Fish Market

Fish Market
Fish Market.png
Located In Kodh
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl
No. of Hint Coins 5
North Exit Level Crossing
West Exit Kodh Station
Lake Kodh Waterfront

The Fish Market is a location based in Kodh, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. This is where Karpin sells his fish, and where the player obtains the Bloom Burst mini-game.


[edit] Appearance

The area consists of a variety of stalls, with many crates set up around the area. A boat is docked in the lake, with a large fish contained on a fishing line. Many white crates containing bait are stored at the back of the market.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl
As Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy are going through the market, Larisa spots them, recognizing them as the survivors after their crash. They ask her if she had seen a girl in the area, and so Larisa tells them that she had seen her heading towards Boris's hut. Seeing as it wasn't a busy part of town, they would be able to spot her easily. She then also gives Luke the Bloom Burst mini-game.

As the group are coming back through the market with Aurora, Emmy notices that Targent thugs were coming their way, and so they had to think of a place to quickly hide Aurora from them. Layton asks Karpin for assistance, and allows her to hide behind the white crate of bait until Targent passed through. They soon spot Robin and Macaw, and Layton asks if they had not found Aurora yet. Layton mentions that she was not past the fisherman's house, and the two Targent thugs remember that there was a hill past there. Thinking Layton had not been there yet, Robin rushes off to the hill, with Macaw trailing him. With them gone, the group soon make their escape through the Lake Kodh Waterfront.

[edit] Characters in the Area

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