File No. 008: Ham and Cheese

Ham and Cheese
File 008.png
File No. 008
Requester Diane Makepeace
Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Purchase? Yes
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File No. 008: Ham and Cheese is the eighth case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by Diane Makepeace, and investigates a reconstruction of a murder of a wealthy man, who was killed on the day of a business meeting.


[edit] Characters Involved

Pig (?? / M), a wealthy man who was killed on the day of a business meeting.

Cat (?? / F), Pig's wife, and the discoverer of his body.
Hen (?? / F), Pig's housekeeper.
Dog (?? / M), a trader who had a business meeting with Pig the day of his murder.
Donkey (?? / M), a jeweler who also met with Pig for a business meeting on the day of his murder.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Cat

Statement 1: My husband was in perfect health when I took him his tea and scones. In fact, he was so full of beans, he wouldn't stop whining at me. I switched off.

Statement 2: I'm the one who found the body, yes, but I certainly didn't kill him. After all, if I'd done that, I wouldn't get a settlement from the insurers, would I?

[edit] Hen

Statement 1: The master and his wife were always arguing. I bet she wanted something, that's why. I thought it was a wee bit odd she was taking him tea and scones.

Statement 2: I never went into the master's room that day. Not once. I might have passed by the door once or twice, but I never went inside.
Updated Statement: I did go into the room to clear away the things from tea, and... I found the master dead! I pinched some money, but I didn't kill him, I swear!

[edit] Dog

Statement 1: I didn't even see Pig once that day. He's got a cheek, getting me to come here, then not showing up. I could kill him! Oh, but he's already dead.

Statement 2: Leave something behind? Yeah, my bag. I went back in to fetch it. Only took me a sec, though, and Donkey was outside the door the whole time. No time to kill a pig.

[edit] Donkey

Statement 1: I never killed him. He wasn't even there. I went into his room, but he was nowhere to be seen. You can ask Dog. He turned up not long after me.

Statement 2: I left with Dog to find Pig with Dog. His coat was still hanging up in the room, so we knew he must be in the mansion somewhere. Didn't expect to find him dead.

[edit] Evidence

Loudspeaker: A speaker through which Diane makes herself heard.
Fishy button: This dubious-looking button is surely a trap...
Case file: A collection of papers about a past case.
Corpse: A dead body, the head of which has been covered with a pig mask. There are no signs of external injury, but the victim is most certainly dead.
Sofa: A leather-covered sofa. It is quite new.
Forensics report 1: Killed in a single blow from behind with a heavy, blunt object. The victim injured his nose in the ensuing fall, resulting in minor bleeding from the head and nose.
Forensics report 2: Analysis of the victim's stomach revealed he had just eaten a scone. The ingredients precisely match those of the other scones at the crime scene.
Whisky: Pig's fingerprints are on the bottle. No traces of blood have been noted.
Ashtray: A sold crystal ashtray of some considerable weight. There are traces of blood on it that someone has evidently tried to wipe off.
Cigarette butt: The remains of a smoked cigarette. This is the only butt, and is believed to have been smoked by Donkey on the day in question.
Hatstand: A hatstand with hooks for coats. It is very sturdily constructed, and clearly not designed to be moved about.
House plant: A rather spectacular indoor plant, about as tall as an average person. There is nothing particularly suspicious about it.
Window: The window is locked and cannot be opened.
Window sill note: 'On the day of the murder, this window was locked from the inside.'
Bloodstain: Several drops of blood have made a stain on the floor.
Tea: Some Darjeeling tea that has gone completely cold. There are indications that Pig drank some of it.
Scones: A plate of raisin scones. One of them has had a bite taken out of it.
Wallet: Pig's wallet. There are only cards inside, no cash at all. Hen's fingerprints were identified on the leather.
Vase: Pig's and Hen's fingerprints are on this vase, but no traces of blood have been noted.
Rubbish bin: Though it is full of scraps of paper, there doesn't appear to be anything in here that could be relevant to the case.
Drawer: A drawer in the desk. The other drawers are all locked, but this particular one is open.
Statements: A collection of statements from all of the suspects in the case. Every one of them is wearing an eerie animal mask, just as the victim was.
Standard lamp: A simple but high-quality lamp. It was not switched on at the time of the incident.
Bookcase: A bookcase full of heavy tomes.
Door: The door through which Lucy entered the room. It is now locked and showing no signs of opening at all.
Door note: 'On the day of the murder, this door was unlocked, allowing anyone to come and go at will.'
Security camera: A hidden camera set to record all the comings and goings in and out of the room where the crime was committed. Only Pig and his wife Cat knew of its existence.
12:02: Cat enters the room with tea and scones.
12:11: Cat exits the room. Pig appears at the door shouting abuse after her.
12:16: Dog enters the room.
12:28: Dog exits the room.
12:32: Donkey enters the room.
12:36: Dog enters the room.
12:42: Donkey and Dog exit the room.
12:43: Dog returns to the room. Donkey waits in the corridor.
12:44: Dog exits the room and rejoins Donkey. The pair leave together.
12:49: Hen enters the room.
13:06: Hen exits the room.
13:11: Cat enters the room and immediately discovers the body. She screams for help.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

Lucy Baker is seen talking to Justin Lawson in the Mystery Room, explaining how Diane Makepeace escaped from her and Alfendi Layton during the previous case. Although they had let her get away, they weren't aware of an underground railway system lying under the mansion. Lucy asks if Lawson had known about the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings, to which he tells her he had investigated them, and so she asks about the constantly mentioned Forbodium Castle. Lawson thought it best to keep it quiet, but goes on to tell her that, while getting to the bottom of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings, Alfendi had pinpointed the culprit, which was Keelan Makepeace. Forbodium Castle was his hideout, and so Alfendi, Lawson, Hilda Pertinax and the Commissioner set out to apprehend him. Although they were supposed to head in together, Alfendi went ahead of the others. In search for Alfendi in the large castle, the others had heard a shot above them, however the door was barred shut leading to the castle's roof. The Commissioner used an axe to pull the door down, when two more shots were heard. After finally breaking down the door, Alfendi and Makepeace were found lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Makepeace was dead, but miraculously, Alfendi stayed alive, however he started experiencing a split personality disorder.

After Lawson was finished his explanation, Hilda walks into the office, who was also looking for Alfendi. She informs Lucy and Lawson that she had received an invitation from Diane Makepeace to come to Forbodium Castle. Lucy thought that Alfendi may be there already, but Lawson tells the others to go on ahead while he searched Scotland Yard for him.

Lucy and Hilda arrive at Forbodium Castle, and was surprised to find no agents were around. Before Lucy could go rushing in, Hilda warns her that there could be a trap, and insisted they must stick together.

After entering inside, they find the castle is pitch black, however Lucy notices a light shining from a room. Lucy hears a cry for help coming from that direction, which sounded like Alfendi's voice, however upon investigation, no one was in the room, besides a body wearing a pig's mask. Lucy heard Diane's voice through a speaker, stating she had fallen into her trap, and reminding her that Hilda had told her not to leave her side. When she goes out to find her, however, she finds that she is locked in the room. With Hilda alone, Diane says that it would be easier to kill her that way. If Lucy wanted a chance at leaving, she would have to solve an old case Diane had reconstructed. She was to find who killed the placeholder victim, Pig. Diane assures Lucy there is only one culprit, and warns her to hurry if she didn't want her friends to be hurt.

[edit] Case Summary

The Suspects and Victim

Lucy looks at the files placed on the desk with the details on the case, to find that the victims and suspects were all wearing animal masks. The aforementioned Pig is the victim in this case, while his wife, Cat, was a suspect. The housekeeper, going by the alias of Hen, was also a suspect, as was Dog, a trader who planned a business meeting with the victim. The final suspect goes by Donkey, a jeweler who also had a meeting with the victim on that day.

Looking through photos, Lucy finds that Pig was wary, setting up hidden cameras around. The photos show comings and goings from the room on the day of the murder; the only people that knew of the cameras were Pig himself, and his wife Cat. Going through the photos, Cat is seen at 12:02 entering the room, while at 12:11, Pig is seen shouting at his wife down the hall. At 12:16, Dog shows up for a meeting and enters the room, and is seen leaving the room at 12:28. Donkey then arrives at 12:32, and four minutes later, Dog returns to the room. Later at 12:42, Donkey and Dog are seen leaving the room together, with Dog returning to the room a minute later, and they finally leave at 12:44. Hen then enters the scene at 12:49, later seen at 13:06 peeking her head out of the door. Finally, at 13:11, Cat discovers Pig's body.

Lucy thought of the many photos, and thought it would be easier if there was a camera inside the room, and thought statements would be helpful. However, she remained positive and was determined to solve the case.

[edit] Investigation

The Crime Scene

First, Lucy set out to discover Pig's cause of death. In searching the body, she finds the original investigation report, which reveals he was hit from behind with a blunt object. An ashtray on a nearby table is shown to be of considerable weight, and had traces of blood on it. Seeing how heavy it was, it wouldn't have taken much muscle to do a considerable amount of damage, and so could have possibly been a female.

Even though pictures of the crime scene are provided, Lucy was still keen on collecting statements from the suspects to gather an idea of what had happened in the room. After investigating a desk drawer in the room, Lucy finds a folder full of statements. After reading through them all, Lucy deducts that one of Hen's statements was false, as in it, she states she never entered the room, but was caught on camera entering and exiting it. At this point, Lucy was certain Hen was the killer, and calls Diane to let her out. With no response, Lucy figured she would have to get Diane's attention.

Lucy finds a button near the loudspeaker she had used to talk to Diane the first time, and after pushing it, finally gets an answer from her. Diane asks if she knew the culprit, but Lucy tells her she merely pressed it to see what would happen. Diane tells her if she wanted to mess around, she could kill her first. Lucy presses the buzzer again in order to confirm her suspicions with Diane.

[edit] Conclusion

Lucy reveals to Diane that she had deducted Hen as the culprit, and so Diane decides to dress up as Hen. Getting into character, she denies that she could have killed Pig, denying her ever going to his room that day. However, Lucy proves her statement as a lie, showing her the photos of her entering and exiting the room. Hen hadn't known about this hidden camera, and Lucy tells her only Pig and Cat knew about it, however Hen still denies being the culprit. Lucy shows Hen the wallet that belonged to Pig, showing that her fingerprints were found on the leather, proving she was after his money. She admits to taking his money, but still insists she never killed Pig, saying she had only gone into the room to clear the tea.

Lucy starts to get frustrated with Diane as she knew the culprit, however Diane tells her that Hen was telling the truth, and that Lucy had better get back to investigating to make sure that Hen wasn't the culprit.

[edit] Back to Investigating

Lucy mulls over what Diane had said, remembering that she had implied there was evidence to suggest that Hen was indeed not the killer. Lucy notices the ashtray on the table, with a long cigarette butt in it. This meant it could pin down when Pig was killed, with the latest being at the time of Dog and Donkey leaving the room together, at 12:42. Seeing as Donkey had smoked the cigarette, the blood and fingerprints would have been wiped off the ashtray at the time. With this, it cleared Hen's name and she was innocent.

[edit] Back to Conclusion

The Murder Scene

Once again, Lucy calls Diane over the loudspeaker to tell her of her new suspicions, confirming that she thought it was Dog. Diane dresses into character, denying her accusations. He asks of when he had the opportunity, and she tells him it would have been around 12:16. He was surprised to know, and she told him of the security camera in the hall. Dog remarked Pig on his nosiness, which makes Lucy think that would add a motive to his opportunity, however he insists that Pig wasn't in the room. Lucy then tells him that he was caught on camera poking his head out the door, and couldn't have left the room, however Dog asks whether there was no picture of him leaving the room, which Lucy confirms. He theorizes that, if he was the killer, the body would have been in the room, and therefore Donkey would have seen it and notified someone. But, this wasn't the case, according to him, as there was no body, and so he couldn't have killed Pig. Lucy believes that Dog had hid the body, but he doesn't think there would be anywhere to hide the body, but Lucy deducts that he was hung on the hatstand, as said by Donkey that his coat was on the hatstand. After he was killed, Dog had put the coat around Pig's body and hung him on the hatstand, but Dog denies his coat ever being there. Lucy tells Dog of a bent hanger on the hatstand, as if something heavy was hanging from it.

Lucy tells Dog to give it up and admit he was the killer, but he states it couldn't be proved, as Donkey was already in the room the second time he went in. Despite this, Lucy believed Dog still had to be the killer, as Donkey didn't have the opportunity to move the body onto the sofa. At the time Dog went back into the room while Donkey stayed outside, he had the time to put Pig back into position. Lucy tells him to give it up, and finally Dog admits he was the culprit.

Now that Lucy had solved the mystery, she asked if she could be let back out, but Diane tells her that she had something for her. She reveals that her father, Keelan Makepeace, was portrayed by Dog. Diane tells her she had just solved one of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. Makepeace always chose victims he didn't know, but made an exception for this murder, as he owed the victim a large sum of money. Diane found it strange that Lucy had solved the case, and that she could have caught her father, however at the time, he couldn't be caught. Lucy thought that, however was assigned the case, didn't know what they were doing, and that her and Alfendi could have solved it easily. Diane reveals that Alfendi was, in fact, assigned the case four years prior. Lucy also notices that vital evidence was missing; the pictures of Makepeace entering and leaving the room. Diane reveals that her drunk father had told her one night that he could get away with anything, as he had friends on the force, which she assumes to be Alfendi. However, he had betrayed her father and killed him.

As Diane makes a getaway, a secret passageway opens up, and Lucy became worried that Alfendi would be up ahead, and had done something he shouldn't have.

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Select the "Murder weapon" Memo to begin investigating.
2. Tap the circle surrounding the body, then tap on "Forensics report 1".
3. Select the "Here's the proof!" button.
4. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the table, then tap the "Ashtray".
5. Select the "Here's the weapon!" button.
6. Select the "No statements?" Memo to begin investigating.
7. Tap the circle surrounding the desk, then tap the "Wallet".
8. Zoom in to tap on the "Drawer" to open it.
9. Tap the "Statements".
10. Select Statement 2 from "Hen", as to which statement is false.
11. Select the "Who's the culprit?" Memo to tell Diane the culprit.
12. Tap the circle surrounding the desk at the top of the screen, then tap the "Fishy button".
13. Select the "Press the button!" button.
14. Once again, tap the circle surrounding the same desk, then tap the "Buzzer".
15. Select the "Press the button!" button.
16. Select "12:49" and "13:06" as to why Hen is lying.
17. Select the "Wallet" as to Hen's motives.
18. Select the "Is Hen innocent?" Memo to begin investigating.
19. Tap the circle surrounding the table, and tap the "Cigarette butt".
20. Select the "Here's the proof!" button.
21. Select "12:42" as the latest time Pig could have been killed.
22. Select the "Who's the culprit?" Memo to call Diane.
23. Tap the circle surrounding the plant, and tap the "Hatstand".
24. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the smaller desk, then tap the "Buzzer".
25. Select the "Press the button!" button.
26. Select "Dog" as the culprit.
27. Select "12:16" as to when Dog killed Pig.
28. To answer the question, select the option "Hid it".
29. Select the "Hatstand" as to where Pig was hidden.
30. Select Statement 2 from "Donkey", as to the clue where the body was hidden.
31. To answer the question, select the option "Move the body onto the sofa".

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