File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye

Kiss Goodbye
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File No. 006
Requester Commissioner
Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Purchase? Yes
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File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye is the sixth case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by the Commissioner and investigates the murder of several members of a mafia, who were found dead in their hideout.


[edit] Characters Involved

Severino Agonni (54 / M), head of the Agonnis found dead in his hideout.
Barbarossa Sassina (39 / M), Agonni's right-hand man, also found in the warehouse.
Pearce Boyle (32 / M), another member of the mafia found dead in the warehouse.
Angelo Fassi (24 / M), new recruit to the gang also found in the hideout.

Uttar Mistry (14 / M), a delivery boy that delivered the victims' food the day of the murders.
An unknown woman, who had met with Sassina at the time of the murders.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Uttar Mistry

Statement 1: The gaffer told me to take a delivery. When I found out it was going to the Agonnis', I didn't want to take it, but I couldn't say no.

Statement 2: Get in the penalty area of that lot, and you're never coming back. Everyone round here knows that.

Statement 3: It was kill or be killed, you know, so I crushed up the sleeping pills and put them in the wine before I took it there.

Statement 4: I gave it half an hour and then went back. They were all sleeping by then. I killed all four of them in their sleep.

Statement 5: About three hours after I made the delivery, I headed back there to pick up the rubbish and I saw Sassina kissing a short little woman.

Statement 6: All of a sudden Sassina opened his eyes really wide, staring straight at me. I could tell he was going to kill me, so I dropped everything and ran.

[edit] Evidence

Window: A secure window with wire-reinforced glazing. The blinds were closed at the time of the incident, and there's no evidence of tampering of any sort.
Safe: A small, portable safe. There are no indications that it has been opened or cracked, and the contents remain undisturbed.
Puzzle piece: A largish jigsaw puzzle piece, suggesting it may be part of a children's puzzle. There are no special features of interest, and no fingerprints on it.
Telephone: An old phone lacking any modern features like an answerphone. It's been wiped clean of prints. The last number dialed belongs to a nearby call box.
Bookshelf: A set of shelves containing some of Agonni's personal effects. Some pictures of his family are displayed.
Agonni's corpse: Agonni's dead body, charred from the fire. The cause of death was a broken neck, after which the victim was doused with petrol and set alight.
Desk: A firmly built wooden desk. There doesn't appear to be anything of relevance to the case in any of the drawers.
Tail end of rope: From the rope believed to have been used to hang the victim. Largely burnt, only this short piece from one end now remains.
Lighter: A cigarette lighter that was one of Severino Agonni's favorites. It was used by the culprit to set light to the mafia boss's petrol-doused body.
Jerrycan: An empty metal can for holding fuel. It's now completely black from the flames.
Wooden door: The door to Agonni's office. It was open when the bodies were discovered, and the doorknob had been wiped clean of any fingerprints.
Puzzle piece: A largish jigsaw puzzle piece, suggesting it may be part of a children's puzzle. There are no special features of interest, and no fingerprints on it.
Refrigerator: An industrial-sized refrigerator. Other than Angelo Fassi's body, there was nothing inside. It's equipped with a freezer compartment and an ice-maker.
Fassi's corpse: Angelo Fassi's dead body. He'd been stuffed in the refrigerator after being strangled to death. A soporific was found in the victim's blood.
Bed: A plainly constructed, metal-framed bed. There's nothing particular of note about it.
Boyle's corpse: Having been throttled to death, a television set was dropped onto the victim's face. Traces of a soporific were identified in his blood.
Television: A 29-inch CRT television set. The unit has some considerable weight, and was dropped onto Boyle's head after he'd been killed, smashing the screen.
Puzzle piece: A largish jigsaw puzzle piece, suggesting it may be part of a children's puzzle. There are no special features of interest, and no fingerprints on it.
Rubbish bin: A metal rubbish bin. It doesn't appear to contain any rubbish that may be pertinent to the case.
Storeroom door: A door leading to a storeroom. It's locked, and doesn't appear to have been opened recently.
Pile of boxes: A mountain of unopened cardboard boxes. They contain an assortment of cheap belts and bags, but don't appear to be related to the case in any way.
Sassina's corpse: Having been stabbed in the back, the victim's suit is soaked with blood. But the cause of death is poisoning, not haemorrhage. A soporific was found in his blood.
Knife: A sharp jackknife, the blade of which has been laced with a deadly poison, capable of killing in a matter of minutes, even from a slight graze.
Puzzle piece: A largish jigsaw puzzle piece, suggesting it may be part of a children's puzzle. It's deformed, having been crushed in Sassina's grasp.
Plastic box: A container with a logo that reads, 'Dale Herl's Deli'. It appears to have contained some takeaway food.
Receipt: A receipt that reads: 'Roast beef sandwich x 1, Caesar salad x 1, Fried chicken x 1, Red wine x 1'.
Beads: There is a bead in the takeaway carton, and another in a corner of the room. They appear to be genuine pearls, and both have a small hole through the middle.
Metal door: An extremely strong metal door. It was locked from the inside, and the fingerprints of all four victims were found on the doorknob.
Paper cups: Cups from which Sassina, Boyle and Fassi were drinking their wine. Traces of a powerful soporific were found in each one.
Red wine: A bottle of red wine, of which about two-thirds has been drunk. A powerful soporific is present in the remaining contents.
Ashtray: An unfussy, aluminium ashtray that is full of cigarette butts and discarded scraps of paper.
Lunch: Empty paper boxes, leftover bits of fried chicken, salad and other food are strewn all over the table.
Wine bottle cap: An aluminium screw top used on bottles, so they can be opened without a corkscrew. No traces of soporific were found in the red wine inside the cap.
The Jigsaw Puzzle Killings: The so-called Jigsaw Puzzle Killings took place four years ago. Twenty-six victims were claimed by the perpetrator in a single year. At the scene of every murder, the killer always left behind a lone jigsaw puzzle piece. The crimes have never been reported in the media.
The Barbane St Stabbing: A body was discovered in a quiet little backstreet, Barbane St. The victim had been stabbed in the back with a poisoned blade. The first of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings, with a lone puzzle piece found on the victim's back.
The Case of R. Tube: The victim was discovered in his own home, strangled to death. A 32-inch analogue television set had been smashed over his head after death ensued. The second of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. The puzzle piece was found on top of the smashed television set.
The Stiffin Abattoir Murder: The victim in this case was discovered in one of the abattoir's refrigerators. THhe body had been transferred there following death by strangulation. The third of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. The puzzle piece was found atop the victim's head.
The St. Florian's Torching: The victim in this case was discovered in an abandoned hospital building. He had been doused in petrol and burnt alive. The fourth of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. The puzzle piece was found close to the victim's body.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

The Commissioner walks into the Mystery Room in search for Alfendi Layton, and he questions why the Commissioner was in the office so early. He notifies Alfendi and Lucy Baker that he had a worrying case for them, and Lucy notes it must be serious since he was giving them a case in person. The Commissioner informs them that four members of a mafia had been found dead in their hideout, and asks that he hear about any progress they make.

The Commissioner takes Lucy aside, warning to her to never take her eyes off Alfendi during the case.

[edit] Case Summary

The Murders

Alfendi notes how the crime was an elaborate copycat, taking place at a warehouse at the Merseyshore Docks, owned by the Agonnis. Four members of the mafia that used this warehouse as a hideout were found dead at dawn the previous day. Among the victims was the head of the mafia, Severino Agonni, and his right-hand man, Barbarossa Sassina. The other members of the mafia found dead are the clan's strongman Pearce Boyle, and new recruit Angelo Fassi.

Alfendi then tells Lucy they had no suspects as to who could have killed the victims. She suggests the person who had found the bodies to be a suspect, and he then reveals a group of sailors had found the bodies when they were loading goods into the warehouse. They could smell something burning, and after investigating the area, had found the bodies, however the sailors didn't have connections with the victims. Lucy questions the sailors' activities before their discovery, and he reveals they had landed several minutes before on a boat from Africa. Alfendi knows of one other person who could be connected to the case, however said person had gone missing, and therefore they would have to investigate without any suspects or statements. Disappointed, Lucy had looked forward to guessing who the killer was, however Alfendi tells her they weren't investigating in order to find a killer, but to prove the theory that the culprit had fled the scene. The door to the hideout was locked from the inside, and so therefore had to figure out how the culprit fled the scene.

Alfendi notes of another strange mystery concerning the case, and asks Lucy if she knew of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. These series of killings was given the name internally after a jigsaw puzzle piece was found at every scene. The serial killings took place four years prior, with a series of 26 lives being taken in the space of a year. Lucy was surprised to not have heard about this case, however Alfendi tells her they had kept it under wraps so that the media wouldn't get hold of it. Alfendi thought it best that Lucy came to understand these killings, and tells her it was a medley of copycat murders, each based on a Jigsaw Puzzle Killing four years prior. Alfendi fears the case has a connection with Forbodium.

[edit] Investigation

The Crime Scene

Lucy was still disappointed that she couldn't guess who the culprit could be, and so her and Alfendi investigate the crime scene. In the corner of the room, they find pearl beads, with small holes in them to suggest they came from a necklace. They also find a plastic box with takeaway food, suggesting the gang had ordered lunch before the incident occurred. Lucy wonders why they hadn't received a statement from whoever delivered the food, and Alfendi states that the missing witness is the delivery boy. As soon as he would be found, they would be allowed to question him, however Lucy seems to think he could be dead. They investigate paper cups from which the victims drank from, and find a sort of soporific in order to get the victims drowsy. After further investigation into the paper cups, they notice Agonni was the only victim to not have taken any soporific.

The two inspectors then investigate the bodies. First looking at Sassina's body, they find the weapon that he had been stabbed with was laced with poison, which mimics the Barbane Street Stabbing, where a woman's body was found one quiet night. She had been stabbed in the back with a poisoned knife, where a jigsaw puzzle was found on the victim's back. This was the first of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. Upon investigating Boyle's body, Alfendi deducts his cause of death was a reproduction of the Case of Raymond Tube. The crime happened in a run-down block of flats, where a man was found in a room, having been ransacked. After being strangled, he had a television set dropped on his head, which Alfendi suggests had been done in anger at the time. Unfortunately, there was no evidence pointing towards the culprit, other than a jigsaw puzzle piece. This was the second of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. They investigate the hideout's refrigerator to find Fassi's dead body inside, to which Alfendi doesn't seem surprised by, however he states it was already written in the case notes. After investigating the body, Alfendi finds that his murder was a mimic of the Stiffin Abattoir Murder. Although the abattoir didn't exist any longer, it was one of the largest in the area. An employee at the abattoir had discovered the body of a woman in one of the refrigerators one morning. The victim was strangled, and proceeded to be moved into the refrigerator, where a jigsaw puzzle piece was found on top of her head. This was the third of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. Finally, they find Agonni's body, which Alfendi suggests his cause of death was a copy of the St. Florian's Torching, which was previously a hospital. A charred corpse was found in the disused building, and a post-mortem revealed the victim was doused in petrol and set alight while he was still alive. A jigsaw puzzle piece was found near the body, and the culprit was likely to have watched the victim burn to death. This was the fourth of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings.

Lucy found it strange that these murders could take place while the public were unaware of the happenings, and Alfendi informs her their deaths were on the mild side, as they became more brutal. The jigsaw puzzle pieces were the only thing connecting each murder, but otherwise there were no patterns. Lucy deducted that any crime could be part of a series of killings just by placing a puzzle piece on the scene. Alfendi found that Agonni's cause of death was subtly different to that of its previous case, as the victim was set alight while he was still alive, however Agonni's broken neck had killed him before he was set alight. Lucy wondered that the reason the cause of murder was different was because the killer was worried about starting a fire, as the victim would be moving about.

At this point, Alfendi hypothesized that one of the victims had killed the others, being Agonni, as he was the only one not to have taken the soporific. The only thing that stood in the way of confirming this, however, was his cause of death, as a broken neck had killed him, and afterwards set alight. Alfendi then thought that he could have arranged for his body to be set alight automatically after his neck broke. He thought it was possible that Agonni could have drugged the other three and killing them before taking his own life, however he was doused in petrol and set alight after he had died of a broken neck.


Alfendi and Lucy find a short piece of rope near Agonni's body, which could have been used to break his own neck. The desk in the room was also involved in his murder, as while he hung the rope from the ceiling, he jumped off the desk to break his neck. However, if this was the case, he would still be hanging from the ceiling, although he could have used the lighter to the break the rope after he jumped, which in turn would light his whole body on fire. Agonni had doused himself in petrol, set himself on fire, and jumped off the desk to break his neck. Eventually, the rope would have burned, destroying the evidence, which would make it look like he too, was murdered. However, if the theory was correct, they would expect to see signs of scorching on the ceiling, and so Alfendi asks Lucy to contact forensics.

After bringing back the forensics report, Lucy informs Alfendi that there were no signs of scorching from the ceiling, which means Agonni must have been murdered. Alfendi deducted they were overlooking an obvious explanation, in that the culprit failed at giving the soporific to Agonni. This forced the culprit to resort to extreme violence, by breaking Agonni's neck. The culprit had used the lighting of the victim's body on fire to get rid of the evidence. However, they still lacked a suspect as well as an explanation as to how the culprit escaped the locked crime scene. Alfendi did seem to think that, since there is no such thing as a perfect crime, that either the culprit would have left a trail, or one of the victims would have left a dying message. They find a crushed puzzle piece in Sassina's grasp, which couldn't have been possible if he was asleep. Lucy wondered if the culprit could have crushed the puzzle piece themselves, however in the original Jigsaw Puzzle Killings, the puzzle piece was placed on the victim's back. Alfendi deducts that the crushed puzzle piece was Sassina's dying message.

The phone then begins to ring, which Lucy answers, and informs Alfendi that the missing witness had been found. They discover he is a young boy by the name of Uttar Mistry, who delivered the victims' order moments before they were killed. Alfendi doesn't seem to think he is the culprit, however, as there was no reason for the boy to have killed the victims in a copycat of the Jigsaw Puzzle Murders. With that, Alfendi was 100% certain that Mistry was not the killer, but could have useful information.

He walks into the room, and before Alfendi can introduce himself, Mistry cries out that they had caught him, and that he was the culprit. Lucy asks if he had calmed down, and he tells them he could be called Uttar. He once again confirmed he killed the mafia members, and so Alfendi asks him what had happened. Agonni had placed their order on the phone, and Mistry had discovered the order was going to their hideout. Mistry was surprised that Lucy hadn't known how well known the Agonnis were, and tells her that once one was in their area, they wouldn't come back out alive. Mistry refused to do the job, however he was forced to if he wanted to keep his job. He then took the delivery to the hideout, and proceeded to kill them all. Alfendi deducts that Mistry had put the soporific into the wine before delivering it, and he confirms this. After they had taken the sleeping pills, he returned to the hideout half an hour later to find them all sleeping, and thus killing them. His statement makes him innocent, however Alfendi wishes to clear things up in regards to what he had told them. Mistry had stated he crushed the sleeping pills and had put it in the wine bottle before delivering it, however there were no traces of soporific on the wine bottle's lid, meaning the soporific was added to the wine at the scene of the crime. Because of this contradiction with Mistry's statement, this meant that he was lying about being the culprit. This worries Mistry, as he was scared about being caught by Sassina, as he was tough and could take on whole gangs. Mistry had hoped to be arrested in order to get away from Sassina, however Lucy tells him that Sassina was dead, as he was among the victims Mistry had claimed to kill. Mistry was shocked, as Sassina was his hero.

Alfendi was interested in a "terrible thing" that Mistry had mentioned he had witnessed Sassina doing. Three hours after making the delivery, he headed back to the hideout to pick up the rubbish as part of their service. At that time, he witnessed Sassina kissing a short woman. Sassina had suddenly opened his eyes and was staring at Mistry, and so he made a run for it. Alfendi and Lucy didn't seemed convinced however, as the incident must have occurred before he died. Mistry tells them it was the truth, and so Alfendi believes him, and reminds Lucy of the squashed puzzle piece in Sassina's hand. This proved that Sassina was awake at the time of his death. The beads that were found on the scene also proved Mistry's statement that a woman was found on the scene. The woman was at the hideout at the time of the murders, due to one of her beads being found in the takeaway box. Alfendi was sure he knew how the gangsters had lost their lives at this point.

[edit] Conclusion

Alfendi goes over the information they had. Just before the murders took place, Mistry had delivered an unopened bottle of wine to the hideout, where soporific was placed in the bottle afterwards, which was either placed by the woman or Sassina. This made Lucy think that they had killed the other three, but Alfendi confirms that Sassina had killed the other three, and afterwards called the woman. The telephone in Agonni's office suggested this, as the last call made was to a nearby phone box. Lucy suggested sending Mistry home before proceeding further, however Mistry refused to leave as he felt he could help. Continuing on, Sassina had met his lady friend in the corridor, where they exchanged a kiss, which Mistry witnessed. Sassina had opened his eyes and started glaring at Mistry. Afterwards, the woman had vanished, and Sassina's corpse remained. Alfendi deducts they need to solve who killed Sassina, when he took the soporific, and how the room was locked from the inside.

The Murder of Sassina

The inspectors were able to deduct that the woman Sassina had met with killed him, as the position of the wound could rule out suicide. Mistry didn't seem to believe it was the woman, but Alfendi seemed to believe that Mistry had witnessed Sassina being killed. The moment he opened his eyes is when he was stabbed; rather than opening his eyes at the realization of Mistry watching them, he had opened them at the shock and pain of being stabbed in the back. Next, they had to figure out how and when Sassina took the soporific. It was clear he drugged his three victims, but didn't want to take it himself. However, the woman who killed him had gotten him to take the drug without him realizing, which was through their kiss. Finally, they had found Sassina's body behind a locked metal door, which he himself had locked in order to escape the woman he thought was on his side. In order to lock himself in the room, there would have been a struggle, which is where the woman's bead necklace broke. However, someone else was present which made his option to retreat inside safer, and that was Mistry himself. After being stabbed in the back, Sassina was to make an escape route for the outside, however he noticed Mistry blocking his path, and so retreated back inside. This made Mistry feel guilty that he could have still been alive, however Alfendi tells him he would have died either way, as the knife was laced with deadly poison. This makes Lucy wonder about the puzzle piece, which Alfendi deducts the suspect had put into his pocket during their kiss. As he found the puzzle piece, this made Sassina realize that the woman intended to kill him all along. Mistry cries out that the world wouldn't be the same without Sassina. Alfendi then tells Lucy they had to write up their report and search for the missing woman.

Back at the Mystery Room, Alfendi asks Lucy how the investigations were progressing. Lucy deducts Sassina had no reason to kill the other victims, and the woman who killed Sassina was still a mystery, as she has not been sighted. According to reports, the woman, who had been seeing Sassina, was thought to be a ghost by the other gang members. Alfendi found it interesting how the culprit could manage to mimic a series of cases that had happened four years prior, and he felt they would find out the significance to it soon enough.

Later on, the Commissioner is seen talking to Alfendi, telling him his performance was exemplary. This makes "Potty Prof" appear, calling everyone "simple". He tells the Commissioner that the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings were not over, and that each of the murders was a copycat to the original four cases. The pieces left behind in each case were identical, and that two pieces were missing. This made the Commissioner realize the killer planned to take two more lives, as to who it would be was uncertain.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Select the "The locked room" Memo to begin investigating.
2. Tap the circle surrounding the body near the lower door, then zoom in and tap the "Beads".
3. Tap the "Plastic box".
4. Tap the circle surrounding the table in the middle of the room, then tap the "Paper cups".
5. Go back to "Deductions", then tap the "The soporific" Memo to begin investigating.
6. Once again, tap the circle surrounding the table, then again, tap the "Paper cups".
7. Select "Severino Agonni" as to who hadn't had any soporific.
8. Tap the "The four bodies" Memo to begin investigating.
9. Tap the circle surrounding the corpse near the bottom door, then tap "Sassina's corpse".
10. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the corpse near a collapsed TV, then tap "Boyle's corpse".
11. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding surrounding the refrigerator, then tap the "Refrigerator".
12. Zoom out and slide the screen with two fingers into the next room. Tap the circle surrounding the body, and tap "Agonni's corpse".
13. Select "Agonni's corpse" as to which victim's death didn't follow a pattern of the previous case.
14. Select "Severino Agonni" as the culprit.
15. Select "Paper cups" as the evidence.
16. Select the "Murder or suicide" Memo to begin investigating.
17. Slide with two fingers into the next room. Tap the circle surrounding Agonni's body, then zoom in to tap the "Tail end of rope".
18. Select the "This proves it was suicide!" button.
19. Select the "Desk" as to what Agonni used to hang himself.
20. Select the "Lighter" as to what was used to break the rope.
21. Select the "Tail end of rope" as to what was used to kill Agonni.
22. Select the "The inconsistency" Memo to begin investigating.
23. Tap on the body surrounding the body near the bottom door, then tap the "Puzzle piece".
24. Select the "This evidence contradicts it!" button.
25. Select the "Arrest me!" Memo to begin investigations.
26. Select "Statement 3" as to which statement contradicts the facts.
27. Select the circle surrounding the table, then zoom in to tap the "Wine bottle cap".
28. Select the "This evidence contradicts it!" button.
29. To answer the question, select the option "He wasn't asleep".
30. Tap the circle surrounding the body near the bottom door, and zoom in to tap the "Beads".
31. Tap the "This is the evidence!" button.
32. Select the "Prime Suspect" Memo to meet with Uttar Mistry.
33. Select "Short woman" and "Barbarossa Sassina" as to who drugged the wine.
34. Select the "Telephone" as evidence that Sassina had called someone.
35. Select the "Short woman" as to who killed Sassina.
36. Select "Statement 6" as to when Sassina was stabbed.
37. Select "Statement 5" as to how the woman administered the soporific into Sassina.
38. Select "Barbarossa Sassina" as to who left the door locked from the inside.
39. To answer the question, select the option "To escape the woman".
40. Select "Uttar Mistry" as to who else was present.

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