File No. 004: The Walking Corpse

The Walking Corpse
File 004.png
File No. 004
Requester Dustin Scowers
Difficulty ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Puchase? Yes
Previous Case File No. 003: A Murder Staged
Next Case File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong

File No. 004: The Walking Corpse is the fourth case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by Dustin Scowers and investigates the murder of a professor of archaeology, Archie O'Logie, who was murdered from inside a locked hut, with the bigger mystery of his corpse moving.


[edit] Characters Involved

Archie O'Logie (55 / M), a professor of archaeology who was murdered while on a dig site.

Doug Scowers (28 / M), Dustin Scowers's brother and a student of the victim.
Micah Sasucasa (61 / M), the hotel proprietor at the hotel the expedition team were staying at.
Chico Careta (25 / M), a young man who acted as a local guide for the dig team.
Mariana Etista (19 / F), a hotel employee who is engaged to be married to Careta.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Doug Scowers

Statement 1: Chico brought us some liquor. It was great stuff. We called up to the hotel for glasses and Mariana brought them to us.

Statement 2: I drank too much that night and fell asleep. I only stirred when the copper woke me. I have no recollection of why I was outside the hut at all.

[edit] Micah Sasucasa

Statement 1: Mariana called me after 11pm, and we went to the hut together. The door was locked. I know I'm right about this because Mariana tried it too.

Statement 2: I looked around the hut, but there was nobody inside except Dr O'Logie. It was dark, but there's nowhere to hide in there. I'm certain it was empty.

Statement 3: A few days earlier, one of the screws came out of its hinge. So I smothered the hinges with glue to prevent any more problems with the door.

[edit] Chico Careta

Statement 1: There are 'diablos' at the site. The stone statue is one of them. I tried to stop Señor O'Logie from taking it. Now the diablo has killed him.

Statement 2: I gave Señor O'Logie some of my people's liquor. That is the last time I was in the hut. I went straight home to bed. Night is when diablos come.

[edit] Mariana Etista

Statement 1: At around 11p.m., Dr O'Logie called on the intercom, frantically screaming for help. 'It's the demon!' he said.

Statement 2: I was too scared to go alone, so I called Mr Sasucasa to come to the hut with me. The door was locked. Mr Scowers was asleep outside.

Statement 3: I saw it as well. The dead body got up and lunged towards us. It knocked over the bottle on the table, so I know it was not an illusion.

[edit] Evidence

Door: A thick, wooden door. Though Sasucasa broke it down, there is no question it was locked at the time. There's evidence that prints were wiped off the knob.
Hinges: Brass hinges affixed to the door and frame on the outside of the hut. One of the screws is missing.
Intercom: A direct connection to the hotel reception. Functional but old, and the sound quality is poor. Fingerprints appear to have been wiped off it.
Crate A: A crate labelled 'A'. The lid has been removed, but the contents have not been taken, despite being artifacts of considerable value.
Crate B: A crate labelled 'B'. The lid has been removed, but the contents have not bee taken. It contains a variety of ancient weapons.
Crate C: A crate labelled 'C'. The lid has been removed, and the contents taken. It's completely empty now.
Crate D: A crate labelled 'D'. The lid remains nailed down firmly, and the contents have not been disturbed in any way.
Signs: Some signs once used at the hotel, now being stored int he hut. Many are large, some even exceeding two meters in height.
Table: A plain table with two glasses on it.
Suitcase: O'Logie's suitcase, containing his archaeological data and notes. Made of aluminium, it looks weighty. It remains unlocked.
Written notes: Open on a page that reads, 'Stone idol - Crate C'. O'Logie's, Scowers's and Careta's fingerprints are on it.
Photo notes: 'A crack in the idol's head' annotates a photo of the stone idol in the notes. O'Logie's, Scowers's and Careta's fingerprints are on it.
Local liquor: Strong, yet easy to drink local liquor. A gift from Careta. It has spilt on the floor, leaving a stain.
Window: Covered in iron bars that make entry or exit through the window impossible. The stone idol would probably have just about fit through.
Bloodstain: The stain left by the massive haemorrhage from the head wound that O'Logie suffered. It has taken on an elongated shape.
Coat hook: A metal coat hook affixed to the wall. It is large and sturdily built. Nothing was hanging on it at the time of the incident.
Corpse: O'Logie's dead body with the axe still lodged in his skull. He would have died instantly, and no other injuries are evident. His jacket collar is ripped.
Hut key: Constructed in a special way that makes duplication impossible, this is the only key to the hut. It was found in the victim's pocket.
Axe: A splitting axe for making firewood. It appears to have been planted in O'Logie's brow from squarely in front of him. All prints have been wiped off.
Doug Scowers: Scowers was fast asleep and only woke when roused by a police officer. Alcohol was found in his bloodstream in large quantities.
Screw: A small screw made of pure brass. It is covered in mud and very dirty.
Chopping block: Used by hotel staff to chop firewood. Logs are piled up alongside.
Rafter damage A: There is a notch in one of the beams that supports the hut roof. It is newly created, apparently by a thin wire or cord of some kind.
Rafter damage B: There is a notch in one of the beams that supports the hut roof. It is newly created, apparently by a thin wire or cord of some kind.
Fishing tackle: Angling equipment designed for catching very large fish. A complete set, including rods, lines and lures.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

The case begins with Dustin Scowers walking in on Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker, who are in the Mystery Room. Lucy asks if he was here to do the cleaning, to which he replies he had an interesting story to tell of a walking corpse. Lucy tells him to not be so daft, and that a corpse is as dead as a door nail, however he says his brother had seen one. This walking corpse was supposedly possessed by demons, and Alfendi and Lucy find this intriguing. Scowers says the rest is written down in a file, to which Lucy uses the famous line "every puzzle has an answer", and they would get to the bottom of it. Dustin then says he would appreciate if they could help his brother out, and Lucy asks how he is involved.

[edit] Case Summary

The Suspects

The case revolves around a small group of archaeologists, who were carrying out a dig at an ancient dig site in a South American jungle. The day after work was commenced, the body of the group's leader, Archie O'Logie, was discovered. The crew had made what was thought to be a very significant discovery, which was a Stone Idol. At the hotel, the team had asked the proprietor if there was a safe place to store their finds, to which a small hut on a nearby cliff was recommended. On that evening, a local who had been helping with the expedition provided the team with home-made liquor, which O'Logie and another team member started to drink due to their find.

In the middle of the night, the phone rang at the front desk of the hotel, which was a call from O'Logie, who was in the hut. He screamed into the phone that a demon was trying to kill him. The proprietor immediately rushed to the hut, however the door was locked. Unfortunately, the door needed a special sort of key which could not be duplicated. The proprietor, going by the name of Micah Sasucasa, had to break down the door, to find an axe lodged into the skull of O'Logie's dead body. After discovering the body, the corpse had started moving towards Sasucasa, about to lunge in attack. An investigation of the scene also found that the discovered stone idol had vanished, and was rummored to be possessed by a demon.

Lucy asks if they should stay out of the case, but Alfendi told her it wasn't possible, as the local police were detaining one of the archaeologists who was found outside the hut asleep. The archaeologist in question is Dustin's brother, and the only way to help him out was to identify the true culprit.

Alfendi then goes over the suspects, the first being Dustin's brother, Doug Scowers, who had been drinking with O'Logie on the night of the murder. They had gotten drunk, and Scowers couldn't remember what had happened. The second suspect was Micah Sasucasa, the person who had recommended the hut. The third suspect is a young local by the name of Chico Careta, who lives in a village near the dig site who was working with the team. He was the person who had brought the home-made liquor to O'Logie and Scowers. The final suspect is a young woman by the name of Mariana Etista who works at the hotel, and the one who heard O'Logie's dying screams over the phone.

[edit] Investigation

After summarizing the case, Alfendi notes that the biggest mystery of the case was how the murder had taken place, as the hut was locked when Micah Sasucasa had reached it. With little information to go off on, it would be difficult for Lucy to guess who the culprit was, however Alfendi asks what Lucy's gut feeling was. She remarks that she would give the case her best bash, even though it scared her a little. After Lucy gives her answer, Alfendi tells her he is 95.1% sure that the culprit is Chico Careta, and was interested in interviewing him in person. Lucy notes it would be difficult to track him down due to living in the middle of the jungle, and bobs out to see what they could do.

Conveniently, Careta was in town doing some sightseeing, and so take the chance to call him in. Before he arrived, the two inspectors went over what they knew about him. Being an expert on the ancient site, and being able to speak some English, he was made a good choice to be the guide for the diggers, as English speakers were in short supply in his village. They also see on his file that he and Mariana Etista are engaged to be married. At this point, Careta enters into the room, and he introduces himself asking to be called Chico. Alfendi and Lucy introduce themselves to him, and tell him they understand he had come to London to do some sightseeing, and says Mariana had told him to go there. Lucy apologizes for having to mess up his holiday by calling him in, and he holds up a mask, saying it was no problem. Lucy asks him what the mask is for, and he responds with saying it was his happy face.

Careta then offers cookies to both Alfendi and Lucy that he had just bought, and they kindly accept the offer. Lucy then notices that it's actually tea, as it says in massive letters on the box. Chico then holds up a different mask with a sad face on it, saying he had made a mistake. Alfendi assumes that while he speaks English, he couldn't read or write it. He then holds up another mask with an angry face, saying that he can understand them, and they can understand him. Alfendi tells him that they were investigating Archie O'Logie's death, and ask if he would be willing to assist them, and he agrees. They decide to first investigate the corpse and the murder weapon, as well as the hut door, which was locked when the victim was killed. Holding up his sad mask, Chico says it is the work of diablos, which Alfendi says is a fascinating theory.

The Crime Scene

They first investigate the body, which Chico repeats that a diablo had killed him. Upon investigating it, they see that an axe is lodged deep into his skull. Chico laughs and says he had died very quick this way, with Lucy saying it was no laughing matter. Alfendi questioned whether the corpse really moved or not, and whether there was any evidence to suggest it. They see the massive bloodstain left by the body, as if it had been dragged. Alfendi had to ascertain whether the body moved by itself, or if someone else had moved it, and again Chico points the blame at diablos. Lucy retaliates by saying dead people cannot move about, and Alfendi says there is no point in speculating what had happened.

Next the murder weapon is investigated, which is the axe lodged into the victim's skull. Chico says he had seen the axe from somewhere near the hut, and Alfendi suggests the axe was picked up from nearby. A chopping block is found outside the hut, and Chico confirms that the axe was found here, saying that he cuts the wood here while Mariana talks to him. Lucy notes that the killer would have picked up the axe from here before going to the hut, and Chico agrees. Alfendi wonders if anyone would have access to the axe, and Chico says that everyone working here would have to take turns to cut up the wood.

With that done, they decide to investigate why the door was locked. When Sasucasa and Estita had come running to the hut, they had found the door was locked, however the killer was nowhere to be seen when the door was broken down. Chico suggests the killer had passed through the walls, or perhaps made themselves small to squeeze through the barred window. The window is investigated, and they find with the iron bars spread across it, entry or exit through the window would be impossible. Chico again brings up the diablos, saying they can shrink themselves down to the size of the Stone Idol to escape through the window, but Alfendi disagrees and says it was definitely a human. Next they examine the door to see if there were any tricks that allowed it to be opened without a key. Alfendi notices something odd about the door, but casts the thought aside for the moment, but says the door was definitely locked. Lucy questions whether there was a duplicate key, to which Chico says it is a special lock. The only key was found inside the hut in O'Logie's pocket, and Lucy wonders if the killer had somehow put the key in his pocket after locking up the hut, and Chico again suggest it was a diablo. Alfendi again brings up a strange thing he had seen about the door, where a screw is missing from one of the hinges. Alfendi also says this is not the only unusual thing, but that the hinges themselves were strange, as they were outside. This way, the door could be removed off its hinges from the outside, and Chico finds this incredible as he had not known to break in this way. A screw is found next to Doug Scowers's body, and Alfendi finds it is more grimy than he had expected. They send the screw off to forensics, and they continue investigating while it is sent off.

At this point, they are still no closer to finding out how the body moved, and this is the key to the whole incident. Chico again talks of the diablos, saying they were coming for them. Alfendi then says they had gleaned some very important information, being the hinges, but Chico tells them they are wrong, repeating that the diablo killed O'Logie, and again Lucy tells him it was in fact a human. While they waited on results from forensics, Alfendi decides that the motive for the crime must be investigated. They find a crate with its contents emptied, assuming that the killer had stolen what was inside. They find a book of written notes to see that the stone idol was in the crate, and therefore O'Logie was murdered in order for the killer to obtain the stone idol. Chico gets defensive and says that was not right, and says the diablo in the stone figure broke out itself to kill O'Logie. Because he had trespassed the ancient dig site, he was "punished by the gods". Alfendi wanted to wait until the report came back from forensics, but decided to go about things differently, in that he wanted to demonstrate that the killer was definitely human.

[edit] Conclusion

Alfendi reveals to Chico that the perpetrator could not have been a demon, but in fact a human with the heart of a demon, but Chico denies this, and says it's impossible. Lucy notices that Chico is starting to crack, and he says the truth is that the culprit is a demon. The demon had supposedly broken out of the wooden crate and killed O'Logie, finally escaping out the window. He backs this up by saying O'Logie had even said it was a diablo through the telephone, which is what Mariana Etista had said in her statement. Alfendi deducts that it was a cry from the killer, who was impersonating O'Logie. Looking at the intercom near the door, it is clear the fingerprints have been wiped off, which O'Logie couldn't have done if he were in the middle of being attacked by a demon. Because of the poor sound quality, the killer knew they wouldn't be found out they were impersonating O'Logie.

Alfendi also states that three of the crates were open, which contradicts the fact that the demon broke out of the crate itself, however Chico passes this off as the force being so much to open it. Alfendi suggests that the killer didn't know what was inside each crate, and had opened each crate until the Stone Idol was located. Chico comes up with the suggestion that the diablo had made a person do these things for it. Alfendi tells him that demons don't exist, however people with demons in their hearts do, such as the killer himself, who happens to be Chico. He asks why they think it's him, and asks for evidence. Alfendi says that the opened crates heavily implicated his involvement in the crime, as well as the 'biscuits' Chico had brought as a gift. His inability to read caused him to open all the crates until he had found the one with the stone idol in it; in addition, his fingerprints were found on the notebook.

Chico then admits that he was indeed the culprit, and had put the axe between O'Logie's eyes, as he wanted to take the stone idol away. He had given him the special home-made liquor, but still refused to give up the stone idol. At that point, he had heard the voice of the diablo, which had said to him "I give you my power. Kill the one who trespass in my temple!", so he had done what the voice told him. After he had committed the crime, he passed through the walls to escape, as the power of the diablo was in him, which also explained O'Logie's dead corpse moving. This caused Micah Sasucasa to run away, which made Chico laugh. However, Alfendi thinks this is impossible, and Lucy says that he could've taken the door off the hinges, but is interrupted by a ringing telephone. The forensics had come back with their report, saying that the door hinges couldn't have been tampered with due to having adhesive on. A screw was seen missing a few days prior to the murder, and so the hinges were drowned in glue. Lucy questions if that meant Chico had done it, and so he asks if he can leave, as he had not seen Buckingham Palace yet and wanted to buy gifts.

Alfendi let him go, and Lucy questions why he had done so, but he ensures her they'll have a man on him, as they can't detain him until the mystery has been solved. They still had to figure out how Chico had disappeared from the locked room, and how the corpse had moved.

[edit] Back to Investigating

Alfendi and Lucy recap that two of the witnesses had seen the corpse plunge forward in attack; Lucy questions whether it was a demon's work, but Alfendi doubts this, instead calling it an elaborate illusion. Two beams that support the hut's roof is found to have small notches in them, that looks to have been made from fishing line. The fishing line was threaded on the beams and pulled with considerable force, while the corpse on the other end was put in place to counteract the force of the pull, and thus making the body move.

The mystery of the murderer vanishing yet to be solved, although Chico claimed to have passed through the walls by way of some demonic power, however Alfendi knows they don't exist. Despite this, he couldn't have escaped through the window or door either, which means he had hid himself inside the hut. The local liquor spilled on the floor hid the key as to where Chico hid, which was behind the signs next to the spill. Since the signs weren't able to stand on their own, it was found they were being held up by a coat hook nearby. In this position, the signs would've been in the way of the spilt liquor, making it take a peculiar shape, and the signs were also big enough to hide a person from view. Lucy deducts that Chico had been hiding behind these signs the whole time, but Alfendi tells her to think about when the liquor spilled before drawing conclusions, which was when the dead corpse was moving. This means that the sign was indeed propped up on the hook at the time the corpse moved, putting the sign back where it was after the incident.

[edit] Back to Conclusion

After solving all the deductions, Alfendi and Lucy call Chico back in, asking how his excursion to Buckingham Palace was. He replies that it wasn't the time to see inside, which was a problem as Mariana was wanting to see pictures. He didn't want to make her sad and so climbed over the fence, but was brought back to Alfendi by the police. He asked if he was needed further, as he wanted to see more of London, but Lucy tells him they figured out his scheme. He repeats that he had disappeared through the wall after killing O'Logie, but Alfendi tells him it is not possible to do so, and thus takes him through the events.

Chico's fake cries for help brought Sasucasa and Mariana to the hut, to find that the door was locked. The only key was found in O'Logie's pocket, leaving Sasucasa no choice but to break down the door only to find the dead corpse of O'Logie. Chico agrees, and says that he had been passing through the walls to leave the hut, however Alfendi believes the killer was hiding in a corner of the hut. Chico denies this and asks if she had heard what Sasucasa had seen inside the hut, which was no one besides the corpse. Alfendi states this is incorrect, saying that Sasucasa had not seen the killer in the room, however the killer was hiding behind the signs in the corner of the room. Sasucasa had said he was sure no one was in the hut because of having no places to hide, but this preconception meant he wasn't looking for Chico at all. He passes this off as made up stories, but Alfendi was sure of his hiding in the hut at the time of Sasucasa and Mariana's arrival, as the spilled liquor proves this. The only way for the spilled liquor to make a straight line was if a sign was in the way, and it was proven that the corpse had knocked over the bottle.

The Murder Scene

Chico does not think this is sufficient evidence however, and says it is proof that the corpse had moved, pointing the blame back at the diablos. Alfendi and Lucy dispel this myth however, by saying that fishing line was tied to the dead body. By giving it a tug from the other side of the room, this made the corpse lunge forward, however Chico says that the lines could've easily been seen if they were tied to O'Logie. Alfendi states that it was too dark to see inside the hut, and with an axe lodged into O'Logie's skull, it would be easy to miss the thin, translucent lines. Chico still thinks this is not evidence, but he is shown the marks the fishing lines had left in the rafters. Considering the position of the notches, they were able to infer that the killer was indeed standing in a corner of the hut. This was compelling proof that Chico was hiding behind the sign, but he says he was doing what the voice of the diablo was telling him. Lucy thinks the diablo is all mumbo-jumbo, but Chico keeps saying it is true.

At this point, the "other" Alfendi appears, saying he believed Chico. He says demons were real, and tells Lucy that when carefully led, the man can be a crazed killer, yet without direction, he was nothing. He then calls Chico a mere puppet, only stealing and killing because of a demon's voice. Chico says that he must listen to the voice of the diablo, otherwise a curse would be laid on the village. This causes Alfendi to call him an idiot, saying that demons are illusions living in the minds of the weak, and having no power to curse. Lucy is confused by his statements, and so Alfendi tells her to not worry about it. He goes on to tell Chico that a demon was not whispering in his ear, but it was a human who could see a demon inside him already, and in turn make him kill O'Logie. Chico denies this, but Lucy deducts that the voice of the demon was in fact Mariana, and in turn was behind the whole thing, but Chico continues to deny it. She was the person on the other end of the intercom to listen to Chico's fake cries, and he agrees, however it was only by chance that Mariana picked up at the other end. Alfendi tells him that, although the sound quality of the intercom is poor, he knew Mariana had picked up, but his excuse is that it's only normal for him to know her voice as they were to be married. Alfendi then says she, in turn, would've known Chico's voice, which would be different to O'Logie's, however Chico says it is different as he was making an imitation.

Alfendi asks why Chico is in England in the first place, and he spills that Mariana had told him to come in the first place, coincidentally when the murder case was reopened. Chico says once again that it was only by chance. Alfendi says that collecting data from the crime scene was a pain, and that it would take a great deal of time at the original scene, as there would have been a lot of activity. It would have been impossible for the hotel staff not to hear of what was going on in this case, but Chico continues to defend Mariana's innocence. Alfendi notices the change in Chico's voice, saying it wasn't in line with the bravado of his masks. He even brings up the fact that Chico had blurted out "If I do everything she tells me", saying that Chico had known the truth that the demon's voice was indeed Mariana's. He was used as a pawn in her devilish games, and at this point, Lucy tells him to stop.

Back at the Mystery Room, Lucy asks Dustin Scowers if Alfendi was okay, and he informs her that Florence Sich was looking after him. She tells him she got a little worried, and Scowers tells her there was nothing to worry about, asking her if she wanted to know what happened with the case. Although she felt she should focus her mind on Alfendi, she agreed to let him tell her. Scowers goes on to say that Chico wasn't much help with the investigation, as he was "nutty as a fruit cake", and comparing the likelihood of getting new info out of him with Scowers getting a promotion. He continued on to say that the police were trying to find Mariana to bring her in for questioning, however she had disappeared, taking her belongings with her. Her real name was not even Mariana Etista, and no one knew nothing about her, only turning up to the village half a year ago. This makes Lucy realize that Chico had only been learning English for six months, and she asks what had happened to the Stone Idol. Scowers draws the conclusion that she had made off with it, and tells Lucy he best get back to work. Lucy wonders how Alfendi was holding up, but keeps in mind that he probably wouldn't appreciate her for disturbing him. Scowers comes back to tell Lucy one more thing, and Lucy gets frightened by his sudden appearance. He tells her that his brother Doug Scowers was in the clear, and sends his thanks to the two inspectors.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Alfendi and Lucy will have a few exchanges. Wait until asked who the culprit is.
2. A question will appear. Select any option you'd like. To move straight to deductions, however, select the option "Identify the killer immediately".
3. Select any suspect from the list.
4. Select the "Corpse" Memo to begin investigating.
5. Tap the circle surrounding the body, then zoom in to tap the "Corpse".
6. Zoom the camera out and tap the "Bloodstain".
7. Tap the "This is the evidence!" button.
8. Select the "Murder weapon" Memo to begin investigating.
9. Tap the circle surrounding the body, then zoom in to tap the "Axe".
10. Select the "This is the weapon!" button.
11. Zoom out and tap the circle in the top-left corner, and tap the "Chopping block".
12. Select the "Here's the weapon!" button.
13. Select the "Locked from inside" Memo to begin investigating.
14. Tap the circle near Crate A, and select the "Window".
15. Tap the circle surrounding the door, then select the "Door".
16. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the body, then zoom in to tap the "Hut key".
17. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the door, then zoom in to tap the "Hinges".
18. Select the "Here's the mismatch!" button.
19. To answer the question, select the option "The door could be removed".
20. Zoom right in to the scene to tap the "Screw".
21. Select the "Motive" Memo to begin investigating.
22. Tap the circle surrounding the crates, and zoom in to tap "Crate C".
23. Select the "This is the evidence!" button.
24. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the table, then zoom in to tap the "Written notes".
25. Select the "This is the evidence!" button.
26. Select the "The killer is...?" Memo to begin investigating.
27. To answer the question, select the option "The prints have been wiped off".
28. For the answer to the next question, select the option "Three crates were opened".
29. Select "Chico Careta" as the criminal.
30. Tap the circle surrounding the table, then zoom in to tap the "Written notes".
31. Select the "This is the evidence!" button.
32. Select the "Walking corpse" Memo to begin investigating.
33. Slide two fingers towards the door to find a circle in the corner of the hut. Tap it and then tap "Rafter damage B".
34. Select the "Here's the first spot!" button.
35. Zoom all the way in to the scene and tap on "Rafter damage A".
36. Select the "Fishing tackle" as to what gouged the notches in the rafters.
37. Select the "Corpse" as to what the fishing line was attached to.
38. To answer the question, select the option "Made the body move".
39. Select the "Murderer vanished" Memo to begin investigating.
40. To answer the question, select the option "He hid himself inside the hut".
41. Tap on the circle nearest to the signs, and select the "Local liquor".
42. Select the "Here's the mark!" button.
43. Select the "Signs".
44. Select the "This is the evidence!" button.
45. Select the "Coat hook" as to how the sign was propped up.
46. Select Mariana Etista's statement as to when the liquor spilled.
47. Select the "Prime Suspect" Memo to call Chico Careta in.
48. To answer the question, select the option "In a corner of the hut".
49. Select "Signs" as to what the killer was hiding behind.
50. Select the "Local liquor" for evidence.
51. Select Mariana Etista's statement for evidence.
52. Select the "Fishing tackle" as to how the corpse moved.
53. Select Micah Sasucasa's second statement as to why the fishing line wasn't seen.
54. Select the "Rafter damage A" as evidence for the use of fishing lines.
55. To answer the question, select the option "A corner of the hut".
56. Select "Mariana Etista" as the voice of the demon.

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