File No. 009: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop
File 009.png
File No. 009
Requester Alfendi Layton
Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Purchase? Yes
Previous Case File No. 008: Ham and Cheese
Next Case N/A

File No. 009: Good Cop, Bad Cop is the ninth, and final, case presented in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. This case is requested by Alfendi Layton, and investigates the murder of Diane Makepeace, as well as an old case from four years prior to the game's events, the murder of her father Keelan Makepeace.


[edit] Characters Involved

Keelan Makepeace (51 / M), serial killer of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings supposedly shot by Alfendi.
Diane Makepeace (21 / F), Makepeace's daughter who was also supposedly shot by Alfendi.

Alfendi Layton (29 / M), investigator at Scotland Yard who is accused of shooting both victims.
Hilda Pertinax (29 / F), an Interpol investigator who was present when Makepeace was shot.
Justin Lawson (36 / M), a detective at Scotland Yard who was present at Makepeace's shooting.
Commissioner Barton (?? / M), the Commissioner at Scotland Yard who was present when Makepeace was shot.

[edit] Statements

[edit] Alfendi Layton

Statement 1: Diane Makepeace blindfolded me, then I felt something cold and hard being pressed against my forehead. Immediately after that, I heard a gunshot.

Statement 2: I did not kill Diane Makepeace. Somebody else shot her, then placed a gun that they had used in my lap.

[edit] Hilda Pertinax

Statement 1: I heard Justin's shouts when I was at the top of the Central Tower. I ran to the window and saw Makepeace and Al with their guns trained on each other.
Updated Statement: I heard Justin's shouts when I was at the top of the Central Tower. I ran to the window and saw Makepeace on the West Tower roof. I couldn't see Al.

Statement 2: Where I saw him on the West Tower roof, Makepeace was clasping his right side as he wielded his gun. It must've been where the first bullet hit.

Statement 3: The commissioner was first to reach the top floor of the West Tower, just below the roof. But the final stairway door was shut fast, so he couldn't get up there.

Statement 4: I was on the ground floor of the West Tower when I heard the second and third shots. The commissioner was still stuck on the second floor.

Statement 5: It was after I'd reached him that the commissioner finally managed to break down the door to the roof.

[edit] Justin Lawson

Statement 1: We decided to stick together at first, the commissioner, Hilda and myself.

Statement 2: I reached the rooftop of the East Tower and spotted Al and Makepeace on top of the West Tower in the throes of a shooting match.

Statement 3: Makepeace was clasping his side. Maybe that's where Al hit him with the first shot. Anyway, I shouted out 'Don't shoot!' at the top of my voice.

Statement 4: The commissioner was in the castle grounds when I located Al and Makepeace. I shouted down to him to climb the West Tower at once.

Statement 5: I was on my way down the staircase on the outside of the East Tower when I heard the second and third gunshots.

[edit] Evidence

Diane's corpse: Death was induced by a bullet to the temple, and is likely to have been near instantaneous.
Diane's gun: The gun that was found close to Diane Makepeace's body. No rounds have been fired from it.
Unidentified gun: The gun Al had in his hands when he was found tied to a chair, allegedly by Diane Makepeace. The serial number has been filed off, and the barrel is faintly warm.
Rope: A strong rope that was used to bind Al to the chair. There's nothing suspicious about it. It would have been impossible for Al to tie himself up with it.
Monitor: A screen that shows the room in which Lucy was held captive.
PA system: A radio transceiver and microphone. Diane Makepeace used this to communicate with Lucy while she was held captive for the Ham and Cheese case.
Puzzle piece: A jigsaw puzzle piece of exactly the same type as was used in the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings.
Hand axe: The emergency axe that was used to break down the door here four years earlier. It doesn't appear to have had any use recently, being covered in dust.
Stairs to 2nd floor: A stairway that connects this floor to the second floor below. There is no door, so the stairs can be used at will.
Stairs to rooftop: A stairway that connects this floor to the rooftop above. The door that could once shut it off remains broken down from four years earlier.
Broken-down door:A very tough, wooden door that could be used to shut off the stairs to the roof. It was broken down four years ago, resulting in free access tot he roof now.
Half-dead Al: The spot where Al was found on the brink of death four years ago. He was shot in the chest with a bullet from Makepeace's gun, resulting in severe haemorrhage.
Keelan's corpse: The site of Keelan Makepeace's death four years ago. He had two bullet wounds, one to his left midriff and one to the head, both fired from Al's gun.
Al's gun: The gun used by Al at Forbodium Castle four years earlier. A police-issue automatic pistol signed out from the station. Al's fingerprints were on it.
Keelan's gun: The gun believed to have been used by Makepeace at Forbodium Castle four years ago. How he came by it is unknown.
Pair of cartridges: The discharged cartridges of the two shots fired from Al's gun.
Al's location: The location on the West Tower rooftop where Al was standing when he was spotted by Justin Lawson.
Keelan's location: The location on the West Tower rooftop where Keelan Makepeace was standing when he was spotted by Justin Lawson.
Justin (1): Justin's location at the point when he spotted Al and Keelan Makepeace.
Hilda (1): Hilda's location at the point when Justin yelled out to Al.
Commissioner (1): The commissioner's location at the point when Justin yelled out to Al.
Justin (2): Justin's location at the point when the second and third shots were heard.
Hilda (2): Hilda's location at the point when the second and third shots were heard.
Passageway door: A door that connects the entrance hall to the passageway at the end of which is the room where Lucy was held captive.
Collapsed stairs: A collapsed staircase that is completely impassable. It remains in the same state of disrepair that it was in four years earlier.
Impassable door: A door that's utterly impossible to open, no matter what. It remains shut fast, exactly as it was four years earlier.
Impassable stairs: A staircase that there's absolutely no possibility of using. It remains as impassable as it was four years earlier.
Slit window: A window, or rather hole in the wall, that allows light into the castle and arrows to be fired on approaching foe. The opening is too small for a person.
Window: A window that commands a fine view over the castle ground. If you weren't paying attention, you could easily fall out of it.
Central Tower stairs: The staircase in the Central Tower. It appears to be in a rather dubious state of repair, but still affords access to all floors.
West Tower stairs: The staircase in the West Tower. It appears to be in a rather dubious state of repair, but still affords access to all floors.
East Tower stairs: The staircase in the East Tower. It appears to be in a rather dubious state of repair, but still affords access to all floors.
Door: A wooden door. It is unlocked.
Castle gate: The mighty front gate of Forbodium Castle. It is unlocked, allowing access to all.
Case report: The case file from a murder committed by Keelan Makepeace four years ago, created by DCI Alfendi Layton. Several pieces of evidence have been removed.
The Forbodium case: The file of documents about the Forbodium Castle case that took place four years ago. It was filed by Justin Lawson and is extremely comprehensive.
Broken ivy: A section of the ivy that grows all over the castle's exterior walls. Here it has been pulled away from the wall and many of the branches are broken.
Damaged box: A box, the lid of which appears to have been removed by force. It is completely empty.
Broken telephone: A telephone from which the cord has been removed, rendering it useless.
Withered plant: A house plant so withered and dry, it begs the question of how long it's been since it saw any water.
Stopped clock: A grandfather clock that's completely beyond repair.
Empty frame: A picture frame that just needs a nice landscape or the like to make it complete. It appears to be in good condition, and would be perfectly serviceable.
Mystery photo: A photograph of a part of the castle. It's unclear what the intent of the shot is, exactly.
Display case: A very splendid display cabinet. However, with nothing actually on display, it looks somewhat pitiful.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

Lucy manages to escape the room she was locked in, going down a secret corridor. She thinks about the investigation that Alfendi Layton had been part of, thinking he had destroyed vital evidence that stopped them from catching Keelan Makepeace. She decides to put that at the back of her mind, so she could find Hilda Pertinax.

Diane shot dead

She finds a door, leading her to a part of the castle she hadn't seen before. Lucy suddenly hears a gunshot from above. She rushes towards the sound, to find Alfendi tied to a chair and blindfolded, with a gun in his hand. He tells her that Diane Makepeace had tied him up, and requests she help him out, however Lucy is more interested in the gun in his hands. She then notices Diane on the floor, with a shot to her head. She then remembers her saying not to trust Alfendi, and was curious to know what was going on, but Alfendi says he would tell her everything if she untied him. Suddenly, Hilda appears, warning Lucy to stay away from Alfendi, and warns him to put the gun down. He was confused as to her demands, but Hilda tells him to drop the gun before he could be untied, and so he does.

Alfendi's blindfold finally comes off, remarking how he felt he hadn't seen light in a while. He asks to be untied from his chair, but Hilda was more interested in knowing what had happened, such as why he came alone. He explains that Diane had requested he came alone, or would detonate a bomb if he had backup. He came to the castle alone, tracking Diane down in the room they were in, and was caught. She showed him that Lucy was stuck in the room she was previously in. He had watched Lucy solve the case, impressed. After solving the case, Diane became volatile, wanting to kill Alfendi in front of Lucy. With the blindfold thrown over his eyes, she pressed a gun against his head. He then heard a gunshot, however it wasn't from Diane's gun, and afterwards felt something heavy land in his lap. Hilda was convinced that Alfendi was lying, as they were the only ones in the tower, but Lucy didn't want to believe it. Hilda shows her a map of the castle, showing that the only way to get into the room they were in was through the ground floor and climbing the stairs. There are external stairs leading to the rooftop above them, but are impassible. After being asked where she was at the time of the gunshot, Lucy tells Hilda she was on the bottom floor, and Hilda says she was outside.

Lucy then comes to the conclusion, that, with hesitation, Diane's killer was Alfendi. Just as Hilda is about to arrest him, "Potty Prof" appears, saying it took him back. She remembered that time that he had also shot Keelan Makepeace, however Alfendi believes that this current incident proves he didn't shoot Makepeace. He believes that Makepeace's killer is also the person who killed Diane, trying to make Alfendi look guilty. Hilda didn't believe it, and so Alfendi demands to be untied so he could explain. Hilda refused, and so he asks Lucy to help him. They hear Justin Lawson, telling them to untie him, and stating that backup was on the way. He had left the Commissioner to sort out backup, and came to the castle on his own. He wanted to hear what Alfendi had to say, but Hilda wasn't interested in explanations, as there couldn't be any way he didn't kill Diane. Alfendi states that sometimes, Justin can be useful, however he still didn't trust Alfendi.

[edit] Case Summary

Justin finally unties Alfendi, asking for his explanation. He restates that Makepeace and Diane's killer are one and the same. He decides to recount the events of four years ago, stating there are three towers at the entrance; the West Tower, where they were, the Central Tower, and the East Tower. It was on the roof of the West Tower that he and Makepeace were shot. He explains the statements about the case, stating that both Hilda and Justin were both suspects, as they were both present at the scene, as well as the Commissioner. Justin then begins to explain his case, saying that four years ago, they had tracked down the killer responsible for the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. Himself, Hilda, and the Commissioner were getting ready for a raid on Forbodium Castle, however Alfendi had went ahead without them, and so they had to go after him. It was pitch black in the castle, and was pouring down, making the place impossible to search. They hear a shot from above, and so they split up to try and find Alfendi as quickly as possible. Justin sighted them from the roof of the East Tower, while Alfendi and Makepeace were on top of the West Tower. He saw that Alfendi had Makepeace cornered, and that Makepeace was trying to fight back, however he was too injured from the first shot taken. Justin shouted for Alfendi to not shoot, which alerted Hilda and the Commissioner as to where he was. Hilda had reached the top of the Central Tower, while the Commissioner was in the castle grounds. The Commissioner couldn't see what was happening from where he was, but Hilda saw everything, and Lucy became worried there was two witnesses already.

Alfendi and Makepeace unconscious

Justin asks Alfendi what he had to say in his defense, however he had nothing as he couldn't remember it. After Justin had seen what was happening, he alerted the Commissioner of where Alfendi and Makepeace were, and all headed for the West Tower. By the time the Commissioner had reached the door to the roof, they found it was barred shut. Two more shots were heard while the Commissioner tried to break the door down, and that was when Alfendi and Makepeace had shot each other. Alfendi asks where Justin and Hilda had been, and Justin states he had been coming down the external staircase from the East Tower, and Hilda was at the bottom of the West Tower, finding that the Commissioner was still breaking down the door when she reached him. Eventually they broke through, and they climbed the stairs to the roof together. They found both Makepeace and Alfendi in a pool of blood, and were both unconscious, and Justin arrived at the rooftop moments after the incident.

[edit] Investigation

Alfendi decides they then need to go to the rooftop, and so the others follow him there. Alfendi suggests that they investigate this old case, as he had the original case file documented by Justin on hand. He was shocked to see Alfendi had his files, but he felt that it would come in handy. He was determined to lead everyone to the truth, but Hilda wasn't convinced.

The Crime Scene

Justin wasn't convinced that looking at the bodies would teach them anything they didn't know already, which leads Alfendi to believe that attitude is what didn't allow them to solve the case four years ago. They investigate Makepeace's corpse, seeing that he was shot both in his side and in the head. Forensics confirmed that both shots were fired from Alfendi's gun, which Hilda and Justin both witnessed. Hilda's apparent drama brought Alfendi to call her "over-emotional" and "opinionated", to which she fires back that he is "overly sarcastic" and "snide". Justin tells Lucy that, back in the day, their arguing was much worse, and so they decide to identify the murder weapon in the meantime. They find Alfendi's gun, with only his fingerprints on it. Two empty cartridges are located near the gun, giving no doubt that Makepeace was shot from where Alfendi was. Alfendi then realizes something had been overlooked, and calls Justin "dim-witted" for not seeing what it was. He reveals that there was an inconsistency between Makepeace's corpse and one of Hilda's statements, as she stated that Makepeace was clutching his right side, but couldn't be. Hilda didn't understand, but Lucy tells her he was shot in the left side rather than the right, but she didn't want to believe it. However, only Makepeace's left side showed signs of injury, and so Alfendi accuses Hilda of lying. Justin didn't think it was important where Makepeace was shot, but Alfendi states the importance will come to light later in the investigation.

Next, they investigate Alfendi's witness, and instead of saying Makepeace had shot him, he only says that "someone" did. Confusing Hilda, Alfendi states he wasn't interested in discussing it with "someone with prejudice". Upon investigating Alfendi's body, Hilda explains that the bullet pulled from his body was shot from Makepeace's gun. Alfendi found this strange, asking if Justin had seen him point his gun at Makepeace, and asks where he had been standing. Lucy points out the spot, and Hilda and Justin both agree on it. Once again, Alfendi points out that Hilda had given another false statement, as she had stated to have seen Alfendi from the top floor of the Central Tower. It wasn't possible for Hilda to see down from where Alfendi was standing, as it was only possible to see where Makepeace was standing due to the window being a slit window. Once again, Alfendi accuses Hilda for lying, but she insists she was seriously mistaken, and so amends her statement. This meant that Justin was the only one that saw Alfendi.

Lucy seems upset by Diane's death, because, although she almost killed Lucy, she seemed to think Diane was very normal inside. Justin found it fair to say that she was a rotten apple, but her killer was no better. Upon investigating Diane's body, they find a single shot to her temple, used from the gun that Alfendi was seen holding. Diane's gun is located near her body, with no shots being fired from it. Hilda asks if Alfendi had deduced something, and he figures out where the shot killing Diane was fired from. Judging by how she fell, he figured that the shot was fired from the stairs leading to the rooftop. He wanted Hilda to admit he wasn't the killer, as Diane couldn't have fallen the way she did from where he was. Adding to that, Diane wouldn't have made herself an easy target, and so wasn't aware she was about to be shot. This left him wondering how the culprit could have made it to the stairs, but Justin deducts that they simply made their way to the top of the castle before Diane arrived, but Alfendi dismisses this. He believed that no one could have made it to the castle before he did, making Justin realize that one of the four in the room was the killer. Hilda asks Alfendi how exactly the killer made their way to the roof, and he reveals that they never passed through the room, however both Hilda and Justin found this impossible. Alfendi suggests that the killer knows a secret way to the roof that even he didn't know, without the need to pass through the room.

They all go over what they have learned from their investigation; that Diane was shot in the temple, with the shot being fired from the stairs. Without passing through the room, the killer knew of a secret way to reach the roof of the tower. Hilda's statements were also proven to have lies in them, in that, in fact, she never saw Alfendi from the roof with his gun like she said she did, but again she passes this off as a mistake. She also claimed to have seen Makepeace clutching his right side when he was wounded, however it shows that his left side was wounded. With these points, it left two more things to investigate; how the killer got to the roof of the West Tower, as well as Hilda's inconsistency with the post-mortem reports.

They try to uncover why there might be inconsistencies with Hilda's statements; she had stated Makepeace was clutching his right side, but was injured on his left side. Lucy deducts that, at the time, Makepeace wasn't shot at all, but Justin insists he was indeed shot. Alfendi confirms that Lucy is right, however, and was only clasping his midriff in "apparent" agony. Hilda couldn't believe it would make sense, but Alfendi believes he knows how a criminal's mind works. She reminds him that a total of three shots were heard that day, with one wound to Alfendi and two to Makepeace. Justin then brings up the fact that, if the first shot was a fake, then four shots would have been heard in total. Alfendi then says that the first shot had indeed found its target, which was himself. He had wondered why he had no recollection of ever shooting Makepeace, and he finally realizes that he had been lying unconscious before Makepeace was shot. This was in contradiction to one of Justin's statements, but he doesn't understand the logic. They run through what could have happened, in that Makepeace was acting as if he was shot when in fact, Alfendi was. Justin didn't understand why he would do this, and why he would shout for him not to shoot when he wasn't wielding a gun; in fact, he thought he had no reason to lie.

Alfendi deducts that Justin and Makepeace had been working together to begin with, and the case report for the "battered pork" is brought out. According to Diane, vital evidence from the case was destroyed, possibly by Alfendi. Justin is shocked to hear he would go so low, but he confirms that he wouldn't ever destroy evidence, but could have been someone investigating the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings. This left only himself, Justin, Hilda, and the Commissioner. Alfendi also brings up something that Diane had said, that her father had told her he could get away with anything, as he had friends on the force. This person had been controlling the flow of information that prevented Makepeace from being caught, as they may have wanted a lot of people dead. In this case, Makepeace is assumed to be a hired assassin, and Justin assumes he had hired Makepeace. Four years ago, Justin decided it was time to wrap things up, and so he killed Makepeace and framed Alfendi for it. Justin passes it off as "fiction", due to Hilda's false statements and the case file received from Diane, and reminds Alfendi he was on the roof of the East Tower when he found them, while Hilda was at the Central Tower and the Commissioner was outside. Alfendi then brings up the secret entrance to the West Tower rooftop, but Justin still insists that Alfendi is the prime suspect.

Alfendi tells the others that the key to Diane's and Makepeace's murders, as well as his attempted murder, was the secret entrance to the West Tower's rooftop. Hilda and Justin told him to let it go, as nothing of the sort was found in the original investigation. Lucy finds some possible evidence, but Alfendi tells her there's no relation. She wasn't sure what to find, as there was nothing, and again, Justin tells them to give up the supposed secret way to the roof. He states he had spent the past four years trying to prove Alfendi's innocence, but couldn't be done. He wishes he could have let the case lie when Alfendi admitted he was the killer, however he says that he never admitted it. Finally, "Placid Prof" comes back, admitting that he was indeed the killer, and that he remembered everything. He wanted to drop the investigation and go back to the Mystery Room, as he was the true culprit.

Lucy didn't want to believe he was the killer, and was disappointed their investigating was a waste of time. Hilda asks if Lucy was okay, and she remembers that Diane had told her to not trust Alfendi, which she is starting to believe was right. Before they went back to the station, Hilda tells her the truth about Alfendi; the true Alfendi Layton was in fact, his "Potty Prof" side, and that his placid side didn't emerge until four years ago. Lucy thought it to be a joke, but Hilda was serious, and wanted to bring it up with her sooner. Four years ago, Hilda wanted to search for a way that Alfendi wasn't the killer, but the evidence against him kept stacking up. Hilda was shattered when Alfendi admitted to killing Makepeace, and she knew at this point, the real Alfendi was dead. From that time, she decided to dedicate herself to her profession rather than him. Before leaving, she tells Lucy to think about what she said, and decide what to do from there.

This made Lucy more determined to solve the final mystery of the case; finding the secret rooftop entrance. She investigates the tower, and finds on the wall of the Central Tower some broken ivy, and so she takes this back to the others.

[edit] Conclusion

Lucy finds the others, and tells them she was determined to solve the final mystery. Before Alfendi can interrupt her, she tells him to quiet down, and the others are surprised by her behavior, which she thanks Hilda for. She was determined to find the real mastermind, which she believes is Justin. Hilda agrees with her, but Alfendi believes she was wrong, as he already admitted to the crime. He asks Lucy why she believes Justin to be the culprit, and she brings up his involvement with Makepeace, as they worked together to set up the case. Justin had also figured out Makepeace to be the serial killer of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings, but threatened to arrest him if he didn't do as he was told. Justin denies this, and so Lucy begins her run-down of events that happened four years ago. Hilda, Justin, and the Commissioner turned up to the castle looking for Alfendi, and they all stuck together until they heard a gunshot from Makepeace, hitting Alfendi. However, Alfendi doesn't believe this and believes he fired the first shot, but Hilda reminds him that the real Alfendi hadn't said that. "Placid Prof" insists he is the real Alfendi, and asks Lucy for backup on this statement, but Lucy was unsure. What she did know, is that she would stop at nothing to uncover the truth, and insisted everyone listened to her.

Lucy continues to say that after shooting Alfendi, Makepeace took a corner of the West Tower roof, clasping his side as arranged by Justin. He told Hilda to go to the Central Tower to see what was happening, leaving him to go to the East Tower, and Hilda confirms he was indeed leading the search, as he knew the layout of the castle. Once everything was in place, that is when Justin shouted at Alfendi to not shoot, even though Alfendi was unconscious. At that time, Hilda could only see Makepeace, and only assumed Alfendi was there, and thus she was thrown off. Alfendi thought it none other than a theory, and if otherwise, why he remembered shooting Makepeace himself.

Continuing on, Lucy states that the Commissioner rushed to the door to the roof, however it was barred shut. While he tried to break the door down, two more shots were heard from the roof. Up until this point, they believed that these two shots came from both Alfendi and Makepeace, but seeing as Alfendi was unconscious, it couldn't be right. In fact, it was Justin himself that fired the last two shots at Makepeace, and had taken Alfendi's gun while he was unconscious. Alfendi didn't think this was possible, as Justin was on the roof of the East Tower moments before. He remembers that he had killed Makepeace, and so Hilda starts to admit defeat, however Lucy wasn't giving up. Justin had indeed found his way from the East Tower to the West Tower by climbing on ivy, and some broken ivy proved it.

Justin's trick

"Potty Prof" returns for a moment, and again disappears. Alfendi takes everyone to the West Tower rooftop, and once again, "Potty Prof" appears. He shows that where the ivy was growing was vital in incriminating Justin, as the broken ivy appeared on the Central Tower's topmost floor. The ledge underneath the broken ivy would be easy to get a foothold on, and would be easy to jump onto the rooftop of the West Tower from there. ALfendi notes that Justin would have the mental capacity to think of such a trick, and so Justin asks for evidence that he had done that, however his entire body was the evidence. He had ivy on his hands, and dust on his feet and jacket, and that forensics would be able to find it.

Finally, he admits to his crimes, saying that it was a risk to kill Diane, and killed her as he was worried of being found out. He thought everyone who knew was out of the picture, but the past few months had been daunting, as the old Alfendi started to resurface when Lucy had turned up, as well as Diane. He wasn't sure what Makepeace had told him, and so needed to assure of her silence by killing her. Four years ago, Justin had to make sure Alfendi had been killed, but when he survived, everything started to fall out of place. However, he did know that Alfendi wasn't quite dead, but had turned a blind eye, and that was the same case with Diane's murder. As Diane was about to shoot him, Justin had shot her instead to save his own life. Alfendi didn't understand why Justin had gotten involved with Makepeace in the first place, and he simply states that some bad people were getting too powerful, and asks them to throw him in a cell already.

This case had resulted in the cases of the Jigsaw Puzzle Killings to be reopened, and it was discovered that eleven of the killings weren't done by Makepeace at all, and that Justin simply placed puzzle pieces at random crime scenes. The media were all over the scandal, but Justin never explained his motives to them.

Back at the Mystery Room, Alfendi returns from an meeting with Justin, stating that it went terrible and that he would kill him with his bare hands if he was set free. He had asked him how his split personality came about, and shows Lucy a book on brainwashing. After Alfendi was shot and fell into a coma, Justin sat at his bedside reading the book to him in order to shut him up, and that is how "Placid Prof" came into existence. Alfendi hated himself for becoming this way, stating he was merely a "trashy schoolboy guide to
"It'll be like old times, Hershel."
mind games". This left a new mystery for Lucy to investigate, and that was to find the great secret behind Placid Prof. Alfendi asks of her to not mock him, and she simply says that between her, Placid Prof and Potty Prof, they could solve anything. He says that there was lots of paperwork for him to do, but she says that could wait.

Later, the Commissioner is seen talking to someone over the phone. He tells the person on the other end that there was no need to worry about Alfendi, but there were still many unanswered questions. He tells the person on the other end that they could do with his investigative talents, with the last line saying "It'll be like old times, Hershel."

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Tap the circle surrounding the door, and zoom in to tap the "Passageway door".
2. To answer the question, select the option "Alfendi Layton".
3. When brought to the Deductions screen, select the "Keelan's corpse" Memo to begin investigation.
4. Tap the circle surrounding the body furthest from the stairs, then zoom in to tap "Keelan's corpse".
5. Zoom out and tap the circle surrounding the body nearest to the stairs, then zoom in to tap "Al's gun".
6. Select the "Here's the weapon!" button.
7. Select Statement 2 from "Hilda Pertinax", as to which statement doesn't tie in with Makepeace's body.
8. Select the "Al's witness" Memo to begin investigation.
9. Tap the circle surrounding Alfendi's body, then tap "Half-dead Al".
10. Tap "Al's location".
11. Select the "Al was here!" button.
12. Select Statement 1 from "Hilda Pertinax", as to which statement doesn't tie in with where Alfendi was standing.
13. Select the "Who shot Diane?" Memo to begin investigation.
14. Tap the green castle icon to move down to the fourth floor.
15. Slide with two fingers into the left room.
16. Tap the circle surrounding Diane's body, and tap "Diane's corpse".
17. Zoom in to tap the "Unidentified gun".
18. Tap on "Diane's gun".
19. Tap the circle surrounding the stairs near Diane's body, then tap "Stairs to rooftop".
20. Select the "It was shot from here!" button.
21. Select the "Hilda's untruth" Memo to begin investigating.
22. To answer the question, select the option "Makepeace wasn't shot".
23. Select "Half-dead Al", as to where the first bullet hit.
24. Select Statement 2 from "Justin Lawson", as to which statement is false.
25. Select the "Case report", as to the proof that Justin and Makepeace had been working together.
26. Select the "West Tower rooftop" Memo to begin investigating.
27. Tap on any item and select the "Here's the evidence!" button.
28. Tap the "The final mystery" Memo to begin investigating.
29. Slide with two fingers towards the top of the screen to tap the green castle icon, and go to the rooftop.
30. Tap on the ivy on the Central Tower, and tap an area of broken ivy.
31. Tap on Alfendi Layton's picture to go in for questioning.
32. Select "Justin Lawson" as the mastermind.
33. Select "Keelan Makepeace" as to who fired the first shot.
34. Select "Alfendi Layton" as to who was hit by the first shot.
35. Select "Justin Lawson" as to who shot the last two shots.
36. Select "Keelan Makepeace" as to who got hit by the last two shots.
37. Select the "Broken ivy" to prove Justin's guiltiness.
38. To answer the question, select the option "Where the ivy was growing".
39. For the next question, select the option "All over".

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