldn't be much of a surprise with the criminal smashing through a window. Goldie requests to return home and Alfendi allows her, agreeing to give her assistance should the Inspectors come across any awkward issues. After Lucy questions why he had let her go, he replies by saying the investigation would've gotten nowhere with her presence, due to her knowing that she is being suspected. He is convinced she had hidden the murder weapon somewhere in the room after killing her husband, as she wouldn't have time to dispose of it before the caretaker arrived. She had arranged the scene to make it look like an intruder had broken in, however there was inconsistency between the course of events she described and the scene set up.

After investigating the scene once more, the Inspectors found the broken glass to be inconsistent with her statement, as the glass lay on top of the dead body instead of underneath. They then begin to look for the murder weapon, which should be something long and thin. They investigated the clock and found that one of the clock hands was slightly bent at the top, thus used as the murder weapon. This meant that the culprit was in the flat before and after the crime, and they submit the clock hand to forensics to find traces of Potsby's blood.

While the loose ends have been tied up in theory, there is still not sufficient evidence to prove of Goldie's guilt, however they still decide to call her in.

[edit] Conclusion

Goldie Potsby-Mahn is called in, and has come back with Bingo, who growls at the Inspectors. Alfendi asks Goldie to remove him from the premises once again, and she quickly asks him to wait in the car She trusted that their talk wouldn't take too long, as she usually took Bing to the park around this time of day.

She assumes they are there to tell her they had concluded Buster Nicks to be the murderer, however they are certain of his innocence. They remind Goldie that Jack Potsby was stabbed from behind, having no idea what was coming. This would've been impossible had Nicks have come in the way Goldie described. She kept insisting that Potsby fell asleep while watching television, however he couldn't have been asleep while being attacked from the window being smashed. Potsby-Mahn tried to explain that he was exhausted that day, and that shattering glass would not have woke him, and again insisted that he was woken by Nick's knife being driven into his back. Alfendi recaps what Goldie had told him in her statement, in that she heard the glass shatter followed by Potsby's scream, which causes him to call her a liar. He shows that the broken pieces of glass lying on top of Potsby proves she is lying.

Goldie tries to retract her statement by saying she had confused the matters in her head, and that the simple misunderstanding proves nothing. She then tries to suggest Nicks came through the flat some other way, to smash the glass on the way out. Alfendi then introduces the problem on how the culprit could've possibly got in if not through the window, seeing as the door was locked. With this in mind, Lucy deducts Potsby-Mahn as the culprit. Seeing as the window and door were locked, the only method of entry the culprit could have taken was from inside, and Goldie was the only other person in the flat. She inquired about where they could have found the murder weapon, as she would not have gone outside to dispose of it. The Inspectors show her that the murder weapon was located inside the clock the entire time, as one of the clock hands was used to kill Mr. Potsby. Alfendi informs her that the shape of the hand matches the wound perfectly after Goldie deducts that such a thing couldn't be used to kill someone. However forensics report that there wasn't a trace of blood found on the murder weapon.

Ms. Potsby-Mahn had life insurance paperwork to fill out, as Potsby couldn't bare the thought of his money not going to her after his death. All of a sudden, Inspector Layton's personality changes, stating that Goldie hadn't killed for the money, but rather the kick. Lucy was concerned for Alfendi and asked if he was feeling okay, and Goldie refuses to listen to his claims as he had not found the murder weapon. He then states the murder weapon would never be found, as it no longer exists, melting in a cooking pot of pasta. Alfendi tells her not to mock him, and that the table was not prepared for a meal. Lucy then realizes the murder weapon was a knife made of ice, which could be easily melted in the cooking pot. After this, Alfendi turns back to his normal self. He then explains that even though the murder weapon has disappeared, the mould that was used to create the weapon was still on the scene, which was a damp scrap of card. When folding the paper along the creases, it creates a perfect knife shape.

The Murder Scene

Potsby-Mahn declared it was merely a coincidence, but the towel that was used to wipe the blood was found on the balcony, and it was possible that not every trace of blood was removed from the murder weapon. It is possible the pot that was used to dissolve the murder weapon could hold Mr. Potsby's blood, and so forensics analyze it. Alfendi asks Goldie if she is ready to admit to her crime, however she still insists that even though the weapon was made of ice, it doesn't mean she was the culprit. Alfendi states there was no logical way for Goldie to not be guilty, and reiterates that there was no possible way into the flat with the doors and windows locked, so the culprit had to be in the flat the whole time. Being left speechless, she demands to see her attorney before she can be questioned any more.

Back at Inspector Layton's office, Alfendi and Lucy converse on how Goldie put up a good fight. Lucy noted she almost lost it when there were no traces of blood found on the clock hand, and Alfendi reassures she wasn't alone, and that it was a gamble whether any traces of blood would be found in the pot as well. Despite this, he's confident Goldie will confess to her crime.

Florence Sich enters the room, informing the Inspectors that Potsby-Mahn had admitted to everything, and was after Potsby's life insurance. Potsby had won a large sum of money last year, which was around the same time Potsby-Mahn entered his life. However, Potsby spent money like water, which made Potsby-Mahn terrified that he would rack up as much debt as the insurance payout, so she had to murder him quickly. Inspector Layton figured it was somewhat of a rush job, but the murders of her other partners were covered up well with careful preparation.

Florence mentions that Alfendi doesn't look very well, and Lucy mentions the Jekyll-and-Hyde moment that took place. At the mention of this, Alfendi decides to go home early, and asks Lucy to close up the office when she leaves. After he leaves, Florences advises Lucy that she is safe around the "other" Alfendi, as long as a criminal was present, as he is only interested in criminals. She tells Lucy that she won't come to any harm, and Lucy suggests he has some kind of vendetta against criminals, however Florence says it's quite the opposite. The more atrocious a criminal was, the more he liked them, and she tells Lucy there's no cause for alarm, as she's safe as long as a criminal is around. Lucy asks what would happen if the "other" Alfendi shows up with only the two of them around, and Florence says she would rip out her drip and run like the wind.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Alfendi and Lucy will have a few exchanges. Wait until asked who the culprit is.
2. A question will appear. Select any option you'd like. To move straight to deductions, however, select the option "Identify the killer immediately".
3. Select any suspect from the list.
4. At the Deductions screen, select the "Nature of attack" Memo to begin investigating.
5. Hit the circle surrounding Jack Potsby's body, and zoom in to tap on "Corpse".
6. Hit the "Broken glass" next to the body.
7. Tap the "This is the weapon!" button.
8. Tap the circle surrounding the kitchen sink, then zoom in to tap the "Kitchen knives".
9. Hit the "This is the weapon!" button.
10. To answer the question, select the option "Totally out of the blue".
11. Tap the "Method of entry" Memo to begin investigating.
12. Tap on the circle surrounding the green door, and zoom in to tap "Door".
13. Hit the "This is the way in!" button.
14. Zoom out of the scene and tap the circle surrounding the dead body, then hit "Window".
15. When the next question appears, select the option "From outside on the balcony".
16. Zoom out of the scene, then tap the circle surrounding the curtain, and zoom in to tap the "Blood-stained towel".
17. Tap the "This is the evidence!" button.
18. Select the "Decisive evidence" Memo to begin investigating.
19. Tap the circle surrounding the dead body, and zoom in to tap the "Broken glass".
20. Tap the "This is the evidence!" button. 21. Select the first statement in which the evidence is contradicted.
22. Select the "The murder weapon" Memo to begin investigating.
23. Tap the circle surrounding the door, and zoom in to tap the "Clock".
24. Tap the "This is the weapon!" button.
25. Hit the circle titled "New!", and zoom in to enter all appearing items into evidence.
26. Select the "Clock hands" as the murder weapon.
27. Select the "Prime Suspect" Memo to call Goldie Potsby-Mahn in.
28. When the question appears, select the option "From the back".
29. For the next question, select the option "The window was smashed".
30. Select the "Broken glass" to provide as evidence.
31. To answer the question, select the option "The timing of the stabbing".
32. Select Goldie Potsby-Mahn as the culprit.
33. Select the "Clock" as to where the murder weapon is located.
34. Select the "Cooking pot" as to where the murder weapon disappered to.
35. To answer the question, select "A knife made of ice".
36. Select "Scrap of card" as to how the murder weapon was created.

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