Folsense is a town that appears in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (or Professor Layton and Pandora's Box in Europe) and is the central and largest location in the game. Professor Layton and Luke arrive in the town via the Molentary Express, as they arrive in the town they are greeted by a photo that looks fairly new but is in fact over 50 years old, mysteriously however the townspeople and the town itself look identical to the picture in the lobby of the train station. The photographer in Folsense has noticed several difference from the photo taken and the town I.E. there are pictures of run down buildings when they appear to be lively and bustling. As the mystery unfolds it appears that the town in an illusion created by the gas emanating from the Folsense Gold Mine in which everything that they believe to be they can see, and as such the town appears to be alive and prosperous because Layton and Luke had seen the picture in the Lobby. Without the intoxication of the hallucinogenic gas, Folsense is actually a dead and derelict town.


[edit] Notable Locations

[edit] Herzen Castle

This castle is said to be the home of a vampire, anyone who has entered has come running out screaming tales as such. However it turns out it's residents are Anton Herzen and his butler who only want to be left alone, as such they capture people from the town, leave them in a cell over night and let them free so they can weave tales of vampires in an attempt to deter anyone from visiting. It's resident Anton, who looks extremely young for living for such a long period of time and is the source of the vampire rumors, is actually well into his seventies and only has a young appearance because its what he himself sees him as and Layton and Luke see him as such because of a photo they had seen of him previously.

[edit] The Hotel

When Luke and Layton first arrive in Folsense they book into a hotel. Throughout the game they visit Flora who is staying there for the duration in order to stay safe, however later is it revealed that Flora was actually Don Paolo in disguise.

[edit] The Museum

During their investigation, Layton and Luke eventually gain access to the Folsense Museum and are welcomed in by Grinko, the manager of the museum. However the museum is actually owned by Mr. Beluga but he hardly ever visits it. As soon as Luke and Layton uncover some valuable information about the Herzen family, they depart for the Castle quickly.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name Folsense is actually a play on word on "False Sense" which could refer to the hallucinogenic gas that causes the town to look the way that it did to Layton and Luke.
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