Fish (LS)

The First Fish Puzzle

The Fish is a mini-game in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. Marion gives you this minigame after solving one of her puzzles. Completing all levels will unlock The Biologist's House in Professor Layton's Challenges.

To successfully complete each level, you have to direct the fish using bubbles to guide it. Gold bubbles speed up the fish's movements, and destroys any bubbles in its path until a certain time. You must collect all the coins in each level within a certain time limit.


[edit] Solutions

[edit] Pleasant Garden

Received from Marion when given the fish, after solving puzzle 019 - Fish Feud.


[edit] Quiet Crossing

Received from Mr Browne after solving puzzle 021 - Foggy Numbers.


[edit] Bustling Burbs

Received from Jasmine after solving puzzle 027 - Floating Cottages.


[edit] Calming Arches

Received from Nabby after solving puzzle 039 - Raven Medals.


[edit] Sleepy Seabed

Received from Crow after solving puzzle 050 - Middle of the Deck.


[edit] Evening Parks

Received from Maggie after solving puzzle 062 - A Familiar Face.


[edit] Undersea Pipes

Received from Greppe after solving puzzle 091 - Evacuate!.


[edit] Toadstool Meadow

Received from Olga after solving puzzle 109 - An Orderly Bookcase.


[edit] Spindly Spires

Received from Shackwell after solving puzzle 117 - A Token Puzzle.


[edit] Laytonmobile Cove

Unlocked after solving all 9 fish puzzles.


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