File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong

The DJ's Swansong
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File No. 005
Requester Hague
Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Purchase? Yes
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File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong is the fifth case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by Hague and investigates the murder of Dwight Dread, a radio show presenter who had been murdered while on air.


[edit] Characters Involved

Dwight Dread (48 / M), a DJ for the radio station where he was killed.
Anice Brewer (18 / F), the tea lady at the cafeteria who was found dead in a storeroom.

Dolly Hollerday (22 / F), a young singer who was a guest on the show on the day of the murder.
Melody Smith (43 / F), Hollerday's manager and an old friend of the victim.
Mike de Bonair (45 / M), the radio show's director and a long time partner of Dread.
Randal Mann (32 / M), the radio show's sound man and a former musician.
Anice Brewer (18 / F), a tea lady at the cafeteria who brought Dread's tea to him before the show.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Dolly Hollerday

Statement 1: We were right in the middle of the show, and the DJ just suddenly looked like he couldn't breathe or something. I didn't do anything, know what I mean?
Updated Statement: It was just after he ate one of my macaroons that the DJ took a turn for the worse. To be honest, I was absolutely speechless. Oh, and he never touched his tea.

Statement 2: I was right next to him when he keeled over, but I'm one hundred percent that his wig didn't fall off. Something like that's unmissable, know what I mean?

Statement 3: It was my manager what bought the macaroons that I gave to the DJ. So, to be honest, it must have been her what killed him. Yeah, Melody did it, right?

[edit] Melody Smith

Statement 1: Dolly didn't do anything! I was watching her the whole time. I bet this is a plot by someone who's trying to slow my girl down. They're all jealous!

Statement 2: After Dwight collapsed, the director told us to leave the studio and go to the waiting room. I was with Dolly the whole time. We didn't go anywhere else.

[edit] Mike de Bonair

Statement 1: I ran straight over to Dwight to see if he was alright. But I couldn't find a pulse. So I told Randal to go and fetch help.

Statement 2: After Dwight had collapsed, I was left alone with him in the studio. I didn't want to just leave his dead body there, all alone. I mean, how could I?

Statement 3: When I ran over to Dwight, his wig had fallen off his head. I saw that mass of dreadlocks fall with my own eyes.
Updated Statement: When I ran over to Dwight, his wig hadn't fallen off his head. I suppose I shook him so hard, his wig fell off then. I was beside myself with worry, you see.

Statement 4: After Dwight had eaten one of those macaroons, he definitely had a sip of tea. That's when he began to writhe in pain. The poison must've been in the tea.

[edit] Randal Mann

Statement 1: It was the tea lady who brought the drinks in. I don't know her myself, but I must say, I did hear she and Dwight were an item. Not that I ever saw them, you know...

Statement 2: After Dwight collapsed, Mike barked at me to go and call the emergency services. I was all of a flutter. I didn't go back to the studio until the police arrived.
Updated Statement: I called the emergency services after Mike told me to. After that, I was with one of the security guards the whole time, waiting for the police. He was just my type.

[edit] Evidence

Corpse: The body of DJ Dwight Dread. Cause of death: poisoning. The powerful neurotoxin would have induced death in seconds. There are no signs of external injury.
Wig: The wig worn by the victim. It's a cheap, pin-on type, and easily dislodged. However, the thick and heavy dreadlocks don't look like a wig at all.
Spilt tea: The contents of Dread's cup of tea, spilt on the studio floor. Found to contain traces of the same neurotoxin that was identified in Dread's blood.
Broken cup: The teacup Dread was meant to be drinking from, broken into pieces upon impact with the floor. Only Dread's fingerprints were lifted from the porcelain.
Tea: The tea that Hollerday was drinking. It's heavily sweetened with sugar. No traces of any kind of poison have been found in it.
Microphone: The microphone used to capture the sounds inside the studio. It's mounted on a flexible arm and easy to move close to whoever's talking at the time.
Window: A soundproof window that look straight out onto the neighboring building. Only a grimy, grey wall is visible. On the day in question, the window was locked.
Macaroons: A colorful collection of macaroons from a popular confectioner. No traces of poison were found in the one half-eaten by Dread.
Request sheet: A song request faxed in from a listener. It reads 'I'll be the Death of You' in handwritten script, and is signed, 'Angel O'Death'.
Fax machine: A rather antiquated fax machine that can be heard operating during radio broadcasts from the studio.
Toppled chair: The chair that Dread was sitting in during his last show. It toppled as Dread fell off it.
Calendar: This year's calendar, adorned with pictures of beaming bikini-clad women. It's pristine, with not a memo or other mark on it.
Handkerchief: A very brightly colored yellow handkerchief. Written on it in Dread's writing is the phrase, 'Well? Surprised?'
Studio door: A very thick and heavy-looking door. It has extremely good sound-insulating properties.
Mixing desk: A machine for controlling audio levels and playing tracks, in an excellent state of repair.
Director's mike: A microphone for use by the director when he wants to tell the DJ something. It doesn't appear to have had much use.
Dividing glass: A small window making it possible to see what's happening in the recording studio. It's a single pane of glass that cannot be opened or closed.
Leather chair: A chair covered in durable leather. It oozes quality in a way that jars with the surrounding decor.
Sofa: A sofa used by staff and guests waiting for their turn to be on air. It appears to have been here a while, though doesn't look too comfortable.
Brewer's corpse: The dead body of Anice Brewer. Cause of death: poisoning. It's exactly the same poison as that found in Dread's blood. There are no signs of external injury.
Note: The words, 'Farrods - sale' are scrawled on the back of the victim's left hand. It's written in non-permanent ink, so must be fairly recent.
Storeroom fax: A fax machine of the same type as that found in the recording studio. The fateful song request that Dread received was sent from this very machine.
Coffee: Coffee in a paper cup that was purchased from a drinks machine inside the station. Traces of the poison that killed both Brewer and Dread have been found inside.
Song request: The original of the song request sheet faxed to Dread during the show. A non-permanent ink was used, and the handwriting has been identified as Brewer's.
Pen: A cheap, non-permanent ink pen on which Brewer's fingerprints have been identified.
Tiny glass shards: Broken glass with traces of poison, identified as the same substance that killed both victims. This was the container for the poison before it was smashed.
Cabinet: A cabinet stuffed full of old papers, all filed by date.
Speaker: A loudspeaker that continually plays whatever the station is broadcasting at the time. Dread's last show would have been audible on it.
Chair: A fancy, pop art style chair in yellow. This is where Hollerday was sitting.
Sweets: A selection of sweets that Brewer brought. Every one has been unwrapped and nibbled.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

The case begins with Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker listening to the radio, and Lucy makes a comment that she wouldn't think this was the kind of radio Alfendi would listen to. He asks her if she was not a fan of radio, and responds by saying she enjoyed a catchy tune and some good banter, but not what they were currently listening to, because of how the presenter talks. She says that whenever a woman came on the show as a guest, the presenter talked differently, and this makes Alfendi think she was a regular listener. They continue to listen in, and a fax comes into the station from a listener called Ms Angel O'Death, with it saying "I'll be the Death of You". The presenter and the guest have a little banter over the fax, and decides to try one of the treats the guest had brought in, which causes him to collapse.

The show suddenly cuts to an ad break, and Lucy wonders what had happened. Alfendi think it could've been a very convincing practical joke, and at this point Hague walks in to the Mystery Room, telling them about the death of the radio presenter on the show they had just been listening to. Sniffer suggests to Alfendi that they'll be asked to undertake the investigation soon, having complete faith in the pair, and Alfendi agrees and says the would do their best. Lucy returns after tending to phone calls, saying they had been flooded with calls from anxious listeners. Sniffer tells them he would shoot over the scene to see what had happened, saying he would report back quickly. Lucy still couldn't believe it was a murder, but Alfendi reassures her they didn't know the whole story yet, however Sniffers was rarely wrong, although he had a tendency to get ahead of himself.

[edit] Case Summary

The Suspects

The victim of this case is the radio presenter, Dwight Dread, who was murdered in the recording studio of a national TV station. At the time, the show's producer and the man were in the studio from the outset. Just before going to air, a tea lady from the station's cafeteria had come into the studio to deliver drinks. After she had immediately left, Dread had entered the studio along with a young singer and her manager. As soon as the show went to air, the guest had given the presenter a gift in the form of confectionery. Before getting to sample the offering, a fax had come through to the studio, stating "I'll be the Death of You" in handwritten form. However, Dread believed the fax to be a joke, and continued on with the show.

After consuming one of the guest's treats, he started to have difficulty breathing, and collapsed to the floor. The show's director, being worried, sent the show to an ad break, and sent the sound man to call emergency services. Twenty minutes after the call was sent, the police and ambulance crew arrived at the scene, however at this point, Dread was already dead.

Alfendi then goes through the suspects, first being the guest of the show, Dolly Hollerday. Her gift to Dread had caused him to struggle to breathe, and Lucy finds this suspicious. The second suspect is Hollerday's manager, Melody Smith, was an old friend of the victim. Mike de Bonair, the show's director, is the third suspect, who has had a stormy relationship with Dread in the past. The fourth suspect is the show's sound man, Randal Mann, who is under certain suspicion for making the call to the ambulance. The final suspect is the tea lady who had brought the drinks into the studio, who now appears to be missing. Lucy finds this very suspicious and hard to believe she can't be the killer, and Alfendi agrees, although they didn't quite know enough about her yet.

[edit] Investigation

After summarizing the case, Alfendi goes through the usual run-down and asks Lucy on what her gut feeling was on who was the killer, even though they didn't have enough information. Despite this, Alfendi reminds her of how he always tells her how important it is to pay attention to her intuition. After Lucy gives her reasonings, Alfendi reveals that he was 43.6% certain that the culprit was Dolly Hollerday, however Lucy thinks it couldn't be right. Alfendi backs this up by saying there was a lot of missing information, and Lucy remarks on how his certainty was low and didn't exactly inspire confidence. Alfendi was interested in asking Hollerday a number of question, as she was right next to Dread when he had collapsed. Lucy decides to get in touch with her, but at this point she walks in. She informed the two inspectors that she was apparently threatened by Hague to come in. The phone begins to ring.

Hollerday asks Alfendi what they get up to in the Mystery Room, and he tells her that it is used to investigate heinous crimes. All she was interested in knowing is whether she was to be arrested or not, however Alfendi reassures her they only wanted to ask her a few questions to get to a speedy solution. Hollerday seems to take the "speedy" part the wrong way by saying she never speeds and sticks to the speed limit. Alfendi explains to her that she is a witness, and by this time Lucy returns with a message from Sniffer, saying Hollerday was the killer, saying "Squeeze the canary till she squeals". Hollerday is confused by this, and so Alfendi admits that she is under suspicion, however not concluded guilty. He asks her to cooperate with the investigation, and agrees to do so, even though she had better things to do. Alfendi tells the others that the body of the victim needed to be investigated, as well as the song request sheet that the victim had read out moments before the death.

The Crime Scene

First the body is investigated, and Alfendi asks Hollerday to tell him anything that seemed out of place, since she had seen the victim die. The discover that the victim had been killed by poisoning, but Hollerday seems more interested in the wig that was lying next to the body. Alfendi suspects that the wig was used for the matter of portraying a younger image to increase popularity. Hollerday remarks she hadn't known that Dread wore a wig, which makes her look suspicious as she would have seen the wig come off when he collapsed. She tells them that the wig had never come off while she was there, and Lucy asks if she was sure, saying it wouldn't be something she would forget in a hurry. If this was true, this would mean that somebody had taken off Dread's wig after he died, however Alfendi decides to focus on that later on.

Next the deadly request is investigated, and Hollerday remarks that she almost had a heart attack when she saw Dread keel over. Lucy deducts that it was the killer who had sent the request. There's nothing to note from the sheet, other than that it was definitely sent during the broadcast. This makes Lucy think that the killer was on the other end of the line, and Alfendi agrees. After investigating the fax machine in which the request was received, they notice the sender's details were still present, and so got Sniffers to find out where it came from.

The poison used to kill the victim is then investigated, where Alfendi states that traces of the poisonous substance was found on the scene. They find that it was in Dread's spilt tea, so the inspectors were able to assume that Dread was killed by poisoned tea. However, Hollerday seems convinced that he died after eating one of her macaroons, although there were no traces of poison on them. Hollerday then says that he had started coughing straight after putting the macaroon in his mouth, and had never took a sip of tea. With this in mind, this put Hollerday at the top of the list of suspects, as she was the one who brought in the macaroons. She asks if they would put her behind bars, and Lucy tells her that anyone found guilty for murder would do so. All of a sudden, Hollerday accuses her manager, Melody Smith, as she was the one who bought the macaroons. She claims to have not known about the poison, and so must have been Smith. She tells them they may want to arrest her quick, as she's quite scary, and says she hated the old witch. Lucy states that they can't arrest anyone Hollerday didn't like. Alfendi then brings up a point, asking Hollerday if the box of macaroons were unopened or not when she had given them to Dread, and she confirms they were unopened. Alfendi deducts that the poison had to be added during the show, in full view of the victim. Hollerday states that this would have been impossible, and so Lucy says they are back to thinking he was poisoned by the tea, especially since the tea lady had vanished. Alfendi deducts that the tea holds the key to the entire case, suggesting they investigate the tea cup as well as the tea.

Presumably, the tea cup had fallen onto the floor when the victim collapsed, and Hollerday notes the cup would have cost a lot. Lucy tells Alfendi they only got fingerprints off the cup, and he notes that it was strange that the tea lady's fingerprints weren't on the cup, meaning they were wiped off before being brought to the studio. Hollerday regards this as little importance, seeing as they can't know who wiped the fingerprints off in the first place, and Alfendi agrees.

They were still some way on identifying the culprit, but Hollerday suggests they just say it was Melody who had done it. Alfendi reminds everyone that the poison was found in the tea, but Hollerday insists the tea wasn't touched. Lucy starts to think that Hollerday wasn't lying, and Alfendi agrees. However, her statement seems to contradict with the fact that the victim's wig wasn't on his head, but she is certain it was still on his head, but again they suspect she is being truthful. The phone rings again, and Alfendi takes it. Hollerday asks how old Lucy is, replying that she was 22, the same as Hollerday. Lucy wanted to know why it was important, but Hollerday responds by asking if her and Alfendi were dating, with Lucy denying it. Hollerday notes that he wasn't a bad looker, but his coat was a disaster and she thought he may be funny in the head. She agrees with her on the coat, but tells her that he can see to the heart of any case, and that not many guys could match that. This makes Hollerday suggest that Lucy fancied him, and that he wasn't into her, and again Lucy denies this. Hollerday tells her she would keep the secret, and agrees that an older man is better due to having more maturity, but Lucy tells her there was nothing between them.

Alfendi comes back, remarking how it sounded like they were having fun. He tells them that it was discovered the song request had come from inside the studio itself. He then says that someone had gone to check it out, finding the tea lady's body at the location. Lucy asks if this meant that there were two murder cases, but Alfendi instead says that there was evidence on the scene that the tea lady was Dread's killer. Firstly, the song request fax sheet was found next to her body, and that it was her who wrote it. The same poison that was used to kill Dread was also found beside her. Hollerday asked what he was trying to say, and he stated that it was the tea lady who brought the tea to the victim, deducting that the tea lady had killed Dread. Lucy wonders why she would be done in too, and Hollerday suggests it was suicide. It turned out the tea lady was a huge fan of Dread, and that theoretically, they had an argument that sparked all this off.

Alfendi states that the case is closed, and lets Hollerday go, but Lucy doesn't want her to go yet as something was bothering her. Alfendi again lets her go, and tells Lucy she can go home early. Lucy feels there was something not right about the case, as there was a hole between the evidence and Hollerday's statement. Alfendi again states the case is closed, and was hoping to get something done, and so would pick things up the next day. Lucy still has doubts about the culprit's identity, and so wanted to figure the case out on her own. Alfendi walks in, asking if Lucy had forgotten something, but she tells him she couldn't get the case out of her head, and wanted to take another look at the scene. She asks what Alfendi was up to, and he responds with saying he was doing some investigating for fun. He also says that the scene where the tea lady was found couldn't be reproduced because the case was closed. However, he did uncover evidence to support Hollerday's statement.

Alfendi states to Lucy that he managed to get a recording of the show, and they listen together. Lucy seemed to think that Hollerday was laying it on too thick, but Alfendi ignores that, saying there was a blatant discrepancy between the show and the scene of the crime. They discover that, while there was a broken cup at the scene of the crime, there was no sound of a cup breaking while on air. This meant that the cup didn't break during the show, and was further proof that Hollerday was telling the truth in that Dread never drank the tea. If he had drank the tea, he would have dropped the cup as the poison entered his bloodstream. This makes Lucy wonder when he drank the poison, and when the cup did break, and Alfendi comes up with the hypothesis that he given the poison after the show went off air. Dread had collapsed on air after eating the macaroon Hollerday had given him, however this confused Lucy further, so they decide to investigate the area further.

There were clear discrepancies with the crime scene and the state of the scene after the show went off air, and poses the question as to why Dread became physically distressed after consuming the macaroon. Even though he hadn't consumed any poison at the time, everyone around him mistakenly assumed he had died, and Lucy thinks he had pretended to die. Alfendi agrees and says there is evidence at the scene that he faked his own death. A handkerchief is found in the victim's pocket, with writing on it that says "Well? Surprised?" He had tried to play a practical joke on everyone in the studio, so made it look like he was in pain when he took a bite of the macaroon. Afterwards, he had drank the poisoned tea and died for real. This was when he dropped the cup and when the wig fell off. Alfendi states this would narrow down the suspects, and Lucy asks if he had pinpointed a culprit yet. He confirms he has someone in mind, but first wanted to investigate the death of the tea lady.

005 Crime Scene2.png

Alfendi reveals the identity of the tea lady to be a young girl named Anice Brewer, who was a huge fan of Dread, and people often saw them together. There was reason to believe they were involved with each other, but little evidence backed that up. She was found in a store room, only a minute's walk from the studio. The store room was of little importance to the staff, and rarely had reason to go inside, but is kept unlocked. It seemed likely that Brewer had hidden in the store room after delivering the drinks to the studio. Alfendi then states he obtained additional statements of the suspects' movements after Dread's death. He then questions whether Brewer was actually murdered or if she committed suicide.

While investigating her death, they figure two pieces of evidence was pinned on Brewer for Dread's death, being the song request in her own handwriting and the poison used to kill him. They can confirm that the handwriting on the song request sheet was indeed Brewer's handwriting, and the poison was the same substance that killed Dread, meaning it was likely she had killed him. However, Alfendi finds the broken glass container that contained the poison a little curious. It was smashed with considerable force, as its original shape was beyond recognition. They decide to look for evidence which could suggest it wasn't foul play, and they find a note written on the back of the victim's hand; "Farrods - sale". They realize they had heard an ad break after the show was taken off air about a sale at Farrods, meaning Brewer would have heard the advertisement and wrote a note on her hand. This proves that she was indeed murdered, as she would have wanted to attend that sale. But to be sure, Alfendi checks to see when else the advertisement was aired, as she could have made the note on another occasion. With speed, Lucy makes inquiries, and tells Alfendi that it was the first time the ad had aired, meaning Brewer was murdered. Lucy questions whether Brewer was an accomplice of the killer, but then changes her mind and says she couldn't have been. She had left the song request in full view, as well as sweet wrappers, meaning she wouldn't have seemed as bothered; something a killer wouldn't do. Alfendi states there was too much evidence in the room, and would have wanted to be tidier in order to not get caught.

He begins to think that Dread had approached Brewer, telling her of his plans to play a practical joke, and asking for her help, which was why she was unfazed of hearing Dread collapse. In turn, Brewer was used by the real killer without even knowing it, and Lucy wonders who it could've been. Alfendi is certain he knows who the killer is; the same person who had killed both Dread and Brewer. Lucy deducts it was none other than Mike de Bonair, as he was the only one who could have been in the right place at the right time for both murders. Adding to that, Hollerday and Smith were together the entire time after Dread's feigned death, while Mann had gone to call for help. de Bonair was the only one to be on their own as the events unfolded, and Lucy goes to get someone to call him in. Alfendi ponders to himself that de Bonair is undoubtedly the killer, but there was still one final piece of the puzzle missing.

[edit] Conclusion

Mike de Bonair walks in, apologizing for keeping Alfendi and Lucy waiting. He asks where Dolly Hollerday is, and Lucy tells him she wasn't here. He states that Hollerday wanted to see him, and Alfendi asks what Lucy had told him. She tells him she couldn't get hold of him, and had to resort to asking for Hollerday's help. de Bonair gets frustrated, saying Hollerday didn't know who she was dealing with, and Alfendi apologizes. He said Lucy wasn't to blame, and states that if a man allows himself to be duped, it was usually for a less than honorable reason. de Bonair says he must get back, but Lucy tells him they had a few questions to ask him, and he agrees to stay. Alfendi states it was a serious matter, and tells him he could be responsible for the deaths of both Dread and Brewer. He asks who the inspectors are, and they introduce themselves. He responds by saying that the police were supposed to protect the public, rather than tricking them into false meetings, as well as falsely accusing them of murder. Alfendi says that no formal accusations have been made, however the evidence they had strongly suggested his guilt. In turn he agrees to stay, saying that bed would have to wait. Alfendi tells him it would be in his best interest to cooperate with them, if only to prove his innocence, and de Bonair remarks that it sounded like a cruel joke.

He states that before they could ask him any questions, he had some of his own. He states he was told by an officer that Brewer had poisoned Dread, and she committed suicide afterwards, and asks if the officer was mistaken. Lucy tells him Brewer hadn't killed Dread, and calls it an embarrassing mistake for them that she was falsely accused, and says the police have lost their edge. He goes on to say that he had heard poison killed Dread, and asks what the poison was in, and he is told it was in his tea. He asks who had brought the tea to the studio, and Lucy tells him it was Brewer. Even though de Bonair believes Brewer had contaminated the tea with poison, Alfendi tells him they couldn't be sure that the tea had contained poison at that point in time, and de Bonair asks when the poison was added. Lucy responds and says that it was added after the show was interrupted, and de Bonair calls this an extraordinary idea, seeing as he had supposedly died while on air. He says to "Inspector Lameton" that Lucy was perhaps too simple, and apologizes once again when Alfendi corrects him. He then says that Lucy was right in what she said, in that the poison was indeed added after the show was cut short. de Bonair has been completely lost, saying it was all rather "fanciful for an old chap like me".

Alfendi then decides to talk about Dread's wig, but de Bonair is mistaken and thinks they are talking about his own hair, but Alfendi corrects him. He asks de Bonair if he had noticed the wig fall off Dread's head, and he confirms he did, saying he had seen it fly off his head as he keeled over onto the floor. Alfendi then tells of Hollerday's statement, and says that she was shocked to see the victim without his wig. de Bonair then agrees, stating he had mixed things up in his head, and that it must have come off when he ran over to him and shook him. He apologizes for getting muddled up, and Alfendi says that people's memories were very curious things, and asked if he had seen Dread drink his tea at all, and de Bonair confirms. He says Dread had eaten a macaroon first, and afterwards took a sip of his tea, which made him suddenly look choked. Again, Alfendi tells him of a discrepancy with his statement, showing another of Hollerday's statements. He asks whether they can actually rely on Hollerday's statements, saying she was a serial liar, such as lying to get him to this meeting. Alfendi tells him to remain calm, and shows de Bonair the recording of the radio show.

de Bonair asks if this was their idea of a joke, and says that him and Dread had worked for many years, asking if they thought he enjoyed listening to his friend suffer again. However, Alfendi tells him the recording proves Hollerday's statement to be true. They tell him about the broken teacup at the scene of the crime, but also say there wasn't a sound of any china breaking on the recording. He passes this off as the microphone didn't pick up the noise, and tells Lucy she knew very little about radio. However, Alfendi brings up the point that the sound of the victim collapsing was heard clearly, and that the smashing of a cup would be more audible. de Bonair ignores this and points the finger at Brewer who poisoned his drink, and that it didn't matter if you could hear a teacup breaking on recording or not. Alfendi says it is a great deal, as a cup that didn't break was broken, and a wig that didn't fall off was lying on the floor. He stated the crime scene had subtly changed between the transmission being interrupted and the police arriving, and asks why.

005 Murder1.png

de Bonair gets frustrated, but Alfendi tells him that he and Lucy have a hypothesis. They have speculated that when the victim collapsed during the show, he was pretending to die, but de Bonair finds this absurd. Dread and de Bonair had discussed such a practical joke before the show, in that he would pretend to die from drinking his tea. When it had come to the live show, Dread made some improvizations; instead of kicking it off with tea, he decided to go for one of Hollerday's macaroons. After the performance and everyone left the studio, Dread got up; at this time, Hollerday and Smith were in the waiting room, and Mann had gone to call the police, leaving only de Bonair in the studio. At this point, he would've offered Dread some tea laced with poison, causing him to drop the teacup and smashing it on the floor. As he crashed to the floor, the wig flew off his head, and it was these two details that caused inconsistencies at the scene. Although Dread had collapsed after eating a macaroon, the poison was found in the tea, and though his wig was still on his head after collapsing, it was later found lying on the floor. de Bonair still thinks this is only merely a theory, and that they didn't have any evidence to suggest Dread faked his own death. He is shown the handkerchief in Dread's pocket, showing that it says "Well? Surprised?", which he would show to let everyone know they were tricked. Even though de Bonair didn't seem to know about the handkerchief, it was he who proposed the practical joke in the first place, but de Bonair denies this. He assumes that Brewer had tricked Dread into the idea of such a prank, turning their attention to the fax she had sent, as well as a perfume bottle full of poison.

He continues to say that Brewer is the one they wanted, but Alfendi tells him it was a mistake. Lucy deducts that she was dragged into the prank by de Bonair, but he insists that she tricked Dread and then killed herself. They show him a note that Brewer had written on her hand; "Farrods - sale". de Bonair says sarcastically to arrest him there, but Alfendi says that he's glad he understands the importance of the note. The note referred to an advertisement that was played for the first time, straight after the show was interrupted. This proved that Brewer knew Dread was going to collapse as part of the show, and would have never bothered with the ad considering she was a huge fan of his. She also intended to attend Farrods's sale on her way home, and wouldn't have bothered noting it if she were to do herself in, and thus, she had no intention of committing suicide. de Bonair states that she's still a killer, and they couldn't hope to understand how a person thinks, and once again asks about the song request. Alfendi suggests it was another suggestion of his, and took advantage of her for being a huge fan of the show, so would of course agree. After the show had finished, de Bonair took the chance to slip into the store room where Brewer was waiting. He congratulated her on a job well done and offered her a coffee, sipping the poison.

de Bonair remarks them on their fantastic imaginations, saying it could be a new radio drama, which surprises Lucy as they had smashed his alibis. He states he wouldn't admit to a crime he didn't commit, as the scenario was utter fabrication. However, Lucy says they backed everything up with hard evidence, and de Bonair responds with saying that he listened to their conjecture for long enough. He states that there was evidence that Brewer had killed herself, such as the handwritten request sheet, which seemed to be a blatant death threat. There was also the perfume bottle full of poison, which was the same poison used to kill Dread, as well as herself. There was also the fact she was a die-hard fan of Dread's, and that her twisted feelings led to the tragedy in the first place. He asked if they could refute this evidence, but this makes Lucy speechless, and de Bonair demands the case closed.

The Murder Scene

At this point, the "other" Alfendi appears, and de Bonair wonders why they were still there. He remarks that "Mr Playton" looked a little disturbed, and he responds by telling him he would cut out his tongue if he were to get his name wrong again. de Bonair couldn't believe what he was hearing, asking if he were actually a police officer, and demanded he goes home, since there was no evidence. Alfendi states there was evidence, and demanded to hear de Bonair's three irrefutable pieces of hard evidence. He is surprised to hear this menacing tone, but goes on explaining the handwritten song request sheet, the perfume bottle full of poison, and the fact Brewer was a die-hard fan of Dread's. However, Alfendi could see something wrong with one piece of evidence, proving his guilt. Alfendi asks if Lucy knew what it was, and she knew the perfume bottle of poison made him look guilty, as it was impossible to tell what shape the container could have been. Alfendi deducts that de Bonair intended to leave the bottle of poison in Brewer's hand to make it look like suicide, and was why he carefully chose a ladies' perfume bottle. After poisoning her, de Bonair placed the bottle in her hand and left the room, but at that point, she wasn't quite dead. She didn't understand what was happening, and so felt the need to leave a sign to show how she was killed. Mustering her final strength, she hurled the bottle against the wall, smashing it into pieces so small it was impossible to identify what it was, however de Bonair knew. It was impossible to tell what shape the bottle took, and even forensics were still hard at work piecing it back together.

de Bonair tries to make out he had said the wrong thing, even though he had said it three times. He then claims they heard him wrong, and never said such a thing. Alfendi plays a recording of de Bonair repeating the point about the perfume bottle, and is shocked to hear it. He had played the recording of Dread's last show, and must have accidentally pressed record, and Lucy thinks this was a fantastic idea. He knew they didn't have enough evidence on him, which is why they got him to come in, and thought it was fitting the final piece of evidence came from the killer himself. Alfendi plays the second recording, and asks de Bonair if he'd like the hear the third. He then admits defeat. Alfendi was disappointed he'd given up so soon, and was hoping to tighten the screws on him much more than that. After that, the "other" Alfendi disappears, and apologizes to Lucy, however she says she was used to it. Alfendi then asks de Bonair why he hadn't been using Brewer's name throughout their talk, instead referring to as "the tea lady". He asks if he even knew the name of the person he murdered, and he guesses her name was Charlotte. Alfendi tells him that her name was Anice Brewer, and asks Lucy to take "Mr de Badair" to a holding cell.

Back at the Mystery Room, Hague calls for Alfendi, telling him de Bonair had admitted to his crimes. He had been doing the Chinese squeeze on the radio station's accounts, and Dread had found out about it, constantly asking de Bonair for cash. Alfendi inquired about the relationship between de Bonair and Brewer, but there was nothing about them. As for the relationship between Dread and Brewer, the more Sniffers had looked into it, the less of a connection they seemed to have, and that de Bonair had laid on the rumors that they were a couple. Alfendi didn't feel too well, and so decided to head home, however Lucy had news for him, in that Hollerday was to bring out a new single soon. Alfendi remarks that it was the woman Sniffer had brought in by mistake, and he says that every officer catches the wrong guy from time to time. Even though the single wasn't out yet, it had already caused quite a stir, as it was called "I'll be the Death of You". The B side of the single had gotten Lucy worried though, being called "Macho Man (in a White Gown), which referred to Alfendi. He didn't seem to understand it was about him, however, but Lucy tells him not to worry about it.

Justin Lawson enters the office looking for Sniffer, but Lucy tells him he had just missed him by a few minutes. He remarks that he had cheek leaving the office before him, but Alfendi enters and tells him not to blow his top. Lawson is surprised to see Alfendi, and he states it was his office, after all, but Lawson jokes it was his home. He brings up Alfendi's "incidents", and at that moment, the "other" Alfendi appears, while there were no criminals around. He says to Lawson that "It's been a long time", and that their paths hadn't crossed since a place called Forbodium Castle. He states it was memorable that they had worked together on a case there, and Lawson remarks it still wasn't solved; if he had told everything he knew, the case would be solved long ago. Alfendi didn't know what he meant, and so Lawson told him to leave them alone, and Alfendi states he would be glad to show up for his old partner any time. The "other" Alfendi disappears, and Lucy asks if he was alright. Lawson asks if Alfendi had been in touch with his brother recently, but he responds by saying that it was his problem. Lawson is surprised he could even manage this brother of his on his own, and that only a son of Hershel Layton could entertain this idea. Lawson then decides to leave, and Lucy asks what the commotion was about. Alfendi asks her not to get concerned over it, but she remarks that it was bothering her. He tells her she would find out some time, whether she wanted to or not.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Alfendi and Lucy will have a few exchanges. Wait until asked who the culprit is.
2. A question will appear. Select any option you'd like. To move straight to deductions, however, select the option "Identify the killer immediately".
3. Select any suspect from the list.
4. Tap the "Dread's body" Memo to begin investigating.
5. Tap the circle surrounding the body, then tap the "Corpse".
6. Zoom in to tap on the "Wig".
7. Select the "This is sus!" button.
8. Select the "Deadly request" Memo to begin investigating.
9. Tap the circle surrounding the white papers, then zoom in to hit the "Request sheet".
10. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the fax machine, then zoom in to tap the "Fax machine".
11. Select the "Find the poison" Memo to begin investigating.
12. Tap the circle surrounding the tea puddle, then tap the "Spilt tea".
13. Select the "The poison's here!" button.
14. Zoom in to tap the "Broken cup".
15. To answer the question, select the option "The fingerprints on it".
16. Select the "Spilt tea" as to where the poison was found.
17. Select Dolly Hollerday's statement.
18. Select the "Wig".
19. Select the "Honest Hollerday" Memo to begin investigating.
20. Tap the circle surrounding the tea puddle, then zoom in to tap the "Broken cup".
21. Select the "Here's the proof!" button. 22. To answer the question, select the option "The sound of Dread collapsing".
23. Select the "Dread's death" Memo to begin investigating.
24. Tap the circle surrounding the body, then zoom in to tap the "Handkerchief".
25. Tap the "Here's the proof!" button.
26. Select the "Brewer's death" Memo to begin investigating.
27. Tap the circle labelled "New!" and tap the "Song request".
28. Zoom in to tap the "Tiny glass shards".
29. Tap the "Note".
30. Select the "Here's the proof!" button.
31. Select "Radio show" as to what the note on the victim's hand is related to.
32. To answer the question, select the option "She didn't see death coming".
33. For the next question, select the option "She wasn't an accomplice".
34. Select "Mike de Bonair" as to who the real killer is.
35. Select the "Prime Suspect" Memo to call Mike de Bonair in.
36. To answer the question, select the option "Yes".
37. Select the "Spilt tea" as to where the poison was held.
38. Select "Anice Brewer" as to who brought the tea into the studio.
39. To answer the question, select the option "After the show was interrupted".
40. Select Dolly Hollerday's second statement to contradict de Bonair's latest statement.
41. Select Dolly Hollerday's first statement to contradict de Bonair's latest statement.
42. Select the "Broken cup" as to the evidence to support Dread not drinking the tea.
43. Select the "Handkerchief" as to the evidence Dread faked his own death.
44. Select the "Note" as evidence that Brewer didn't kill herself.
45. To answer the question, select the option "The perfume bottle of poison".
46. Select the "Tiny glass shards" as evidence.

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